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Brooke and Lucas is the couple in my heart. Brooke and Lucas is the couple in many billion hearts. Brooke and Lucas is a couple that has come to stay, and people might try to overshadow them, but their 爱情 will never be something that 你 can hide under a blanket. Their 爱情 is a 爱情 that will not alter!

They entered in many peoples 心 in season one, and later in season two and three they entered in billion hearts. They convinced us that their 爱情 was stronger than anything, maybe even stronger than the devil trying to 分裂, 拆分 them. But in the end, it was up to a man with great powers to...
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posted by oth-brucas4ever
i found this on buddy tv and thought i would share

it was an intreview mark did. he say it it's dangerous to ignore us....well i think he getting the message BUT MUST NOT BE CLEAR cause he still pissing alot of us off!!!!

In the interview, Schwahn addressed whether the Brooke-Lucas-Peyton 爱情 三角形, 三角 is over for good. "I would say that right now, I'm most compelled to see who Lucas and Peyton are going to try to be as a couple," he said. "I don't want to ignore that huge 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) 粉丝 base, I think it's dangerous to ignore them, but while they may feel under served right now, I think if they're...
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Ok I post here some ONE 树 HILL's SPOILERS!
So...this is not exactly a soapbox...but alright i just want us to have a post with ALL the possible spoilers..so everytime we get to know 更多 about anything regarding BL in S6 we'll post it here.

HERE ARE JUST THE ONES regarding BL and Brooke 'cause I don't wanna bother 你 with any kind of leytonerness ;D

Chad is 写作 an episode of the 显示 this season too. That is a definite.
Credit: Rebecca (curlyhead)

In other OTH news, the writers are taking Brooke to a very dark place this season...Somebody, quick, flip a light switch.
Credit: Watch with Kristin...
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A person asked me the other 日 what was so special about Brucas. I was taken 由 surprise because she was a fellow 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) Believer. I thought about it before I responded and this was what was said:

What’s so great about 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) 你 ask? Well let me tell you. 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) was always meant to be together, from the beginning. Leyton 粉丝 will tell 你 otherwise, but they don’t know 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) like 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) 粉丝 do.

In Season 1, we had them creating an energy so strong so powerful that the god’s didn’t know what to do it with.

Obviously Lucas didn’t know what to do with either and had...
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It was just last Tuesday that I woke up with a tiny memory of a BL scene that has never happened before. I think it was my own subconscious revealing my own expectation for this couple. All I remember was Lucas was knocking on a red door and Brooke opens it. And then he hugs her and thanks her because she saved him from making a bad choice and now he's going to marry the girl of his dreams. It's Brooke, right, we all would agree...but sadly I think in my dream Luke chose either Peyton 或者 Lindsey...that hardly matters because in this dream, they have a very sweet promise to each other that I...
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 made 由 mickei
made by mickei
ok so this is the prologue to mine and mickei's (Broody_4_Cheery) new story 'thats when it all changed'.

description about the story: 'That's when it all changed' is a One 树 爬坡道, 小山 fanfiction and focus' on the lives and relationship of Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott, though in this version there will be a lot of differences, it is essentially very AU. Lucas is the bad boy who isn't all that bad, Brooke is the good girl who hasn't always been so good, and though their lives have always been entangled it's not until a series of chance meetings, perhaps destiny, brings them together that their worlds...
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Reasons to 爱情 Brucas:
1. B/c they're opposittes in a good way
2. B/c with Brooke, Lucas shows us his wild side (s1)
3. B/c he wasn't ready to lose her yet, and she wasnt ready to be lost!
4. B/c together they bought whipped cream and condoms.
5. B/c she's his girl behind the red door.
6. B/c he showed her his wild side.
7. B/c lucas 说 he loves Brooke
8. B/cThey're always there for eachother
9. B/c Even Karen likes Brooke
10. B/c they're to darn cute not to be together.
11. B/c Peyton promised she wasnt gonna make out with Lucas this time
12. B/c Peyton told Brooke to go for it
13. B/c he almost cried...
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 Merry Christmas, Hannah! <3
Merry Christmas, Hannah! <3
It's our HANNAH!!! :)


My earliest memory of Hannah is that she was the first one to ask my name at the BFG forum, despite the fact that I've been talking to others already. LOL. The first word that comes to my mind when Hannah is mentioned is that she's crazy. She's a lot like Brooke, she's always full of life. You'll NEVER find her quiet 或者 dull 或者 boring. She's always hyper, and I don't know where she gets her energy from! LMFAO. But that's why I 爱情 her, she makes 你 forget about your failed exam 或者 your crappy boring life when she's around. She's so random, I mean, who thinks about...
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 With all the hype surrounding this concept, it's sad that its pay-off flopped
With all the hype surrounding this concept, it's sad that its pay-off flopped
布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) would have been a better end-game, really. Still, there’s no need to complain about what-could-have-been. I can still remain steadfast to BL because what they had that kept their relationship intact (even when it seems like Schwann wanted to pretend amnesia when it comes to their love) are elements of perfect timing, effort and honesty; qualities that Leyton fell short on many occasions. LP was 给 plenty of chances to redeem itself to me, but they were all 给 away to mediocrity and stereotype. And they still are tacky till the very end.

Taking out the emotional intensity of the...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery

The girl sitting across from me waits for an answer, one I purposely hold off on giving. She wants to sue her parents, what teenager doesn’t, but she wants to sue for the rights to her own body. The type of case I avoid like the black plague – too much effort and too much babysitting. To get away from her expressive hazel eyes I study my desk, glancing over all the notes Kerri has left for me my eyes freeze on one, and I almost sigh out loud. My father, great just great, just what I needed today. I quickly 移动 my eyes from his name and number and find myself once again under the...
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 Brulian 或者 Brucas?
Brulian or Brucas?
Ok guys this is the 秒 part! This is all the Brulian stuff!

Now on to the Brulian scenes of the 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) reunion foreshadowing. I have to tell 你 my inner 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) 粉丝 girl squeed with joy when I watched their scenes. I mean don't get me wrong I 爱情 Julian and I was heartbroken for him when Brooke didn't say I 爱情 你 back, but 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) will always be #1 in my 心 and some sweet
confession from a boy who is clearly in 爱情 with Brooke Davis is not going to change that.

2)The Brulian scene

"So then the last time 你 were in love...now I get it."
"Look I'm sorry if it's weird for you"
"Do you...
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So, along with that beautiful story I have a couple things that help to string me along in my 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) delirium…I hope they can be of some help to all of you...feel free to add to the 列表 in the comments...

1. Why would they make a point to emphasize, "a 吻乐队(Kiss) ALWAYS means something" and then have 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) 吻乐队(Kiss) in NYC?
2. Why would they make a point to emphasize "You (Lucas's flavor of the month.lol) are who I want standing 下一个 to me when all my dreams come true" when Peyton has NOT ONCE been there 由 Luke's side when they did come true, but Brooke has been there, yes, BOTH times (i.e. state championship,...
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My scene for BL to finally be together is season 5.

Brooke looked at the small 粉, 粉色 gemmed envelope 阅读 the invitation. Her eyes where burning with the tears she held back. What had she done?? Her whole life seemed an uncertainty as she starred wildly at the paper that invited her to watch the boy she loved marry somebody else.

“Alright. 你 remember when I started Clothes over Bros? It was right after we broke up and I was trying to mend my broken 心 由 focusing on my work and 你 need to do the same right now. 你 need to go out there and become the best person and the best writer...
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Future AU, a grave accident brings Lucas 首页 to 树 爬坡道, 小山 and to Brooke. Can they make it work this time around, especially when secrets are revealed? B/L P/J R/M (H/N). Rated M for later chapters.

Back ground: Everything up till the end of season 4 has happened except Nathan and Haley never had Jamie, in fact they couldn’t have a baby.

Lucas married Peyton right after high school but they were soon devoiced when Jake came back into her life. Jake and Peyton are now married.

Brooke never took Clothe’s over Bro’s national she went back to 树 爬坡道, 小山 and opened a small store that she runs...
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posted by brucas_naley101
Brooke woke up to beating on her door. She opened her eyes and looked around and was surprised to see she was in the living room, then she saw she was laying half on Lucas and she smiled to herself, the events of the 前一个 night rushing back to her. But the knocking didn't subside so she decided she would get up, as she was sitting up Lucas' arm tightened around her.
"I'll be right back." Brooke whispered to him and he let her go, reluctantly. She walked over and opened the door and saw none other than her cheating ex best friend. "Peyton. What are 你 doing here?" Brooke asked stepping...
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posted by stefny0
It’s been half an 小时 drive from the airport and we finally made it I looked over to see Haley reading, who the hell reads on a summer holiday and I mean yeah she need to get over her ex-boyfriend who is a whore fucking bastard, who thank god Haley did not sleep with, well that what she told me but 图书 are so not summer accessories.

In the Driveway

“Where, here” I 说 as we pulled up in front of a huge golden brown mansion. With a huge driveway too fit 12 small cars.

“Brooke, 你 说 were going to a 海滩 house not a mansion” Haley exclaimed as she got out the car and stood in...
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ok this is my opinion so if any leyton 粉丝 read this so dont bite my head off i jus wanna say that im a very good graded film studies student so i know how to anylise things such as the 显示 so what im saying is what ive picked up from watchingfirst of all i wanna complain about the dream the 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) dream was very unrealistic and disrespectful to the fans.First of all brooke would never ever make lucas 移动 away from 树 爬坡道, 小山 she moved back because she missed it so why would she 移动 away when she herself loves the town. 秒 of all the 花 this did 显示 brookes sense of humor so i...
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posted by xPrettyGirl_82x
Okay so Me and Brucas_Chophia were bored so we made a 列表 of 101 Its an BL thing :) some are silly but Its BL we are allowed to be fun and silly sooo feel free to add if we missed anything 或者 whatever 或者 if 你 want to know why one is on the 列表 just ask one of is lololol:

*Red door
*Mine Forever
*Anything for 你
*Always (always there for eachother)
*Hair&Face touches
*Pool (the game lol)
*Eyebrow Kinks
*Purple Monkey
*Rats 屁股
*"It means everything"
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i wrote this because i was bored 哈哈 anyways dont take offence to it about LP 或者 Peyton 或者 whatever its just for fun... enjoyy!!!

Brooke tip-toes towards the grooms room looking back every once in a while to make sure no
One was following her, not that she was doing something bad 或者 anything...She just wanted to wish Lucas congratulations, on his big day. Brooke shivers as she re-thinks of Lucas and Peyton getting married in less than 15 minutes.
"Brooke" Lucas says startled, "what are 你 doing here?"
Brooke flashes her smile, Lucas's 心 quickens and he stops to catch his breath.
"Oh just...
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posted by brattynemz
 Who's standing 下一个 to you?
Who's standing next to you?
I got this idea from OTHforums and thought I'd share it here! This is really short but concise! :)

Episode 402

PEYTON: All right, uh … imagine a future moment in your life where … all your dreams come true, 你 know? It’s--it’s the greatest moment in your life and 你 get to experience it with one person… who’s standing 下一个 to you?
LUCAS: Hmm Kate Bosworth--
PEYTON: --Shut up! I’m serious
LUCAS: Well, so am I
PEYTON: Luke … come on, I mean--It could be anybody, 你 know--your mom, Haley
SKILLS: Yuh boy, skills
PEYTON: Who’s it gonna be?
LUCAS: Brooke..

Episode 409

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