"Spread Love, Not Hate"

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于November 2011年

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your 图标 is pretty as well 发布 ·5天前
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no problem & thanks 发布 ·5天前
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its JIa (former miss a mem) ·5天前
Honestly don't know where I was but this group is so good and has amazing songs
Wow Shine is on repeat all the time and I can't stop listening
I'm so inlove with Hui, he's just amazing
发布 ·10天前
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I made the club. Thanks for joining ·9天前
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Ive been a 粉丝 of them since prw debut if 你 have any 问题 yiu can ask me:) ·9天前
Ieva0311 评论…
Your welcome. Club should get 更多 粉丝 like the band iself. Trully talented boys. I'm will 上传 stuff. ·9天前
Ieva0311 评论…
Sure if I will have some 问题 I will ask. Thanks for minding :) ·9天前