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posted by ElafTalebHEJ
Hello Reader!

I'd like to thank 你 very much for spending some of your time 阅读 this story, and I am very happy to hear that the most of 你 liked it!
I hope 你 enjoyed Shun's trip between two different worlds where dreams and reality meet.

I tried not to go too long with things, because I know that many of us are Shun fans, and many of us even dream about being with him (however that sounds...) , so I didn't really want to fix any "too romantic scenes". The point with all this was in itself real friendship, even if 你 haven't see that person. Also, it must be a good thing to be in Shun's...
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posted by ElafTalebHEJ
 Shun meets Skyress!
Shun meets Skyress!
It was a night of spring. This has happened before, but I have never felt in the same way...I was sitting in the garden meditating all 由 my self, when I all of a sudden heard a voice I haven't heard for years now...

"Shun..! Shun, my boy..! Come to me..."

-"Huh?!" I looked around. "Mum?? Is that you?"

"Shun, my boy..! Come here..."

-"No, mum! Wait!! Don't leave! Where are you..??"


- "Ahhh!! Man, it was just a dream..!"

I'm NEVER going to forget what I saw that night! Mother, you're still there, aren't you..?


How much I tried, I couldn't stop thinking of it. It was like it happened...
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Keith's POV

I was now on my way to the ship where they will be doing the bakugan tournament. I was walking and searching through the crowd when I suddenly bumped into this guys with spiky hair. " Oh! Sorry! I wasn't looking!" He said. Dang my head hurts so bad I must have hit it pretty hard. " No no it's ok!" I 说 to him. " Are 你 sure? I'm Dan 由 the way " He asked smiling. " Yeah I'm fine. I'm Keith " I 说 with a grin. He seems like a nice guy. " So Keith, where are your team mates? " He asked. " Huh? I don't have any team mates.. " I replied awkwardly cause I didn't know that we are...
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I was totally absorbed back there! It was as if the dark side of my mind was circelating around me. Just wanted to tell me that...I'm lost. But still at home.

The empty wind blew against his cold face. The black hair was like raindrops on his cheeks. He squinted and looked for a trace in front of him. He could see almost the whole territory from the roof. The tiles were hard like the stons he saw in front of him stons. But he didn't get hurt anyhow. The sea was glittring, exactly like the stars above him. Are there stars in the sea too? The wind empty and cool. He could feel it. He could smell...
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At School Brawler's POV

"Yo Guys" 说 Dan coming through the door of the classroom."Oh Dan where have 你 been!" Julie 说 hugging him."Get off Julie I'm not your boyfriend!" Dan 说 prying off Julie."Hey Dan the Man" 说 Jake."Hey Jake" 说 Dan."So guys what are 你 talking about?" Dan said."Oh nothing just brawling thats all" Julie said."What there's nothing new come on 你 guys are SO boring!" Dan said."Well there's going to be a new student today" 说 Marucho."There is?" Julie 说 curious."This student got the highest scores it's even higher than mine!" 说 Marucho."Wow we finally...
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It was Winter and the moon was glittring behind the clouds. The snow was falling endless and the wind was cold and frozen.

He was walking alone round the corner to get some fresh air. He stopped and kept standing there for a short while. He could feel the 《冰雪奇缘》 wind get through his body. He shiverd and looked at the water below the bridge he was standing on. It was early in the Winter so the water hasn't got very 《冰雪奇缘》 jet. But the snow was just becoming 更多 and more.

A young girl with hair, dark like the sky above him and a black 夹克 was walking towards him. He kept looking at the water...
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(behind scenes)
Elaf: OK OK OK will 你 two shut up already seriously isn't it bad enough that 你 two are fighting in the story
Shun: *glares at Hikari and then stomps off*
Hikari: *growls glaring at Shun's back*
Mira: ok so now we're set
Elaf: who's 唱歌 this time?
Hikari: the person 唱歌 will be....Teddy! but also me and Elaf...
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(behind scenes)
Hikari: ok so how are we gonna do this
Ryuuto: honestly i don't wanna sing
Teddy: but 你 havent sang yet
Runo: maybe Julie should have a go
Alice: yeah she hasnt had a turn yet!
Julie: do i haft to sing alone though?
Shun: maybe since 你 Alice and Runo suggested Julie should sing should sing with her
Marucho: yeah thats a great idea
Elaf: but Ryuuto 你 and Mira and Marucho has gotta sing someday
Dan: don't forget me i only did the short bits
Hikari: 嘿 i got an idea!
Ryuuto: ok spill
Hikari: how about we ask the viewers what song we should sing just for the 下一个 chapter
Shun: thats not...
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I have never had such a weird night in my entire, 18 年 old life. At first I couldn't sleep no matter how much I tried. I kept silent, tried to inhale deeply as well as exhaling. I meditated some 分钟 afterwards and then even took a 座位 at the window cam because of the sleeping-difficulity I had. At last went to 床, 床上 again in the hope of sleeping this time, and then the 下一个 thing I knew was that the morning was already shining over my eyes. But I only felt confused because I had a very strange dream. Strange but very nice, to be honest. I got to see Maria, Teddy and Elaf again, and after...
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(behind the scene's)
Hikari: Shun hold still will ya im trying to put the eye liner on
Shun: well sorry im not used to this
Hikari: well this is a Curse of 音乐 anyways where is Dan
Dan: why do i haft to be the scary voice in the Music?
Hikari: cause 你 look scary enough
Elaf: Hikari hurry up we're almost ready
Hikari: hold on we still gotta wait for Teddy and Ryuuto they still didn't come yet
Runo: are 你 sure i don't look ugly in this black skirt
Alice: no 你 look fine
Teddy: HEY!!!! im so sorry we're late
Ryuuto: but atleast we're here now
Hikari: ok so now that everyone is here we better get started...
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posted by ElafTalebHEJ
If u miss a bit, u'll miss everything!

Some words from me first:
Hi everyone!
Last Tuesday I saw something valuable! It wants to tell me something, which may be u also have thought about..But, do u think it's true? Do u think it'll happen? Do u even think it's possible? Share ur ideas here. Bu of course u have to it first! ;)

(Think of them like they were in new vestroia! Excrpt Fabia and Ren who had those Neithia clothes).

U have got to read it! Don't miss it, please!! :D


Dan, Runo, Julie, Marucho, Shun, Alice, Fabia, Ren and Doctor Micheal were...
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posted by ElafTalebHEJ
When it seems I won't manage to find Julie in this darkness I decide to go to the middle cave to find Elaf and Maria, because it is better if we find at least some of them instead of losing all of them one 由 one, isn't it? I wonder how it is with the otehr groups. Dan must have turned totally frustrated 由 now.

I hurry to the exit and then straight away to the middle cave but stop for a while and look around myself to get used to this place. Maria and Elaf must be here somewhere. The 问题 is where...


"All right," says Elaf and stands up. "I know what we have to do. Maria, all 你 have...
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posted by bloom97



"Alice, can I come in?" Klaus asked, his fists pounding against the white hospital door. Alice sighed. He had been at this since three hours 以前 when she had first gotten into the hospital. At first, Alice pretended she was sleeping, but she could not keep her eyes closed for long. "Please?" Klaus asked, now in a begging voice.

Alice closed her eyes and gave one 更多 hard sigh. "Come in," she whispered through cracked lips. It even hurt to talk.

The knob turned downward as the door opened quietly. Alice looked up with her eyes and brought them back down when she saw that it was...
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OK first i just wanna say i added some characters here and i hope 你 would enjoy this!!!!!

QS: The 下一个 morning, sunlight touched your face and caused 你 to wake up. 'What time is it...?' 你 asked yourself as 你 blinked a few times for your eyes to adjust to the light. 你 saw a face facing you. 'shun...?' 你 thought as 你 noticed he was sleeping beside you. 你 recalled last night's events and remembered. Ren looked like an angle when he's asleep. His piercing, golden eyes were hiding underneath those eyelids and he has a small smile on his face. He looked like an innocent, little boy...
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posted by dao2
Okay so authors note first. I wanted 你 guys to know that Dan is really innocent in this story.. like REALLY. And I added a new character his name is Toryo. He is 16 years old but he looks like he's in his middle 30s ok? So guys here's chapter 2!

Keith's POV

Mister Monco, the chair person of this tournament called all the participants to gather around the canteen I think.. And then he 说 that the first challenge would a cooking challenge. " What the heck? How does cooking got involve in bakugan?! " Shun yelled at him. " Listen young man, if 你 don't like to cook and do this...
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posted by teddypearllover
shun kazami, the man we adore,
the 显示 stops, but he doesn't! we have to let everybody see that even know he isn't on bakugan anymore, he is still here! in our hearts in our souls. everywhere u want him to be. he would do the same! so why won't we? i know i never reallywhere active here, but others do. so if we could do it then we can do it now to! lets 显示 the makers of bakugan that we still have the streght to let our shun live! shun is ours, not theirs. they letted shun down 由 ending the show, he can live here. lets 上传 pics again, make articles! picks! do whatever u want! but let shun live here, in our hearts in our soul. Shun Kazami ur my hero, no wait your our hero!
posted by dao
你 were running very fast cause it's the start of your vacation days,you were up to your 最喜爱的 place(which is the garden after the lhak bridge)while running 你 saw a person standing near the bridge,he look like thinking of something very deep that he dont like anyone to disturb him.So 你 just sit at the bleacher and stair at him.While looking at him,you noticed that he was looking at something under the bridge,you became curious about it,then suddenly 你 saw i little smile on his face.The scary face of him lately turned to a angelic face.By that moment 你 decided to walk near him and...
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posted by 050801090907
Shun and Elaf told us that they are boyfriend and girlfriend now!We were all so happy!It was so cute to see them all the time hugging and holding hands!Shun was every night going out with Elaf!He was so happy I could see his happines in his eyes!Now we are at school we are having recess!
I:I hate milk!*I am taking the 浓情巧克力 牛奶 of my brother*
I:What!?Your girlfriend is going to give 你 some!Isn't that right Elaf!!
I:You see!Everything is under control!!^^
In our school was learning a very spoiled girl she was thinking that she can do everything what she wants!!Her name...
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posted by 050801090907
The Summer is over.We got ready to go to the school.We all met in the school yard.I,Shun and Elaf went together to school we saw our friends.Jesse,Hajni,xai,Szabina,Kyara!We all hug and kiss.We went to the classroom.Our professor put us how to sit.Shun with Elaf,xai with Szabina,I with Kyara and Jesse with Hajni!^^__^^
We all were giggling together at the classes,eating lunch together,at night going out together.And doing funny,crazy,awesome stuffs together the time ran like 1 sec.September ended,now it's Octomber.i and my 老友记 are at the garden and talking.
Jesse:And what are we going to...
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posted by 050801090907
So we get ready there is only one 更多 日 till Elaf's birthday.I am sitting with my brother.We are watching a movie!
Shun:Sis what does Elaf like the most as a present?
I:Why?What do 你 want to buy her?What are 你 going to give gher?
Shun:I don't know!
I:Well flowers,chocolates,jewels everything sweet,wonderful for a girl!
The 日 has comed,we are in a garden and we are decoraiting it.Szabina is with Elaf so she can took her attention away while we are decoraiting.
I,Shun,hajni,Kyara,Xai and Jesse are decoraiting we are planning everything to be perfect!
Hajni is on a ladder and hanning the baloons,Jesse...
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