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GDragon612 我支持 my polls
joined all of your so beautiful blackpink member Clubs
I have post some stuff in lisa ones
I post whenever I have the time♡
i am so happy 你 made them awwww
so fantastic stuffs 你 have 发布 ma sun!!!
will 粉丝 them all

awww miss ya and 爱情 ya so much more!!!
and Lion loves and miss his auntie too awww

buing buing♡

btw I left some stuffs in our Club too before some days

and who`s that on your 图标 I know that face but I forgot whoes that is 发布 ·7天前
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omg thank 你 *-* muaaaaaaaah ♡
It makes me so much crying that Jonghyun left us ><
my Soul and heqart is forever broken
he was such a sunshine and Talent and my 2nd bias in shinee
hope he is on a better place now
we will never forgotten our Jonghyunnie ><
and all my 爱情 goes to his fam and shinee too
it`s so hard to lose such an angel
damn Depression... 发布 ·7天前
GDragon612 评论…
I crie everyday about his death and I million times to his songs and shinee>< ·7天前
GDragon612 我支持 my videos
awww I miss ya so much 更多 my babe*-*
yeah 你 are so agree ma sunshine
most I am online here from breakfast to midday/lunch time
afternoon/coffee time my man is here so I am there for Lion and him/Shopping,walking together,etc.
hope we will catch us the same time ><
miss our so wonderful talks awww 发布 ·7天前
GDragon612 评论…
are 你 read ya 电子邮箱 from time to time so we can talk there too if ya love♡ ·7天前