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posted by zelda4559
I was laying aginst a tree. Nothing has happen in weeks so everyone was bored. "Ruby, Ruby" Yelled a blue and red raccon. "Do I know you" I 说 "No, my name is Ocean. Your friend Star, told me to tell 你 to come quick" Ocean said. "Ok". The both of us walked to the center of town. Star, Flame, and Spark were there. "Hey" 说 Star. "What is going on" I ask. "There is a problem with the secret agents. they said.." Just then a purple cat jumped down. "who" I said. "I am Nights the cat. Sent here to fight you" Nights said. "You are that ninja cat who killed a lot of pepole" I 说 glaring at her with anger. "so" She said. "Nights, come quick" Someone said. Nights ran off. "Let's go before she comes back" Ruby says. "ok" Everyone said. "She killed pepole" 星, 星级 说 in shook. "yep, she's a jerk too I heard." I said. "wow" Flame said. "she is a rival to my agent base" I said. No one responded. Ocean came to us with cookies. "want some" Ocean 说 cheerfully. "ok" Everyone said.
Honestly, it's just things that I've noticed that bother me too much to let them sit.

I. Role-Playing.
A). Actions.
When 你 designate an action for your character, it must take place *within two asterisks*, --or something else like it--. There does not need to be a period after the asterisks unless the Role-Play is narrative-driven.
Also, separate actions need to take place between the two asterisks with a semicolon connecting them; *[Subject] does 'X'**And also 'X'* just looks sloppy, and a semicolon can clean up anything if used correctly.
B). Character Sheets.
Let me preach.
Character sheets are...
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posted by LukeElite
Was originally one of the black arms he is an adopted son for doom him self after his scientist after shadow beat him tried to re-create the ultimate life form but with the black alien DNA. Well he done it Nova was a price was going to take over the 王座, 宝座 but didn't because he throat all this destruction was to much and fled never to return to doom.

After about 200 years hiding alone in a forest he found some sweet 狼 called Evolia now his story begins.

He is just looking for some 老友记 and trying to make the world a batter place.
posted by virusw
time for number seven, enjoy.
*BANG!* rath: good morning ugh looks like the storm and fog are still around. shadow: ya we all noticed. scarlet: why did 你 sleep so long? rath: im a heavy sleeper. shadow: not as heavy as kalus aparently. kalus: good morning everybody. shadow: speeking of kalus here he is. shock: where's elise? kalus: in her room she's really...*upstairs* elise: aaachooooo!!!!! ughhh. *cough cough cough* *suddenly huge vines grow from the garden* everyone: what the heck! kalus: yup its that time of 年 again oh boy. scarlet: wait she still gets that? rath:...
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 Shadow & Rouge; Night and 日 Difference.
Shadow & Rouge; Night and Day Difference.
“… There might have been a time when 你 actually thought about others, but now it’s just become, ‘Get the villain out of the way and be proclaimed as a hero once more!’ I just don’t want 你 to become something that 你 don’t want to be.”Lil the Cat from “The Misadventures of a Wandering Soul.”

Do 你 remember the first time 你 ever drew your 粉丝 character? When 你 created him/her, 你 had thought everything out; who they dated, what they wore, and if they had any powers. Believe me when I say that 粉丝 characters are the best characters in the world. Their stories...
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After seeing Friz’s 文章 about leaving the community I decided I should once again put some effort into looking for Sonic 粉丝 Character creators who may be interested in joining our community. I would usually go to communities on 脸谱 but I decided to at least window-shop at DeviantArt for once seeing how it’s the most 流行的 location.

I assumed it was all because 脸谱 isn’t known for communities as much. I assumed 潮流粉丝俱乐部 was simply too low-key and not well-known. Now that I’ve checked on DeviantArt, I’ve realized what’s actually happening… 或者 maybe I’m finally opening...
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posted by SpiritTheCat
Basic Info:
Spirit The Cat is an eleven-year-old turquoise cat. She has a long-standing relationship with Frostbite The 狐狸 , whom acts as a mother figure, despite Spirit's mature nature and independence. Her main weapon is 'Soul fire', the name of purple flame-like orbs she can summon that do not burn, but actually feel quite cold.

Spirit is a emotionless, mature girl, with a very disinterested attitude, regarding most matters. However, her distant attitude and reluctance to speak about her feelings can work against her, and she often finds that people do not understand her true intentions....
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Sonic 粉丝 Character 个人资料 Creator


Name: Biovi Needletrine

Gender: Female
Birthday: February 18th
Age currently: In canon, roughly around a 年 或者 so
Age at beginning of story: Around five months
Age character appears to be: 14-16


Species: Skeletal Lynx

Primary Color (Main fur/skin): Greyish-yellowish on the fur, greyish-whitish on the bones
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.): Black lynx stripes

Eye-color: Black
Other Eye-details: Eyes are slightly bloodshot in the corners; pupils are silver/grey instead of black

Does character have hair?: Yes
(If so, the following)
Color of hair: Orange...
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I’m making this 列表 for a number of reasons.

1.    The user Sarathedog (or DaylightBeauty) has been my friend for quite some time now.
2.    Her characters have variety and energy.
3.    There’s a LOT of them.

Back in the 日 Sara would pull new characters out of thin air in the middle of nothing, and many of them were hard to remember, but there were five that I can recall off the 最佳, 返回页首 of my head, so here we are.

Now if you’re upset I didn’t 列表 your characters, don’t be. It’s not your fault, and it’s not that I dislike...
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The Rasoul Saga: Chapter 14

Nothing really eventful had happened while Kyle, Kagen, and Avina played video games; it was simply just three teens spending time together and enjoying the time. In fact, they kept playing video games and watching TV until 晚餐 time rolled around.

"Kids, it'll be time for 晚餐 soon," Kushina called from the kitchen. She was currently in the process of cooking dinner.

"Wow, did it get that late already?" Kagen asked as he turned his head to look at the 墙 clock that was on the hanging nearby in the living room. "I'm going to have to go. My parents are expecting...
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posted by SaraTheDog
Last Name:Darkness
Most used nickname: Donny
Birthdate: 19 years 以前 XD

Hair color:Gray
Eye Color:Purple
Outfit: gray 夹克 & pant. Purple shoes and shirt.

Likes:Art, cooking, nature, friends, SOME family members, and trys to get along with his sisters

Dislikes:STACY. Bad people, killing,geting in people's way, Shopping with girls and having to pay for them (XD) ECT.

Nicknames: Donny (most used) Lil' Brother (used 由 his little sister who's somehow bigger than him, Fergie) Donny-boy, Don, Don the doenut man (used 由 Dio...Once XD)

Weird fact: Some how, his name is close to Donnie from TMNT and has the same color. Purple. XD And the name Donatello

爱情 life: 你 STALKERS. T3T

Other: He was once a fugitive. He tells everyone is name is Donny because he dosn't like his real name. He was named after is father. Almost always chased 由 Stacy Light. :3
posted by Molly6
Song Was Peacefully At Her House When She 说 "Mom, I'm Going Shopping!" But She Never Knew, Mefhiles Was There (This Was Before They Were A Couple) She Stood There Wandering What He Was Doing. "Hello?" 说 Song "I Was Aspecting 你 Sooner..." 说 Mefhiles With That Scary Voice Of His "Who Are You? Are 你 Lost? Do 你 Have A Girl Friend?" No Anser... Its As If Mefhiles Was Sad, Lonley, Heartbroken... Song Left Without A Clue, She Went To Tesco's. It Was Closed. She Still Went In, The Doors Were Open. She Went Inside, Not Knowing What Was Round The Corner. "Hello?" She Whispered, No Anser......
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posted by TakTheFox
Real Name: Unknown
Adopted Name: Sissy.

Age: 14

Species: Milen Banshee

Personality: Sissy is a friendly an somewhat naive young banshee. She has a bit of shyness about her, but is very playful. Sissy is easily entertained, and very patient, as well as fairly wise.

Backstory: Sissy was orphaned after the Refine, and became trapped in a strange cocoon at the age of four, which kept her from aging. When she awoke it was around twenty-five years later.
Sissy found herself in the Mercia of Mobocan (her dimension's Mobius) where she was adopted 由 a couple of explorers, searching for minerals and such....
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posted by Mapware3640
How to make a accurate 粉丝 character

Introduction:Hello,congratulations,you want to enter the world of sonic 粉丝 characters,GOOD SHOW!!!Now I know what your thinking,there is a bunghole of other 粉丝 character guide lines generated 由 other fans.but I refer to this one as the most updated version.(as of 7/4/12)

Now 你 want to generate a equal 粉丝 character,equal as in power-wise(If he/she/it has powers).If 你 make it to powerful without weaknesses and make it the "Oh,I'm so powerful,fear mah almighty immortality" character,then its considered a "Gary-stu" and 你 DON'T...
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posted by unknown99
Born in the City of Wind, Nico is a lucky child to have such nice parents. He grown up to a happy child who is often mischievous. He played pranks on his father with a tray of water splashed at him when he come 首页 from work. When Nico is 6, he was sent to the Andromedian Pyrokinetic Academy which he really enjoy. He realise he is special because the first time he sneezed he blew all the dead leaves of his garden and got it stuck in his neighbor's garden. 由 the time he entered the academy, Nico couldn't believe his eyes that it was just a small academy with 14 other people with special powers....
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posted by Shadow5772
Step 1: First, 你 will need to have the status of your character. Tell the information about him/her. The things 你 will need to tell are:
Theme Song:
Family Members:
And so on.

Step 2: Second, 你 need to tell your character's story. What happened in your character's past? What do 你 think will happen in his/her future?

Step 3: Third, 你 need to come up with a 设计 for your character. If 你 are not really an artist, get someone else to draw your character for you.

Step 4: Lastly, be creative. Give your character special powers, so they can fight. Also, 你 can give your character weapons and vehicles, such as, guns, swords, vans, motorcycles, and any other thing 你 can think of.

Well, that's how 你 make a 粉丝 character! Have fun! Bye for now!
posted by XxXLolaXxX
Yes, I have desided it might be nice to write an article, that hopefuly will not be deleted. ^^'

"Corinne, get out!" I heard a shudden harsh voice yell, over the loud wails and sobs pouring out of my self.
I glaced up, and see my mother, hoavering over me. "Now, please." She spat out sharply. I was confuzed.
"Wh-what?" I peeped out inbetween gasps of air. Mother grabbed me 由 my long purple and silver hair. "You are so foulish! Why doesn't anyone listen me?" She started crying.

As she tossed me out into the little yard in front of the quant house I used to call, 'home', I heard her whisper, "Don't ever come back...!"

I landed on my chest. And, emedentaly, grasped the air to reach myself up. As I ran I didn't make a noise. Just let tears stream down my cheaks.


Tell me if anyone who reads this thinks I should do more.
Age: 17
Species: Weasel
Likes: Puzzles, 阅读 the newspaper, annoying Hailtone, making fun of people, taking machines apart (especially gaming machines), building death traps, watching horror films (both gory and psychological ones), being the center of attention.
Dislikes: Being called a liar, cheater, child 或者 immature, being made fun of, spotlight hoggers (even though she's technically one herself), people who manage to outsmart her, people who are smarter than her (or claim to be).
Personality: Usually easily excitable and cheerful, Enigma could probably talk your ears off. However...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
嘿 guys, I super-bored and don't really know what to do, so I decided to make a digital drawing article. I would make a video but I don't have any software one would use for that, so... I'll just do it like this.

Before we get started, I'd like to introduce the reader to the preferable programs, although I'm sure one could improvise this tutorial into their own program.

The first one I'll use is called is pretty much your typical XP MS Paint, but with a few extra features, such as layers, transparency, and some fancy effects. For this, we'll keep it pretty simple and only...
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Note; This is an opinion, do not take this as anything offensive 或者 insulting. This is to help 你 avoid having an overpowered 或者 overangsty character.

It is very fun to make your own character, 或者 粉丝 character, yes? ^^ I agree. But, sometimes, people don't go through character development the correct way, having their character 或者 粉丝 character result in being overpowered and/or undefeatable.

Sometimes, they do follow the right steps, but instead create a much 更多 angsty, annoying, depressed character.

I will start off with the much 更多 common character; Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus.

They are characters...
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