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a song with every line as a palindrome! :D
weird al
posted by Pennypatch321
Wondering what a palindrome is? Well, it is a word 或者 a phrase that says the same thing 前锋, 期待 and backward! They can involve spaces, but they don't have to. Here are a couple examples with spaces...

Otto sees Otto
Rats live on no evil star

As 你 can see, Otto spelled backwards is still Otto. Sees, sees. Rats, star. Live, evil. On no. They look like they are kind of mirrored. (sees cut in the middle; se es).

However, there are palindromes that don't quite involve spaces. 你 would have to take the spaces out and add them in as 你 are spelling them backwards. Here are some of those examples...

Race fast 安全 car
A Toyota's a Toyota
Race fast 安全 car

These don't look like they are mirrored, however, if 你 go from the end to the front, and add the spaces in, 你 will get the same thing.

Well, that is what a palindrome is. If 你 would like 更多 technical information click on the following link: