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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
I’ll admit seeing the premiere, Lucas choosing Peyton, and the thought of them actually becoming man and wife disappointed me. It did not however make me lose faith in my beloved Brucas. While it may toughen the road ahead of them I can’t picture them together under any other circumstances. In fact, yes, I’ll go ahead and say it…a part of me is glad, relieved almost, that Lucas chose Peyton. Why, because after watching the episode it only reaffirmed the complexity of OTH and Lucas’s confused 爱情 life, and how he foolishly attempts to find reason out of life and 爱情 that just don’t...
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posted by Chlarkfan
Ok so i hate peyton soo much of course 你 know that =] There are MILLIONS of reasons why i absoloutly cant STAND HER!!!

1.In the first season she cheats on her BEST 老友记 boyfriend.BUt that is not the worst part. When brooke tells peyton "I'm falling for him" and also that she likes him alot she still has an on going affair behind her back.She also gets made a brooke for being mad at her!!

2.In the 3rd season she tells brooke that she still has feeling for lucas. I know that she was trying to be honest but she 说 to brooke that she wont hurt her right after the shooting WERE LUCAS&PEYTON...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
the rough fist chapter of a possible bl fanfic i'm thinking of writing. Based years in the future at Naley's 15th wedding anniversary.

They were standing so close that only a breath stood between their lips, her cheeks were flushed and his voice was low as he held her 由 the waist, his nails slightly digging into her skinny side. Brooke Davis glanced the couple as she walked 由 them in their secluded corner; she took in those few facts and sighed before going on her way to escape from the festivities.

The glass door slid open and she slipped outside, immediately sucking in the fresh air,...
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posted by justme1997
A german fanfic, for all the people who 爱情 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) and understand the german language

***Als Peyton endlich 巢穴, den, 书房 Raum verlassen hatte mit 巢穴, den, 书房 Worten: „Lucas du kriegst die CD noch und vielen Dank für 巢穴, den, 书房 Sex“, sah Brooke Lucas ernst an.

„sie hat nur nen Witz gemacht“; sagte dieser schnell „ich habe dich angerufen.“

„Wenn du nicht gerade mit Peyton zusammen warst?“

„komm schon Brooke, du hast nicht mal zurück gerufen.“
„Jetzt weißt du mal wie ich mich fühle, hör zu ich weiß das es in letzer Zeit verdammt schwer für dich war, du hast Keith verloren...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Chapter Twelve


There is a line in one of my fathers books, it goes ‘being 《勇敢传说》 is not the absence of fear, it’s having the will do go forth in the presence of fear’ in which case I must be pretty 《勇敢传说》 because honestly I am scared. I wake up scared, I go through the 日 scared and I eventually fall asleep still shaking with fear. I don’t know what to do, what is right 或者 wrong, where to look 或者 turn. I don’t know what to say, 或者 think, I am so 迷失 in the indecision that every 移动 I make racks me with fear.

Just walking upstairs makes me 问题 every 移动 I’ve made but I...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
because hannah asked so nicely, and im a sucker for politeness.

Chapter Ten


If there is one thing I know it’s when I am in trouble, there’s a certain way my name is said, with the slightest flicker of disappointment. So when my favourite professor stops me as I’m about to leave his lecture I know it’s not a good thing.

The grimace I wear as I take the 座位 he offers isn’t on purpose, and I hear him sigh and then he slaps a familiar sleeve on the desk, “well done”

I say nothing.

“By far the best paper in the class” he adds on, and I just kink my eyebrow. What does he want...
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posted by monLOVEbrucas
Okay, so i for some reason put up my hand up to make Mary's xmas wish come true, but i totally blanked out and forgot, Mary is the type of girl that likes & needs everything perfect!!
So i asked Mickey to do the poem, because i didn't want to let Mary down.
But instead of Mickey doing all the poem, we made two. So there is Part one (which is the 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) poem) and part two (which is the 你 will see poem)



The days have gone 由
so have the years
Since my lovely 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) disappeared.

But that doesn't...
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This is supposed to be a one shot fanfic, but i had to 分裂, 拆分 it on two, so the 秒 part will come one 日 before the 24th of december;D
And i know that some of 你 have 圣诞节 日 & 圣诞节 eve, but most of us europians only have 圣诞节 the 24th, so this fanfic will follow our rules;P
And it jumps from Brooke's POV to Lucas's POV so look up;]

"Mooom! Daaaad!" I hear the twins running up the stairs. "It's Christmas! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" And before I even get a chance to open my eyes i feel their little legs jumping up and down on the 床, 床上 making me and my husband bump up and...
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posted by 1treehillfan
[Posted for pinjas and re-posted here :)]

I hate doing these since they have nothing to do with the spot, but after a 月 of being AWOL I figured I pretty much had no choice.

So, here it goes.

Dear 老友记 (and people who aren't my friends, please 你 creepy stalkers GTFO nobody likes 你 and this is serious and emotional and its already embarassing enough already so stop making it worse serioously 你 freaks),
Sorry I've been gone for like ever.
Truth be told, I've been having some serious friend and family issues, and I have to be honest with you; I never really felt like coming on to talk to...
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posted by dermer4ever
Here is my interview with mickei for fotm it was about time it happened so without further ado here it is some of the 问题 were from my interview but i loved them i had to use them for this one enjoy my blers.

1. Why do 你 ship BL and not LP?

Ah easy question. Bl rocks and LP sucks, plus I have taste. Just joking, sorta. I guess it's because I fell in 爱情 with 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) as they fell in 爱情 with each other, they were always entertaining to watch and so they never bored me, so other than the just I 爱情 them and feel for them, I guess its for those reasons, which I found lacking in LP. And...
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posted by xoheartinohioxo
 "giving her his room so she could stay in 树 Hill... it was just amazing and it resulted in one of the best bl hugs."
"giving her his room so she could stay in Tree Hill... it was just amazing and it resulted in one of the best bl hugs."
Terra was the winner of FOTM for September, here are her questions! Congrats again Terra =]


1.) I don't know but i think i may be, fallin for you, dropping so quickly; What moment is BL's history made 你 realize they were meant for each other?: Defiantly early in season 1 when they were both looking over Peyton after she was drugged at that party and sure they were both their for her and cared about her but their was just something in their eyes that 你 could tell that they really wanted to be their even if Peyton was not their It is so hard to explain to a non-Bler but if you...
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posted by xoheartinohioxo
 Because 你 kink your eyebrow when you're trying to be cute!
Because you kink your eyebrow when you're trying to be cute!
My BL Alphabet for the Ultimate 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) Contest ♥

A is for Anything. "Anything for you."

B is for Brilliant, Beautiful & Brave. "Brilliant, and beautiful, and brave. In two years she had grown 更多 than anyone I had ever known. Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday. I'm not sure she even knows it."

C is for Call. "Hey Brooke... Call me if 你 need anything, okay?"

D is for Destiny. "Alright, 你 say Brooke’s the one, your soulmate. Well, if that’s the case, call upon destiny 或者 providence 或者 whatever forces are gonna bring 你 two together and make the shot."

E is for Eighty-Two....
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
here's chapter four, it's all lucas and i hope gives a good view of the dynamics in the BL family. yeah i disclaim it and don't own anything.


Keats once wrote ‘The roaring of the wind is my wife and the stars through the window pane are my children. The mighty abstract idea I have of beauty in all things stifles the 更多 divided and 分钟 domestic happiness’.




Love, most of all love.

They are my wife, Brooke, and our children, Sawyer, Keith and Abby. When I have doubts, moments when I’m no longer sure if I can continue to breathe and survive the pain that...
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posted by babyd21
So i was watching the oth episode, where lindsay thinks the comet of lucas' book is peyton. And i'm just like are 你 completely insane! Because as i'm listening to her say the quote from the book, i'm like this comet totally describes brooke!

So i'll describe why i KNOW brooke is the comet!

"The boy saw a comet. The boy saw a comet, and he felt as though his life had meaning." This would be when he first meets brooke. Brooke says to him, "How many moments in life can 你 point to and say, thats when it all changed?" Because we all know as soon as lucas met brooke his life changed for the better!...
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WARNING Peyton Alert

Nathan P.O.V

“Nathan Scott, is that you”

I slowly shook my hoody off and turned around to see Peyton Sawyer, my crazy psychotic ex-girlfriend and did I mention she does 可乐 too!

What the hell went through my brain when I decide to 日期 her… nothing! Peyton sawyer wasn’t the average teenager and definitely not for a rich one. She was different I guess that’s why I fell for her but she had the whole am a whiny 婊子, 子 thing on while we were going out which kind of freaked me out and spend most of her time drawing 或者 painting she talented but its like she addicted to...
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posted by bl0ndy
嘿 guys. I saw this 图标 and I suddenly felt ... relieved. Finally the whole 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) vs. Leyton war is over and although that we the 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) 粉丝 迷失 the war,I'm glad that we won a lot of battles.Brucas had their amazing moments,their 爱情 and also their friendship will always stay in our hearts.Maybe 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) weren't meant to be after all...Don't get me the wrong way,I'll always adore Brucas,but watching "Remember me as a time of day" I really enjoyed Leyton's moments. I got surprised having in mind that I have ALWAYS hated Leyton.I guess I realised that there is not even a little chance to...
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posted by CheeryDavis
Have 你 ever met someone who at the first time 你 make a mistake, defends 你 whole heartedly, and makes 你 feel a little better about yourself! Someone who even though 你 have your differences is so sweet and kind that it makes 你 forget about all those dissimilarities. Well that is what Laurencia7 did for me! So i just want to say thank 你 so much for standing up for me even though I didn't deserve it! 你 are a rocking Leytoner and even though 你 are from the dark side 哈哈 I really think 你 are an amazing person! So here is to 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) and Leyton 粉丝 being able to exist in one world and being able to meet kick 屁股 individuals like Laurencia7! 你 rock girl even if 你 are a Leyton slap my booty they got cooties 粉丝 lol! Just kidding about that, but it totally rhymed so i had to use it! 爱情 ya!
posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Disclaimer: i dont like own anything

okay so this is my latest spir of the moment fanfic, its sort of bl. sort of. its from peytons pov. 哈哈 a crazy sl that popped into my head while watching oth. its sorta breyton/leyton/brucas. 更多 so breyton imo.

“Good 老友记 can ask anything of each other. Great 老友记 never have to, 问题 are answered unspoken”

Ask Away

I didn’t say it, but I knew that it was what I was asking, and she knew it too.

I thought I was okay with it, but I wasn’t, I wasn’t okay with watching my best friend and my ex boyfriend fall in love. And to make matters worse...
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posted by raychiebabe
So basically i have Leyton issues, its not because i don't like Peyton (i don't really like her but this spot has nothing to do with that) its because i strongly believe that Brooke and Lucas are better suited.
I don't want a spot where everyone just comes and bashes on Leyton, this is a spot for everyone to put all the different reasons as to WHY Leyton is a bad idea, any 语录 personal opinions, 照片 或者 even 视频 are encouraged. As long as no one is rude 或者 offensive, i really think this could work.
This is a spot that could PROVE that 布鲁克与卢卡斯(Brucas) is ment to be.
This is a spot that proves maybe Leyton should have stayed with Jake.

Tell me what 你 think!
posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
The moment that changed it all…the moment that Peyton confessed her 爱情 for Lucas to Brooke, his girl friend, and her best friend. I realized after back and forth, Leyton vs Brucas, 辩论 between myself and equally passionate and respectful LPer, Abs07, just how significant that moment is to me as a Brucaser, but even 更多 so as a OTH fan. It disgusted me so much that I had been blaming Peyton, and even Leyton for it ever since. Why do I hate this moment 更多 than anything? 更多 than Leyton’s affair in Season 1…even Brooke breaking up with Lucas in 4.01? Well, I hate it for what it...
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