Italy My 年 in Italy

chocolate10 posted on Jul 17, 2011 at 11:53PM
Hi,i'm Genevieve I spent the year in Rome. Yes Rome. Even though i'm american my family works for a special program that lets them teach in Rome. My first time going I was scared, because I didn't know the langue. Yes I do now. I'm in the seventh grade. I went back for the year in Fifth grade. I being a pre-teen was very depressed about it. I hated the thought of leaving my friends in Omaha. As the came closer I started with the nightmares. I had a terrible flight to New York,'cause a seven year old was kicking the back of my seat the whole time. Then I had no wifi for a week, which meant to texting,no email,no good games on my i phone. And I had to stay with old people. At least the had candy all around the house. Of course my mother made us do the most boring things of all time. In stead of going and shopping my mom made us tour museams all day! Anyway i'll ost later. Hope you fing this interesting!

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