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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 33 爱情 WITH A TURN-----ok my last one was really short and only about 天使 (witch is not me it's diva167) so here 你 go--------
Recap-Diggy kissed angel
Roc pov
I was bored so I decided to scare the sh*t outta D when she came out the 淋浴 maybe it will scare her towel off 哈哈 so I was a 交叉, 十字架 the room just staring at the door End pov
Diamond pov
When I came out he bathroom....
Diamond:ahhhh what the! Nikka 你 scared the chez outta me
Roc:chez? 哈哈 your face,priceless
Diamond:ugh I hate 你
Roc:you hate me right *picks her up and puts over shoulder*
Diamond:ahhh put me down
Roc:*pushes her on 床, 床上 and pins her down*
Diamond:*giggling* abuse much
Roc:*kisses her on 最佳, 返回页首 of her still pinning her*
-------I'll write another epi this still kinda short 哈哈 be all about diamond and roc gesh lol----
posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 32 爱情 WITH A TURN-----yooooooo----
Recap-Diggy came to 天使 on the 长椅, 沙发 crying nd...
天使 pov
I was sitting on the 长椅, 沙发 almost crying...what am I kidding I was crying and I don't know why did I feel bad about what I did 或者 because I saw him 吻乐队(Kiss) her I mean she didn't seem that bad I don't even know I was already confused and then he kissed me!!! (like this:link just imagine without her name in da middle)
He just walked up and planted one I mean who does that his lips were so soft though and they tasted like 糖果 (idk lol) then it just stopped and when I opened my eyes he was gone what is he a damn ghost WHAT IN THE HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK JUST HAPPENED!!! End pov
Diggy pov
Omg wtf did I just do End pov
-------okay since this was like hella short ima write another one-----
posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 31 爱情 WITH A TURN------"mi ni**a I'm faded faded faded my nikka I'm fadeded faded faded and I don't give a f*ck" weezy nd tyga fresh lol--------
Recap-angel bout to do some to Alana (realestgirl 或者 geekygirl1999 爱情 ya girly)
Ray:*noticing what she doing*you cold but it a lil brown lol
Angel:I thought so *turn on sprinklers*
Alana:omg really *cries*
Diggy:*hugs her* *looks through windows and see angel* *shakes*
Ray:*rofl* (rolling on the floor laughing)
Angel:*laughing a lil but also upset like*
Ray:what's wrong *still laughing a lil* and why...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 30 爱情 WITH A TURN----omg just found out what 69 was man that is NASTY!! 哈哈 but anyway continuing story marathon I'ma Ty to make this 更多 interesting -----
Recap-ronya and diamond just came back upstairs from dippin on 天使 talkin to damn much and 天使 think she likes Diggy but loves prince
Diamond pov
So we all. And back down stairs but we heard the boys talkin so we stayed at the 最佳, 返回页首 of the stairs to listen in I know it seem wrong but we nosy and these niggahs sneaky
Ray:ok 你 crazy bruh 你 17 and tryin Ta get married
Prince:did 你 not hear me say the key word FUTURE...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 29 爱情 WITH A TURN---I'm in a closet right now 哈哈 continuing weekend marathon----
Angel pov
They so wrong why they walk Out while I was talking rudenessocity but I was going on and on about Hershey (Diggy) I mean he is awesome I think I'm starting to develop feelings for him but I 爱情 prince I'm so confused....end pov
Diggy pov
I've been talking to this girl for a while now she pretty cool and she fine I mean FINE! But I think she wanna be just 老友记 she's wierd like the nickname thing wierd a'f but she still cool (#elmo$w@g definition lol) I haven't really spoken to my...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 28 爱情 WITH A TURN----it's marathon weekend!!! Hope 你 guys likey even doing the intro to my 下一个 story later today hope ya enjoy-----------
Recap-rony and diamond had a sexual education talk and 天使 came in freakin out leggo! (yup it's back)
Ronya:why y'all actin so scary y'all know y'all want it
Diamond:whatever dude I don't want no bun in this 烤箱 (lmao I hearer someone say that) okay
Angel:I know right *lays phone on bed* brb
*phone beeps Diggy name pops up*
Ronya:you STILL textin my bro!? (I didn't forget sista lol)
Angel:*pops head out of bathroom* BRO??!!
Diamond:oh you...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 26 爱情 WITH A TURN---warning his epi will be a lil freakyfied but not quit pg-13 I can't write that kinda ish lol-
Recap:prince and 天使 made up and started makin out and ish
Ray:ok guys so wanna watch a movie?
Diamond pov
So me and roc were in the 厨房 and I had an idea I grabbed whip cream out the fridge
Me:open your mouth
Roc:why? *looking at me like wtf*
Me:*smacks him in the back of the head*not like that nigga for this *sprays in his face*
Roc:really!? Ok the *grabs can and sprays her in the face then licks it off of her cheek
Angel:ok really y'all nasty *sitting...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 25 爱情 WITH A TURN---sorry I haven't been 写作 guys 你 know how exams are------
Recap-she had a flashback to when diamond and roc first met nd became tight now continuing from epi 23
Roc:yea, oh 嘿 ma *hugs her*
M.y:hey babe *talks to him about her leaving blah blah*
(sorry don't feel like writin that part gonna be boring)
---on patio----
Angel pov
I sitting outside thinking. After I heard what tiara (remember she tow dat aaa up *curtis pain voice* lol) 说 it made me start consteplating (big words lol) really hard about prince I mean should I forgive him?
Prince:*hands in...
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Mb 爱情 story epi 24 (the flashback cont) 爱情 WITH A TURN---next epi here 你 go------
Recap-roc and ?? Get into a fight and ?? Ends up pushing diamond
Diamond:*falls crying*kwill him roc!
Roc*looks at her then ??*
??:*throws 冲床 由 roc ducks and kicks him in the ba*ls and punches him in stomach
Roc:*runs to diamond*are 你 okay?
Diamond:yea thank ywoo *hugs him* I have an idea
Since your all wet and stuff come to my hwouse my mommy can fwix iwt
Roc:umm ok
--------at diamond house-------
(btw he speak way better then her)Diamond pov
My mommy cleaned him uwp and gwot him some...
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Mb 爱情 story epi 24 (the flash back)LOVE WITH A TURN-----flashback boos gonna write like two today cause this season of this story gonna be ending soon but 下一个 season even 更多 drama lol------
Recap-rocs mom came 由 and they are in flashback mode to when they first met
Diamond -kid form- pov
I was coloring when the new boy came and sat 由 me
Roc:um hi
Diamond:hi wanna color *smile with front teeth missing* (awwww lol)
Roc:okay *takes crayon and blah blah*
??:well look at the new boy
Diamond:leave him alone meany
??:make me lil girl *pushes her shoulder*
Roc:just leave her alone *pushes*
??:you are gonna...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 23 爱情 WITH A TURN---y'all in soon going to be doing a new story so I'm having casting calls later this weekend so keep and look out for it and know it is for sure FICTION mb wouldn't do some of the stuff I have ideas for just entertainment and I'm gonna do a season 2 of this story proly so gonna end in a cliffy eventually here da story------
Recap-so pretty much 天使 whooped tiara butt and found out what really happen with prince and how much tiara wanna be her so leggo (meaning tiara a HATER!!)
------At diamond house-----
*doorbell rings*
Diamond:*answers door* omg 嘿 ms.young...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 22 爱情 WITH A TURN---sorry I haven't been 写作 y'all writers block----
Recap-they were at school and tiara was walking up to 天使 -leggo read ma peeps
Tiara:*walks 由 and bumps angel* scuse 你 b**ch!
Boys:*walking 由 sees Nd watches* (dey boogie ain't even try to stop it)
Angel:b**ch who the h*ll 你 think 你 talking to
Tiara:you,that's exactly why I f*cked yo man!!
Angel:hmm ya what Eva h*e
Tiara:I'm a h*e right well prince ain't mind *screams whole story not knowing*
Angel:you know 你 just told the whole school 你 a h*e and want my life that's all 你 can talk about is...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 19 爱情 WITH A TURN---I have nothing to say lol----
Recap-Diamond found out what really happen with prince and is mad at tiara prince is really upset over 天使 and think he 爱情 her
Continuing diamond pov
Diamond:ok 天使 about prince and -(gco)
Angel:can we please not talk about him right now my breath stops breathing
Diamond:-thinking-dang 你 ain't the smartest I hope 你 stay in school-mmm ya okay
-----couple of days later----
Roc:so 你 guys ready for the 12 grade 你 gettin old
Diamond:*sits on his lap* 你 don't seem to mind but yes the freedom of being older but so not ready for the work plus we gonna miss 你 guys *hugs him*
Ray:maybe not *sits on diamond*
Roc:yea we are going back to school Keisha 说 we have to until our 下一个 studio session
Diamond:yay!! *hugs both of them* now get the he** off me 你 been eaten to many tacos *pushes him off*
posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 18 爱情 WITH A TURN---okay I decided to write another one so enjoy---
Recap-prince showed up to apologize to 天使 and she didn't take it to well and she kinda cuddle up with Diggy leggo!
Prince pov
After she 说 that I felt like I wanted to cry like someone stabed me in the heart. I didn't want to do it with tiara I don't even like her I actually 爱情 天使 his is killing me.. End pov
Prince:*walking away like really sad*
Diamond:wait come here now!!
Prince:*coming with her -thinking- ik I'm sad but who mama 你 think 你 is*
Diamond:what is your problem dude, I mean I could never...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Mb 爱情 story epi 15 爱情 WITH A TURN----this prob gone be Lon I got a lot of ideas hope ya likey and my recap back to normal----
Recap:tiara tring to get at prince diamond and roc pretty gud...for now 哈哈 read my ninjas!
Prince:*whispers to her*its ok baby calm down remember 你 my "angel" *kisses her cheek*
Angel:ok ily *kisses him*
--narration---roc and diamond come down the stairs with her on his back
Ray:ok since everything is kind of back to normal can we go eat I'm hungry
Everybody:just like prod *laughing*
Prince:ima go up stairs and take a 淋浴 we cann all meet up at like 9 for breakfast...
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posted by asya10wooten
Princeton P.O.V
see was staring at all of us like we were some type of 食物
princeton:hey sexy are 你 just going to stand there sit down
we ate lunch for a few 分钟 then i asked angela could i go over her house tonight so we can hang she 说 had a project i told her to forget about it until the worse thing that is possbile came up to us my ex girlfriend well not really my girlfriend 你 can say my sexbuddy but how really cares not
princeton:hey lay
lasia:dont 嘿 lay me your not coming over there we have a sciene project
princeton:i guess me and her will go somewhere else like out...
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added by rayraynicki
added by rayraynicki
射线, 雷 Ray: Yo Princeton yo hair lookin pretty nappy... XD 爱情 Them!
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