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 Wax 密封
Wax Seal
Paper (You could use regular paper and give it a tea/coffee effect 或者 你 could use parchment paper. (I used the parchment)
These Harry Potter FREE Fonts found here. (You can pick and choose which ones 你 want. There is no wrong way to do this, I promise)
Address Labels (this is to print out a faux wax seal)
Twine (optional)

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The first page of the acceptance letter says:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)
Dear (Your name)

We are pleased...
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posted by LifesGoodx3
As many people here on the Harry Potter spot know, Sirius Black is my 最喜爱的 character. He has always been and always will be. Some people, along with me, 爱情 him. Some hate him. Some don't have much of an opinion on him. I've decided that I want to explain why I like Sirius, and how I came to like him.

I saw HP 1-6 电影院 before 阅读 any of the books. I remember loving Sirius, even before I read the books. I believe the reason I liked him at the time was the relationship he had with Harry. Harry never really had a father figure, and Sirius was the first family he had. I must have thought...
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I'm basing this review mostly on J.K. Rowling's official words and a little on the books's content. I write this regarding how the 问题 of the educating style is often pondered and some even think "all pure-bloods were 首页 schooled".

The purity of one's blood is not relevant to how a child is schooled before Hogwarts. With the exception of families like Malfoys 或者 Blacks who would probably die before sending their kids amongst muggles to learn anything. But whatever few pure-blood families there were left - as far as I see - most of them are not known to be like those two, but have a respectable...
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"Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" - James Potter (DH)
Imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?" - Draco Malfoy (PS)
Similar yet different!
Quite ironic isn't it? Father of the hero and arch nemisis of the hero have the same line. I don't think it's a coincidence that both James and Draco quote a similar line about a house they were prejudiced against. Both boys were brought up as the only sons in rich pureblood families. Both were undoubtedly spoilt. Both were definitely raised with a house prejudice. Both were definitely arrogant, attention-seeking...
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As I did with my 文章 like this in the Once spot, Imma do state the song name and pull lyrics from each song that just really remind me Bellatrix and how 说 lyric reminds me of her. For once the 列表 actually is in order from what I think 《金装律师》 her most to least.

1. Be My Friend 由 One Eye'd Doll: The 总体, 整体 story of the song talks of a serial killer who doesn't understand why she can't seem to make friends. The chorus goes as the following; Serial killers are people too if 你 take away the voices I'm just like 你 I'll hack 你 up and bury 你 in my yard but why does making friends...
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posted by Thecharliejay
Prefects Who Gained Power:] "A Study of Hogwarts Prefects and Their Later Careers... That sounds fascinating..."


"I want to fix that in my memory forever. Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret..."


"Hearing voices no one else can hear isn't a good sign, even in the wizarding world."


"Viktor? Hasn't he asked 你 to call him Vicky yet?"


"Sunshine, daisies, 牛油, 黄油 mellow,
Turn this stupid,...
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1-I will not poke Hufflepuffs with spoons, nor will I insist that their House 颜色 indicate that they are "covered in bees".
2-No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class.
3-Growing 大麻 或者 hallucinogenic mushrooms is not "an extra credit project for Herbology".
4-"I've heard every possible joke about Oliver Wood's name" is not a challenge.
5-I am not allowed to attempt to breed a liger.
6-I will not go to class skyclad.
7-The Giant Squid is not an appropriate 日期 to the Yule Ball.
8-I will not use Umbridge's quill...
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1.In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Nick says he had not eaten in nearly 400 years. Yet he had, at the time, already been dead for 99 years longer than that.
2.The Harry Potter timeline is based upon Nick's deathday party in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Having died in 1492, and celebrating his 500th death day, this ostensibly places the novels in the early to mid 1990s.
3.In the film versions of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Nearly Headless Nick is played 由 John Cleese. Cleese is most famous for his work with Monty...
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Hi! Its me, a major elsa fan. But, today I am gonna write about Harry Potter 电影院 which I watched like last 月 so it is gonna be amazing :) Now, we can start <3

I like...
The houses

I think the Harry Potter houses are all amazing and I 爱情 them all. However, they can be confusing as people think, "In which house I am?" Anyway I really 爱情 the houses though I think people in Gryffindor could be selected different.

I dislike...
The hats choices.

The hat chooses Draco Malfoy as a Slytherin, that is brilliant. But I really don't think Neville Longbottom should be in Gryffindor. Just forget...
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posted by peppergirl30
Dear Rose,
Then 你 shall do everything in your power to help your brother. Even if 你 two are in a fight, 你 must get him back to the way he was. Is everything alright? Are 你 okay? 你 know I'm always here for you.



When I read Mum's letter, I felt like crying. Somehow through all of this, she hasn't flipped out, hasn't gone nuts. She's stayed her cool, calm, serene self. But then again, she doesn't know about Hugo and his 老友记 ''master plan''. And somehow, I don't feel like I can tell her.
All my life, our parents have always told us Hugo and I were special, and that they were...
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Hello! This is my first story. Enjoy.

I looked out at the water, making ripples with my hand. A magic school was on my way.
"Get back inside, your list's here!" my dad called from the house. He was the The God of the Sea, Poseidon.
I went back inside and picked up a paper, and it read:

Dear Percy Jackson,

你 have a place in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please go to The Leaky Cauldron, then to Diagon Alley to get your school things. The train leaves Sep, 1st, at 11:00am, from Platform 9 and 3 quarters.

See 你 at Hogwarts,

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

An 列表 is below:

From there was a 列表 of things. I looked up. Time went 由 fast...

part 2 coming later. See ya!
To my fellow Gryffindor's

Hey! So even though Gryffindor was a very 流行的 house in the 电影院 and books, in real life most of the people aren't in Gryffindor. I don't know why that counts cool, but they wanna be "different" 或者 choose Draco's side, Slytherin because they have a crush on him 或者 somehow obsessed with him ( trust me, all the teenage girls I met are,)

As a Gryffindor, I sometimes feel very left out. 你 can always find a Ravenclaw, Slytherin 或者 Hufflepuff out there but only the 1 percent is Gryffindor. However, I learned to be proud of my house. I really am. If you're in Gryffindor,...
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Throughout the Harry Potter books, there are some variations between the Bloomsbury (British) and Scholastic (American) editions. Below the first section on "Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's" is a section on other different terminologies used.

Philosopher's vs. Sorcerer's

When Scholastic was publishing Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in America, they decided to rename the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. They claimed that the American and British uses of the word philosopher were a bit different, so therefore sorcerer was a 更多 appropriate word. Any true Harry Potter fan, American...
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Headmaster Albus Dumbledore: His first name is from the Latin word alba, "white." His last name, according to Rowling interviews, is Old English for "bumblebee." In colour symbolism, white often stands for purity, so the headmaster's name suggests honour and a hard-working nature ("busy as a bee").
Professor Binns: A bin is a large storage container. A dustbin is British English for a garbage can. This boring professor could be described as a ghostly storage for information that many Hogwarts students view as rubbish.
Headmaster Armando Dippet: Armando is from the name Armand,...
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I decided to write this 文章 because I have seen many 评论 lately that kind of bother me.

There are several picks in which this has come up, but the last one I have seen, and the reason why I am 写作 this is the question: ¿Have 你 completely changed your attitude towards a character after reading/watching their past stories? (or something along those lines)


It is a really interesting question, and what really caught my attention were the answers, the comments, especially since it wasn't the first time that I am 阅读 评论 like those.

The thing is that in that pick, James...
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posted by ginnyweasleyfan
Harry Potter married Ginny Weasley. They had three children, James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna. He became head of the Auror's Department under Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Ginny Weasley played quidditch for the Holyhead Harpies. After deciding to raise a family, she retired and became Senior Quidditch correspondent at the Daily Prophet.

Hermione Granger married to Ron Weasely and had two children, Rose and Hugo. Hermione went back to Hogwarts and sat her NEWTS before working for Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and helping house elves. She then moved to the Department...
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posted by fanofh2o
I will not skip to the headmaster's office 唱歌 'we're off to see the wizard' ... 哈哈

"I will not make jokes about Lupin and 'his time of the month'"

Knock knock.
Whos there?
You know.
You know who?
He's dead, 你 can say his name now.

How many deatheaters does it take to light up a wand?
One, but you'll have to find one with a hand.

How many snape's does it take to light up a wand?

The Giant Squid is not an appropriate 日期 to the Yule Ball.

I will not use Umbridge's quill to write "I told 你 I was hardcore".

I will stop referring to...
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Dolores Umbridge: the horrible woman who is the most cruel and hated character in the Harry Potter series. Here are 100 reasons as to why I hate Dolores Umbridge.

1) She believes in extremely harsh, severe, and cruel punishments.

2)Too much pink.

3) She's just doesn't make sense. Like, how she tells everyone to raise their hands if they want to speak, but then she ignores them.

4) She's racist. Well, she's technically "half-breed-ist", because she thinks wizards and witches are better than centaurs, werewolves, goblins, elves, etc. I hate that, because without the help of a lot of half breeds,...
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posted by hatelarxene
 A rare and natural beauty
A rare and natural beauty
5. Ginny-For starters, I 爱情 her beautiful red hair. It's so gorgeous. I 爱情 it when she has that white 花 in her hair, it's pretty. I also 爱情 her eyes. She's just stunning. She has an amazing smile. She is such a natural beauty.

4. McGonagall-Now, before 你 start calling me weird, let me explain. Have 你 seen her as a young woman? She's gorgeous! I 爱情 her big eyes, they're so amazing. She has gorgeous hair.

3. Luna-I 爱情 Luna's looks! She's stunning! I 爱情 her long, blonde hair. I also adore her eyes, not to big and not too small. I 爱情 her 萝卜 earrings, they compliment her...
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Please read and tell me what 你 all think about it! My first one *fingers crossed*

Summary: My first ever fanfic! The 下一个 Generation kids can't get enough during 圣诞节 at the Burrow! All ages set two years before epilogue.

"Watch out!"

A snowball sailed through the air, nearly missing a blonde head as it hit a tree.
"Take that!" cried fifteen 年 old Victoire Weasley as she got up and aimed a snowball at her sister, thirteen 年 old Dominique Weasley. Dominique squealed as the snowball collided with her forehead. "I'll get 你 for that!" she yelled, as she chucked a snowball through...
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