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posted by WritersMelody
So far The Tudors has done a good job of characterizing Henry VIII and the people around him. The many anachronisms are to be expected, unfortunately. I am very excited to see how far this 显示 goes and what this new season holds.

That being said, there are some characters I am hoping to see very much.

1) Jane Seymour- she's been around for a while, as long as Anne I believe, and it'd be interesting to watch her throughout the tumultous marriage of Henry and Anne.

2) her brothers- they become important figures later...

3) (more of) Jane Parker and George Boleyn- need I say more?

4) William Stafford-...
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posted by timeandfate
Anne Seymour, Duchess of Somerset

Born Anne Stanhope (c. 1497) to Sir Edward Stanhope of Sudbury and Elizabeth Bourchier, Anne was through her mother a direct descendant of Thomas of Woodstock, the youngest son of King Edward III of England and his wife, 皇后乐队 Philippa of Hainault. Anne’s father had been married once before, so Anne had two older half-brothers – Richard Stanhope and Sir Michael Stanhope. The latter was selected for the governorship of Hull, was knighted, and made Shelford Priory his residence.

In 1511 Anne came as a maid of honour to 皇后乐队 Catherine, and in 1529 Edward Seymour...
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When 你 think of Princess Mary 你 think of Bloody Mary that was the despised 皇后乐队 before Elizabeth. They hated her for her persecuations of protestants, her marriage to Phillip of Spain.

But I think if her background was filled with love, support, and guidance from her parents on how to be a fair and just ruler, i feel that she would have outshined elizabeth as her heir.

Before the "concubine" she was loved, adored heir,her life was easy and her stress level was probably pretty low. But after anne came on the scene that all changed she was torn from her mother and qoverness, her allowance...
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posted by FanNoOne111
When the future Edward VI was born in 1537 there was much rejoicing – for his father King Henry VIII, the birth of a son was especially important. The joy at the birth was of course overshadowed 由 tragedy because it was to lead to the death of the mother of the child, Jane Seymour.

Jane’s pregnancy was announced in February 1537 and she experienced a trouble free pregnancy up to the time thatshe went into labour. The birth of the child however was long and difficult, taking two days and three nights to be delivered. The baby was eventually delivered at around two o’clock on the morning of the 12th October. As this is the eve of the Feast 日 of Edward the Confessor the baby was named after this Saint.

Jane was able to sit and greet guests priorto the christening on the 15th October at Hampton Court but two days later her health had seriously deteriorated and she was 给 the last rites. 由 the 24th of October, Jane was dead.
posted by FanNoOne111
In 1545, the Duke passed away at Guildford. He died at the ripe old age (for that time period) of 61 years old, after an extremely successful and fulfilling life. In fact, throughout his life and up until his death, Suffolk was known as "a 秒 king," because of his close friendship with Henry VIII and his great influence over the politics of the English monarchy.

After a life of sporting, flirting, and practicing politics at court, the Duke settled nicely into his third and final marriage to Catherine Willoughby - (he had previously been married to Anne Browne and Princess Mary Tudor, the...
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posted by FanNoOne111
 Henry VIII of England
Henry VIII of England
Read to find about the SIX WIVES of Henry the 8th.

1. Katherine of Aragon - Divorced

 Katherine of Aragon
Katherine of Aragon

The first of Henry VIII's six wives,Katherine of Aragon(1485-1536) was a Spanish princess who was married to Henry for 18 years before he began divorce proceedings in his desperation to re-marry and produce a male heir. Katherine had been pregnant six times but only one daughter, Princess Mary, laterMary I, had survived. Dying in 1536, Katherine wrote to Henry: 'Lastly, I make this vow, that mine eyes desire 你 above all things. Farewell.'

2. Anne Boleyn - Beheaded

 Anne Boleyn
Anne Boleyn

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 Portrait of Anne Boleyn.
Portrait of Anne Boleyn.
>Who was Anne Boleyn?
> Where she belong to?
> How She Married Henry VIII?
> How She Died?
> 或者 Anyother Question?

Go Through this timeline to find every known fact in a short glimpse.

1501 (or possibly 1507): The birth

Anne is born at Blickling, Norfolk, to Thomas Boleyn and his wife, Elizabeth (daughter of Thomas Howard, later 秒 Duke of Norfolk). Historians 辩论 whether Anne was born in 1501 或者 1507; the former is 更多 plausible.

1513: The first post

Anne is appointed a maid-of-honour at the court of Margaret, archduchess of Austria; she later leaves to serve Mary, 皇后乐队 of France,...
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