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musicgrl331 说关于 篮球兄弟
I'm gonna miss this 显示 soo much. No 显示 I have seen expresses literature, art, and 音乐 so beautifully and ties it into the characters that makes it so much 更多 meaningful. Its has amazing characters, storyline, and 语录 that will never be forgotten. 发布 一年多以前
musicgrl331 说关于 Damon & Elena
Found this on tumblr..don't know if its 发布 on here but had to share it because its really clever..

Reason to believe in delena

Every season premiere is S/E heavy. Every season finale becomes D/E heavy.


Stefan and Elena meet and it’s epic. Damon is just an heartless monster.
Stefan and Elena 爱情 each other but she now cares about Damon. Fake Kiss.

发布 一年多以前
musicgrl331 评论…
cont. Season2: Elena says she would never 吻乐队(Kiss) Damon and she hates him. It’s always Stefan. Elena kisses Damon and 说 she likes him just the way he is. Stefan’s gone. Season3: Elena says to Stefan she loves him and they should hold on that. With Damon it was just a goodbye 吻乐队(Kiss) and nothing more. Eventually the 爱情 of Stefan and Elena won’t be enough to keep them togetherand Elena realizes she feels something for Damon and a real 吻乐队(Kiss) could happen. TVD writers 爱情 parallels. S/E is always there but it’s D/E they develop during the seasons. Their connection that grows and keep growing no matter what. I choose to 一年多以前
delenaloverx7 评论…
That is so true. :) 一年多以前
I can't get enough of these emmys pics!! i'm dying for 更多 nian.. does anyone know what 下一个 event they might be together?? 发布 一年多以前
minimew037 评论…
ikr ... They both looked amazing <3 Loved there pictures together ... I am not sure when there 下一个 event is though :S Lets hope its soon ! 一年多以前