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Hi everyone im Ging and this is my first ever article!

first let me just say a few things and couples I like!

Couples:Ash and May,Blossom and Dexter,Ginger and Mandark,Barry and Dawn,and Zekrom and Reshiram!

I like mystical things!
I like awesomness!

and my characters I'll be adding are:

Ginger,Macy,and their cat Pepper.

Okay here we go!

it begins in dexter's lab when a suddenly Buttercup,Blossom,and Bubbles come crashing through the roof.


BLOSSOM:Buttercup look what 你 did 你 crashed right through the window!apologize!

BUTTERCUP:no ways this is the nerd I used to dunk in a toilet every...
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the story begins with 《嗜血法医》 working on his time machine to make him go anywhere in the universe until all the sudden his sister dee dee comes and says HI DEXTER!! dexter: dee dee 你 scared me like that! and what do 你 want? dee dee: i just want to know what that's stupid thing 你 made huh? just to let 你 know stupid sister this is a time machine i built to let 你 go anywhere in the universe and visit places so this is it so the portal will let us see what it's like in other places.
hmmm.. how about we go to 桃子 Creek to Meet Ed Edd n Eddy! okay computer send me and dee dee to the location...
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Well today I am with the cast of When 《嗜血法医》 met Dexi and we are gonna talk about a whole bunch of stuff, is'nt that right everybody?!

the Cast: yup!

Dex3fan:Well then let's get started.

How does it feel to......

Dex3fan:Work with oppisite gender versions of yourselves?

Dexter:Well, I truth be told when I first took this job I did not know what to expect, all I knew was, that I was gonna work with Mandark and the Powerpuffs.

Dex3fan:Well, Dexi what do 你 have to say about it? you'll be speaking for both 你 and Mandarkina here 你 know.

Dexi:Well.....really I as well did'nt know what to be expecting.truth...
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part 2 as it begins with Ed Edd n Eddy seeing kevin. Dee Dee:so that's kevin. eddy:yes who rides that bike all the time dexter:wow it's true what eddy 说 his chin does like a shovel. see even 《嗜血法医》 thinks he's a shovel chin and he is. watch this Eddy:Oh Kevin! kevin:what dorky? 嘿 is that Nazz right there? Where!! Kevin:what a dork. Dexter:hey shovel chin! kevin:what do 你 want? can i tell 你 something kevin. kev:why not dork. Dexter:excuse me! but 你 don't call me a dork nobody calls 《嗜血法医》 boy genius a dork!!! so your a dork how about that shovel-face! Kevin:you hurt my feelings dorko!...
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Chap.1 《嗜血法医》 moves

(right now our old pal 《嗜血法医》 is being dragged 由 his father to GET IN THE DUMB CAR!)

Dexter :ButDAD I don't want to move!if I leave Mandark will destroy my Laboratory!

DAD:Dexter 你 are going and thats final besides from what i hear they're are tons of geniuses where we are going!

MOM: your father's right dear, why from what I heard there is one girl who is so smart she has her own secret labratory just like you!but it's probably just a sillt rumor though....

DeeDee: YA 《嗜血法医》 THIS'LL BE FUN!!!

Dexter:(thinking)WOW another kid with a laboratory!this is perfect!but wait what...
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Hello I am Raphaella 湾 Amanda Thompson...but most people call me Baily unless my Dad gets mad at me....It had been late at night and I had just finished one of my greatest inventions people usually underestimate me because I never have time to build...but this invention was a formula to make a 树 keep producing 水果 for 20 years!!!The scientific community would be blown away 由 this accomplishment...but I didn't care...me and my little brother Dylan had fought a million times and finally I knew it wasn't his fault he didn't understand I was never mad at him I was only sad because of my...
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Lilimaia is a proud and pure warrior maiden of few words who is as mighty, 《勇敢传说》 and noble as she is young, fair and beautiful, and who is prophesized to be the one to bring about the downfall of the evil Dark Lord Mandark.

Many ages before, Mandark is warned that a newborn Princess of Shangara bearing a special mark would grow up to dispose him. 6 months from the birth of just such a child, Lilimaia’s father, The King of Shangara, had decided to send her away to be raised 由 a Shangaran-born book merchant named Taikiroh, and to also study with her world’s foremost scholars as well as to...
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 The Seventh Khan Ryuu No Kishu, or, 'Rider of the Emperor Dragon'
The Seventh Khan Ryuu No Kishu, or, 'Rider of the Emperor Dragon'
Natowodin reached far down the heavens with His mighty hand.
He knew the world's salvation lay hidden among the people.
He brought her from His image down to the people in Shangara.

Natowodin has blessed us,
Natowodin saved us in our time of need,
Natowodin has blessed Shangara.

The boy genius identified her to us.
The 阿凡达 Princess of Shangara,
Passed all tests, became a warrior.
Strong 心 girl,
Born a princess of Shangara,
Natowodin made her a warrior.
She tried to warn her people
Came out of the 火, 消防 of Taigon's destruction
Mighty Khan Ryuu bowed to her.

Natowodin has blessed us,
Natowodin saved us...
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posted by dex3fan475966
I've decided, I'm making a new when 《嗜血法医》 met Dexi series, it's When 《嗜血法医》 met Dexi:the series. Ha I know stupid right, This one is just based on Dexter's laboratory, nothing else. it'll be a steady series. The only thing from a different 显示 is Dexi's mother Sarah bellum, who doesnt even really exsist for like who knows how many chapters. There will be few things 你 should know though

Sammy is having her name changed to sullivan. Though, she will preffer to be called Darkgal.

you won't understand a word 《嗜血法医》 and Dexi are saying because well...... 你 know how 《嗜血法医》 in Dexter's laboratory...
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(We last saw our young genius, in the car with his family, meanwhile Mandark plotted another plan to get rid of Dexter,and Dexterina got really really angry!sooooo let's see how everthing is now shall we?.........)

Chap.2 Don't mess with the Dexi

(Ultraville elementary,Ms.Talenti's Gifted Class..)

Dexi:So I tell DoDe to get out my face like I usually do....and 下一个 thing I know Helen gets mad me!

Rest of class:Oooooooh

Dexi:I know RIGHT!??

Random classmate: 你 are so right not to be 老友记 with HER anymore!!

Ms.Talenti:Class,settle down now.Dexi 你 can talk about your fasicnating story during lunch....
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Iterveiwer:Ok today I am here with the 星, 星级 of Dexter's laboratory Dexter!and he is gonna tell us how life has been going since the end of one of cartoon networks Golden Age Shows....

Interviewer:So 《嗜血法医》 your 粉丝 have been wondering and have few 问题 to ask 你 would'nt mind answering a few of them would you?

Dexter: Of Course not and may I say that I am suprised I still have so many 粉丝 who wish the 显示 was still around!

Interveiwer:Ok the first 问题 is.... Are dating Blossom form the power puff girls and if so how did 你 meet?

Dexter: that is the dumbest 问题 I have ever heard!of...
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(When we last left Young Dexi,She unfortunatley had just joined sides with our evil friend Mandark!,and while this was going on 《嗜血法医》 was getting cheers from his old 老友记 the Powerpuffs and of the entire school,even though he was being truthful about getting help to stop Mojo jojo,What shall happen to our two young geniuses?we don't know just read!)

Chap.3:Evil in the air

(Dexter's new lab located in his closet ,One week later)

Dexter:(on the phone)Look Blossom...I KNOW,I KNOW

Blossom:Dexter have 你 even SEEN this Dexi...
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Well good news is another chapter is coming in the Bad news it will be on a different 潮流粉丝俱乐部 club

Yes the when 《嗜血法医》 met Dexi series is being moved to the Dex3fan Club where wel will also have my other written works such as Invader Zena and Fusion Fighters: 下一个 generation of Fusion Fall. and due to the fact that it says I need 更多 we have other news.noow this is a total spoiler someone DIES in the 下一个 chapter!who will it be that we will just have to figure out for ourselves.don't guess who it cause who how and why will be the big shockers in this one so 加入 us later in the 下一个 exciting Chapter of When 《嗜血法医》 met Dexi(Chap.4 My best buddie the evil Girl Genius)
ok for fun we as in me has decided to go and put the fourth chapter of when 《嗜血法医》 met Dexi here on the Dexter's labratory club and then we'll put chapter's five to the epilouge in the Dex3fan club! so here goes!

Chap.4 My Best Buddie the evil girl genius

We last left our young heros ( 或者 I should say hero and hero turned villan)about to have a little chit-chat.Let's see how it went!

Ultraville Elementary school cafeteria....

Dexter:Where are we going?

Dexi: like I 说 I just need to talk to you.

Dexter: about what?


Dexter: fine there's no need to shout though!

Dexi: oh just...
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 what's Up between him and Buttercup?
what's Up between him and Buttercup?
OK now I know I was gonna do this like months 以前 but! We're doing it now.So once again, I'm the interviewer, and i am here with Mandark Astronamanov.Let's get this started.

Interviewer: Ok, well Mandark I've gotta say, It is great that I was finally able to contact you, so we could do this how are ya?

Mandark: Oh I'm good, I was in at the wizarding world of Harry Potter grand opening. I disguised as one of the workers so nobody would recognize me.

Interviewer: Did anyone recognize you?

Mandark: No idea, if so they did'nt care.

interviewer: ok, first question, this is one I've always wanted to know,...
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