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Name- Alexandra Roya
Age- Twenty six
Base Personality- A calm sort of angry, she is calculated, thoughtful in most of her actions, but never very happy.
Appearance- Pic in a sec
Attire- Military appointed clothing, also in Pic.
Weapon Specialization- Computers, after a violent accident destroyed the use of her eyes, scientists implanted uplinks into her retinas, which communicate to a wristwatch sized computer she wears at all times. This allows her to see from the point of view of any cameras in the area, as well as through the eyes of a trio of mutated beasts the government uses...
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Zoey Cunningham


Sunny disposition, tries to see the good in everything, high intellect over strength. Not innocent, but naive.

Chicago City Detective

Medium length dark hair. Pale complexion. Deep blue eyes. Thin build, and an average height.

9x19mm Hudson H9
 Tactical H9 with Flashlight attachment
Tactical H9 with Flashlight attachment

Daughter of Chicago's Police Chief, Zoey was always the loudest and most passionate in the police academy she attended. Yet with all that personality, she excelled in class, and graduated with honors. Though some say she became a...
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 First Order
First Order
Darth Tiberian of Ren

Originally named~
Tiberius Sunno



首页 Planet~

First Order

Rank in Faction~
Sith, Knight of Ren

Shadow Blade of the First Order

Tiber has learned to control his rage, the temper he was once known for. Now, having mastered the art of combat and of the force, he is virtually unmatched 由 any being, save for Luke.

His face has always been masked, all that is known is what can be seen...
 Darth Tiberian
Darth Tiberian

A simple Blaze-Red Lightsaber
 Tiber's Blazing Red Lightsaber
Tiber's Blazing Red Lightsaber

His past is simply legend, myths surrounding his entry to the order at an early age. Since then, Tiber has become the fist of Supreme Leader Snoke, and the driving force behind all terror.
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First off, Welcome to the link. If 你 are planning to 加入 this story, 你 will first be required to read the following as it shall hopefully clear up a few things.

This story is a Fiction tale based on known History of the Third Crusade. Though it is labeled as fiction, every writer must treat this story as though it were real. Characters will die throughout, and your job will be to keep the spark alive. Each death is intended to add further 火, 消防 to this story, depicting trauma and loss amongst those who survive. When one of your character is killed off, 你 then have the responsibility to...
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This 文章 is meant to introduce the various swords and Firearms that may be encountered within the bustling city of Weslock. There are two sections; the Regulars and the Uniques. To put it into perspective, the Regular weapons are the ones most individuals within the city have access to. The Uniques are the ones that require a 更多 delicate touch in the sense that they are uncommon and are found once in a great while. Without further udo, here is the list;



The Brutish Edge:
A rather crude blade, fashioned to a fine edge 由 the thugs and low-lifes that use such a weapon.

The Pointy End:
A Very fine blade made for piercing rather than slashing.
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Name~ Edric Yorfertt

Age~ 31

Nationality~ Welshman

Army~ English Royal Army

Title~ Sergeant

Role~ Infantry Sergeant/ Armsman

Appearance~ Mid-Height, Lean, Long Ginger Hair, Grizzled Beard, Worn Complexion, Few Scars.
 Edric Yorfertt
Edric Yorfertt

Equipment~ Light Plate Armor, Steel Norman Helm, Linen Surcoat, Leather Gloves, Journeyman's Satchel, Heater Shield, Broadsword(One-Handed).

Family~ The Yorfeltts have lived in Eastern Wales since the early Norman Invasion centuries ago. Edric's father and mother are all but old and frail, while his sister and younger brother are both married and living...
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Name~ FN-134F
Nickname~ Leaf

Race~ Human

Age~ 25

首页 Planet~ none

Faction~ The First Order

Rank in Faction~ Master Sergeant

Role~ Stormsniper

Skills~ Elite Sniper. Proficient in CQC. Has Excellent accuracy

Appearance~ Well-built. Dark hair
His stormtrooper armour features a blue pauldron to distinguish himself from the basic infantry

Weapon(s)~ RT-97C heavy blaster 步枪 and SE-44C blaster pistol

Backstory~ FN-134F was born on the Outer-Rims of the galaxy and taken from there 由 First Order recruiters. He was trained as new batches of specialized troopers, specializing as a sniper. Personally he had honed his close-quarter combats. His superior let him be as he was a loyal and efficient soldier.
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Few hundred years, doesn’t really pay attention. Feels young, so that’s what counts, right?

Whorish. Mischevious, alluring, Foul minded

Whatever 你 want, baby. 或者 whatever she wants, maybe?

Just her charming good looks. And ability to manipulate your mind. 或者 cause hallucinations. 或者 some nasty Other form.

She’s been leading men and women to their deaths as long as she can remember. It only recently became a problem, since some 天使 wannabe started hunting her down. Something about being a disgrace to everything that ever existed?
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Name: Tanya Marie Reinbolt

Age: 26

Magician title: Hedge Witch

Appearance: Long, dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, slim figured, stands at roughly 5'6" in height, and a weight of approximately 120 lbs.

Nationality: American

Attire: Jeans with a tank 最佳, 返回页首 most of the time, long sleeved button down 或者 flannel shirts over the tank.

Discipline: Adept at Illusions, as well as Combat Magicka.

Weapon: She generally relies on her illusions to scare threats away, but carries a long hunting 刀 in her boot just in case.

Backstory: Tanya was kicked out onto the streets when she was only six years old, her...
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-Leon Xavier

- 24

- British

]Magician Title]

- Natural Magic

- Medium length blonde hair, dark eyes, average height, lean build.

- Dark long coat, shirt, cargo pants.

- Switch blade knife

- Leon was what one might call a rebel growing up, he frequented orphanages, hoping households as the state decided. His parents both died before he reached his eighth birthday, a simple drunk driver incident. Leon grew to be a dysfunctional young magic sensitive young man. At the age of Nineteen he found himself in a county jail...
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