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posted by couragesfan101
Cat:Mmmm White 鱼 chub! How did 你 know i like it?
Me:Lucky guess*Hides Cat's diary behind back*
Cat:Ok then,Bye!
*At Catdog's house*
Dog:So how was the date?
Cat:Fun in the beginning,Awkward in the middle,Good in the end
Dog:Sounds ok to me!
*At Mia's house*
Mia:How was the date?
Me:Lots of blushing,Awkwardness,and Fun
Mia:Nice girl!
Me:Well im going to Catdog's house,Bye!
*At Catdog's house*
Me:Heya Cat!
Cat:Hiya there!
Me:Want to go in your room?
*In Cat's room*
Me:Got anything hard?
Cat:Yeah this hammer but wh-
*I 拍击, smack, 味道 Cat's head with hammer*
Me:*Evil smile*Perfect
*Cat wakes up...
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posted by couragesfan101
*Me and Cat at my house*
Me:So.....Ummm Cat I wanted to tell 你 something
Cat:What is it?
Me:This night was so much fun,and I wanted to tell 你 I.....I.....I
Cat:You what?
Cat:You what!
Me:I 爱情 你 *Quickly covers mouth and blushes*
Me:Listen,I've had this crush on 你 for years and now I finally told 你 how I feel about you
Cat:*Blushes and smiles*
Me:I know something to end this all
Me:*Grabs Cat 由 the shoulders and kisses*
Cat:*Keeps on blushing*
Me:*Stops 接吻 Cat*
Cat:*Stares at me with shocked look on face*
Me:So....Ummm wanna go inside and eat?
Cat:Okay I guess
*Me and Cat go inside the house*
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posted by AnimeFan66
*I am making this fanfic for fun purposes only. Don't judge the way I combine characters and 电影院 together because it is all in my imagnation.*

Taking place ten years after the events from the movie, Laputa stills remains unharmed. But a pieace of something was missing from the movie itself. Something everyone thought that was part of the imagnation but was acutally true. There once was a creature that lived in the lands of Laputa too: a creature people call "CatDog". What makes this strange creature so honorable is because it once stood as a guardian to Laputa as well as its creatures that...
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