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As I was scrolling through tumblr around an 小时 again, a certain new spoiler caught my attention from multiple blogs that I was following. The spoiler revealed that before the end of the upcoming season, there would be another 爱情 interest for our dear Damon, which meant that a lot of DE fans, including me was just plain angry. What are the writers doing? Are they trying to ruin his character? All these thoughts were going through my head along with many DE fans, but then, when I evaluated that I had nothing to worry about.
Take things back to Rose, the new character introduced in her self...
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***Bear in mind, there are way 更多 语录 than this proving it, but these are the main ones!***

Because Stefan thinks so:

"You should keep using it, Stefan 说 voicelessly. Your influence over him is strongest."
- Stefan to Elena, about Damon. Midnight.

"Of one thing I am certain: he would never harm you. He loves you. How can he help it?"
- Stefan, on Damon, in a letter to Elena. Nightfall.

“You can pretend 你 don’t care. 你 can fool the whole world. But I know differently."
- Stefan, about Damon missing Elena. Dark Reunion.

"Damon is gone Elena. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry if I kept you...
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posted by brooki
Part 2! (:
Oh, and for anyone confused, everyone is human. Stefan & Damon aren't brothers, but best friends. Make 更多 sense now? [x

Elena’s POV
By Thursday night, I was beginning to think of chickening out of our date. That just wasn’t our type of thing to do. But I think the real reason I didn’t want to go was what he supposedly had planned for afterwards.
Sure, it may seem like no big deal, since I was obviously far from clean in that area. There was just something wrong about taking that from Stefan, knowing deep down that I’d rather be with someone else. It wasn’t fair any of...
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posted by Vampirefan10
嘿 guys :) Here is the final part of my fanfiction. I also might post a prologue sometime that takes place before the gang goes on the expedition. Well hope 你 enjoy this part.

Damon takes a deep breath, looks at her and says "I am doing all of this for 你 Elena! I already 说 that I wanted 你 to have a normal human life. After I heard what Rebekah did and Stefan picking the blond quarterback over you, I was furious! I know 你 are going to say that I should respect your decisions, but I 爱情 你 Elena and when 你 chose to risk your own life, 你 knew there was a good chance 你 would...
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posted by Vampirefan10
Damon, Elena, Rebekah, Stefan, Jeremy, Bonnie and Professor Shane are racing against time, searching for the cure. Professor Shane has decided to lead the group on an expedition to Canada where the cure is supposed to be hidden. However, pretty soon an earthquake occurs and everyone starts to run for cover. Stefan, Rebekah, Jeremy, Bonnie and Shane head in one direction while Damon and Elena head in the opposite.
This results in the couple being separated from everyone else. Elena then suggests that they should probably find a place where they can spend the night and look for everyone else...
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Caroline felt her phone buzzing against her thy, but she tried really hard to ignore it. Bonnie was trying to figure out the words in the books, but since she was powerless her ability to read ancient languages was gone. Eventually she looked up and cast Caroline an irritated glance, as if blaming her for the current inconvenience.
“Will 你 just pick up?” she 说 frustrated.
“It’s probably my mom, wondering where I am” Caroline replied reluctant. “She can wait. This is 更多 important. 你 have to get your powers back”
“I can’t concentrate, ‘cause your phone has been buzzing...
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Bonnie and Caroline were walking through the woods, heading for the witch cabin. Something about what Keith had 说 had made Bonnie think. At some point Veronica had believed Bonnie was still a threat, so why not give the girl reason to be threatened.
Bonnie entered the cabin, expecting Caroline to follow. When she didn’t Bonnie turned around. “What are 你 waiting for? Get in here”
Caroline pursed her lips. “Yeah” she 说 hesitant. “Damon told me what happened when he got in there, so, eh, I think I’m going to pass”
Bonnie rolled her eyes. “Don’t be ridiculous” she reproached...
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posted by HaleyDewit
It was the first time Damon and Bonnie saw each other since Bonnie had ‘cured” Damon.
“Caroline’s not home” Bonnie said, a little distant.
“I’m not here for Caroline” Damon replied. “I need to talk to you”
“Okay” Bonnie frowned. “Come in”
Damon entered the house and Bonnie guided him to the kitchen. Sheriff Forbes wasn’t home.
“What, eh,…what do 你 need to talk about?” Bonnie asked slightly nervous.
“Do 你 know a guy named Keith?” Damon asked, as he sat down, following Bonnie’s example.
Bonnie nodded. She didn’t see why she would deny it. “Yeah,...
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Damon looked from Elena to Derek. “What are 你 doing?” he asked slowly. Elena took a few steps in Damon’s direction.
“Damon, it’s okay” Elena 说 careful. “I’m fine” Damon quickly cast a look at Elena, before looking at Derek again. “Can 你 leave the house tonight?” he asked. Derek nodded and quickly walked past Damon and Elena. When he was gone, Damon looked at Elena.
“What were 你 doing?” he repeated his question.
“Training” Elena 说 fast. “Victoria’s building an army to fight all super naturals and Derek and I figured we should do the same” She wiped...
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Everything that has anything to do with 爱情 reminds me of Delena somehow, because Damon and Elena have every aspect of 爱情 in their relationship. But it doesn’t make sense in my opinion to compare different stories, because each movie, TV show, book 或者 whatever else is totally different, even if they belong to the same genre, and the 爱情 story of Damon and Elena is even 更多 special than all of the others. I want to say a few words to Delena in comparison to some other vampire stories anyway, because I so often read about it (I know, saying that it doesn’t make sense and still doing...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Bonnie was sitting with Keith in the cafeteria, having lunch, when a nurse came her way. “You have a visitor”
“I’m eating” Bonnie replied.
“He 说 it was urgent” the nurse said.
“Fine then” Bonnie 说 and she stood up and followed the nurse. When she got back at her room she had to pinch herself to make sure she was not hallucinating.
“What are 你 doing here?” Bonnie asked very surprised.
“You thought I wouldn’t figure it out?” Damon asked arrogant.
“You didn’t” Bonnie shook her head. “Katherine did”
Damon made a step forward. “How do 你 know that?...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Damon got back fast enough to see Caroline close the door behind her. He entered and almost hit the door against Caroline’s head.
“Hey, watch it” she 说 a little jumpy.
“Sorry” Damon growled. “I’m a little tensed” He walked to the bed, where Matt was sitting on a chair.
“Where’s Jeremy?” Elena asked sharp-looking at Damon.
“I left him with that female doctor. She knows him” Damon answered.
Elena smirked. “Well, are 你 the caring type” she 说 sarcastic.
“Right now I care 更多 for 你 that your little bro, that’s true” Damon commented, getting mad, which...
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1)link (11x01, Damon blaming Stefan)
2)link (11x02, Tyler and Caroline being put in the same room)
3)link (11x03, Damon and Alaric driving)
4)link (11x04, Amber coming back to Klaus)
5)link (11x05, Bonnie taking Damon’s pain away)
6)link (11x06, Stefan finding out about Amber)
7)link (11x07, Tyler telling Caroline to leave)
8)link (11x08, Amber discovering Kelsey’s secret)
9)link (11x09, Damon trying to save Elena)
10)link (11x10, Amber being attacked)
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posted by HaleyDewit
“Who’s Ronnie, if I may ask?” Klaus asked. Tyler frowned, wondering how Klaus knew about her. But the moment Klaus conjured Tyler’s phone everything was clear.
“She’s send 你 quite some messages” he 说 表演 admired. “What happened to the blonde one?”
Tyler didn’t answer that, but he did answer Klaus first question. “She’s just some girl who got here a few weeks ago. Here is Mystic Falls…We’re still in Mystic Falls, right?”
“Sure we are” Klaus smirked. “Something else? Something important, maybe?”
“She knows a little too much” Tyler 说 and after...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“You sure no one’s going to bust us here?” Derek asked a little concerned. They were standing in the gym.
“Positive” Damon said, with his eyes on a paper. “According to this paper there are no gym classes for the 下一个 couple of hours, so I think we’re good”
Derek nodded. “Okay” he said, still not sounding very reassured.
“Look, I don’t want to do this, so shut up and stop whining” Damon 说 short. Derek looked at him a little upset. “Sorry. I’m a little peevish. I wasn’t expecting to see 你 ever again and it definitely wasn’t on my 圣诞节 list”
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posted by HaleyDewit
Covered in nothing but a towel Stefan opened the door of Alaric’s loft in which he lived for the time being. There were two women standing in the doorway, one being the selfish vampire slut that had changed him and his brother, the other being a blonde girl he had not seen before yet somehow she looked familiar, as if she belonged to a part of his past he had tried to so hard to bury he had forgotten it.
“Good morning, Stefan” Katherine said. “Won’t 你 invite us in?”
“Give me a reason” Stefan smirked.
“Because 你 爱情 me” Katherine 说 obvious and a glare of annoyance...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Bonnie woke up and a bright light hurt her eyes, so she covered them. She looked around and learned she was in the hospital. She climbed of the 床, 床上 and stared upon her own unconscious body.
“What’s going on?” she asked, not expecting a reply.
However, she did get one.
“You’re in coma”
Bonnie’s breathing went faster when she recognized the voice. “Grams?” she called.
Sheila appeared. Bonnie wanted to go to her, but she raised her hand and stopped her. “I’m not here for a family reunion” she 说 cold. “I’m here in name of the Bennett witches. You’ve seriously screwed...
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posted by HaleyDewit
“We’re home, Damon” Elena said. She and Stefan were helping Damon reach the porch, something he’d rather do alone, thinking he’d recovered enough.
“I’m going to open the door” Stefan said. He let go of Damon and ran to the door and opened it. Then he walked back at Damon and Elena. When he wanted to help Damon enter Damon pushed his arm away.
“I don’t need your help” he 说 pissed.
Stefan looked helplessly at his ex, but she gave him a ‘what did 你 expect’ kind of look back. She helped Damon enter the house and Stefan walked behind them like a 迷失 puppy.
“You want...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Katherine was standing on a ladder when some kind of tornado swirled in the room and collided to it, causing Katherine to tumble down.
“Okay, ow!” she exclaimed. She accepted the hand that was reached out and pulled herself up. The moment she looked at Amber’s face she jerked her hand and wiped it off. Amber rolled her eyes. “Bitch, please, get over yourself” she 说 disdainful.
“What are 你 doing here? Stefan doesn’t want 你 here” Katherine snapped.
Amber chuckled. “See, that’s where you’re wrong. Stefan practically begged me to come back and since he turned me I find...
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It’s not my fault
If 你 feel the way 你 feel
No, I can’t help it
When 你 say your 心 belongs to me
Never gave 你 any sign
Never 说 你 could be mine
Staring in the mirror
Maybe my reflection will believe

That my fingers don’t tingle when I touch you
That my body doesn’t shiver when I hold you
I’m saying I 爱情 Stefan
But I’m just lying to myself
‘Cause even I can’t deny the chemistry
Sparks fly around when you’re with me
I’m saying we can’t be more
But who am I fooling at all

You can’t be blamed
For my indecision
No, 你 can’t help it
When I can’t lose my inhibition
Wanna get...
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