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  • Female, 28 years old
  • Spain
  • Favorite TV Show: GOT, Reign, Outlander, Vikings, Izombie, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, Shameless, Daredevil, HTGAWM, Penny Dreadful
    Favorite Musician: A7X, The Pretty Reckless, BMTH, Delain, Halestorm, Of Mice & Men, Mallory Knox, Lacuna Coil, Sum 41, Tonight Alive
    Favorite Book or Author: The Pillars Of The Earth, A Song Of Ice And Fire, 王座, 宝座 of Glass, Charley Davidson, Liane Moriarty's books
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Hi friend!!!!
How was your week? Did 你 relaxed a bit????
Hope 你 did!!!!
I forgot to tell 你 that I started Victoria new season last week. It's llike 你 said, it's such a dark new season. I only watched yet until episode 2 but this season is about to be with a 更多 darker tone. 发布 ·5分钟以前
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It's crazy to realize that Victoria had so many children, we know back then, that was a common thing but she now has five small children. It sort of feels sometimes that she is feeling to pressed up with so many kids around her. ·4分钟以前
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Did 你 watched Downton Abbey all six seasons? 你 know, I was only able to buy season 5 and 6 dvd last Christmas, so I still have those two seasons to see, it's crazy I know. The movie waits for us in september. Cannot wait, I 爱情 Downton. ·2分钟以前
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Have 你 been catching up with TWD 或者 Fear TWD? I finished Fear Season 5 now, took me some months to get time to see it, I might begin S6 today. ·1分钟以前
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Give ♥ this ♥ to ♥ the ♥ twelve ♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ 你 ♥ know ♥ on ♥ 潮流粉丝俱乐部 发布 ·1天前
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Holla sister!!!!

How are 你 today???

So glad 你 passed on your exam!!!! Also don't feel pressure, your mark might be on exactly what 你 need. Just think positive, everything will be okay! My fingers crossed for it. 你 let me know all the 更新 on the hour. 发布 ·6天前
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由 the way loved your Sutton icon, it's so cute. Glad 你 are making new ones again!!!! ·6天前
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Hun just relax a bit. Have a better week sister. Keep me posted. 吻乐队(Kiss) 吻乐队(Kiss) ·6天前
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PS: I Changed Joe Dempsie icon, so that it could match the banner best, do 你 like it??? ·5天前