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I was born June 1994, roughly 16 years ago. I become part whale/part human because when i was born, i had a rare disease. Doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with me, my mother also had this condition, 你 see. She had died when i was born. I only know what she looks like from pictures my father had shown me. 5 years later, it was a miracle. i had died from my illness 5 years of age, my father was depressed. But, at that very moment, time had backtracked 5 years prior to my death to when i was born, my mother had survived her death, my father was holding me in his arms, My family was back...
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Name: Karu Sohma
Age: 15
Animal: Deer
Personality: Shy, easily frightened, sweet, not very talkative, a bit clumsy

-With her parents, Karu, and her older brother Hayashi (not possessed 由 a spirit), Karu is in a family of four
-Karu and her family live on the "outside"
-Karu has never formally met the thirteen main Zodiac members, but has seen them around from time to time exploring the "inside".
-Karu has met Momo Sohma once before, though Karu is much older. Karu was exploring the "inside" when she saw Momo coming in through her secret entrance (the one she took Tohru through when she went...
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i figured this has something to do with the zodiac because both the monkey and the pig are in the zodiac. but imagine Ritsu riding on Kagura's back! that would be funny.
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We are tigers. In china we are a symbol of strength, power, courage, fierceness and we are the king of beasts. But we are not just beasts we are capable of great 爱情 aswell.

So why do 你 hunt us? What have have we done to daserve the fate of being killed?We were put on this earth for a reason so why can't we stay? Please don't kill us for are 毛皮 或者 any other reason.

It may seam like we don't have feellings but we do. We have familys to. So please stop the hunters from hurting and killing us. Please help us. We don't want to be killed.
never made an amv in my life before
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Leader: of the new Zodiac. Looks: I have long dark purple hair and dark hazel green eyes.Personality: I'm a goth i gess (lol)and if 你 know Fruits basket then i should tell 你 I'm a lot like Kyo Sohma. My Zodiac forms: are a purple tiger, a purple cat with tiger stripes and i have a true form (like Kyo)and its a purple dragon with tiger stripes. Crush: Kyo Sohma (tell him and 你 die). Why i like my Crush: well iv known him since we were three and we get along OK and he is loving when 你 rilly get to know him so ya.that's all i gess. oh and i keep my past a secret.