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posted by XxXLolaXxX
Yes, I have desided it might be nice to write an article, that hopefuly will not be deleted. ^^'

"Corinne, get out!" I heard a shudden harsh voice yell, over the loud wails and sobs pouring out of my self.
I glaced up, and see my mother, hoavering over me. "Now, please." She spat out sharply. I was confuzed.
"Wh-what?" I peeped out inbetween gasps of air. Mother grabbed me 由 my long purple and silver hair. "You are so foulish! Why doesn't anyone listen me?" She started crying.

As she tossed me out into the little yard in front of the quant house I used to call, 'home', I heard her whisper, "Don't ever come back...!"

I landed on my chest. And, emedentaly, grasped the air to reach myself up. As I ran I didn't make a noise. Just let tears stream down my cheaks.


Tell me if anyone who reads this thinks I should do more.
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