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After school*****

after school I went straight home. then there was a knock on my door . it was my bully Craig

nique : what do 你 want
prodigy : can we at least talk
nique : I have nothing to 你 about
prod : just give me a 分钟 that's all am asking for
nique : 你 bully me everyday and out of nowhere 你 want to talk to.... gco
I was cut off 由 prodigy's soft lips on mine. then there were 蝴蝶 in my stomach.
nique : what was that for
prod : I 爱情 你 okay, I just didn't know how to tell you
nique : but why bully me
prod :I really don't know what got into me
i was about to walk away but he grabbed my hand gently
nique : what*jagged my hands out of his*
prod : am sorry unique .give me some time to 显示 你 how sorry I am
nique : I don't know how. ...gco
prod : just give me some time
after that we kissed and before everybody knew we were the best couple in the world
posted by shayshayball
well i what to meet mb for real life but how will happyed to meet then real but my fav is rayray because he cute and smart and funny and be a happy 日 to meet rayray i will be happy to meet him but they are happy and funny but 爱情 sing and make ever boby happy and 爱情 to dance an my 移动 that no one no about and that one i will be happy and loveing to meet rayray .os than we go to the 电影院 an make cookie an be beat friend an but one 日 we will be good friend but one 日 we be boyfriend and girlfrind well no how i like 爱情 him
posted by MindlessSwagged
Ayoo' I'm back on hurr I missed y'all 潮流粉丝俱乐部 fam 爱情 yall hope y'all enjoy tried picking up tips from TeamOMGgirlz but yeah lemme start writing.

It was like the most boring lamest deadest nights of my life I'm just sitting here single alone and watching movies....

Me:ugh like wtf I'm bored as hell maybe I should have a sleep over with my big kid ass

OK lemme get this straight I'm 21
Shanae 或者 Nae is 22
Giana 或者 Gi is 21
And Mercedes 或者 Cedes is 23

Me:-calls Mercedes-
Cedes:Hello what's good
Me:ghetto fabulous 屁股 come over here I'm having a sleep over
Cedes:ohh turn tf up
Me:just get yo 屁股 over here...
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posted by mrspriceton143
Chapter 1:
Tiffany: I'll see 你 guys later bye.
(When Tiffany turns around to leave, she bumps into a Princeton)
Princeton: My bad I didn't
(He was interrupted)
Tiffany: It's cool
Prince: Here let me help 你 up.
(Prince grabs Tiffany 's hand and helps her up)
Prince: Hi I'm Princeton but 你 can call me Prince.
Tiffany: Hi Prince I'm Tiffany but 你 can call me T.
(Prince stares into Tiffany's eyes)
Tiffany: What ?
Prince: Nothing
Tiffany: O
Prince: So I was just going to go get a 冰沙, 思慕雪 wanna come with since your all alone
Tiffany: Ummm
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posted by Skittlez143fan
Recap:YN:Yeah,ha ha.

Yn:Well,I'm gonna check on 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 'cause my 屁股 is falling asleep 由 just sitting here.
Roc:I can massage it for you,shawty.
Yn:*laughs*Calm down,Roczilla.You ain't getting all this.
Roc:*stares at her 屁股 while she walks up the stairs*
Prince:*hits Roc* Chill!You ain't getting that,and neither are me 或者 Prod.
Prod:I don't want her.I mean,I do,but I'm gonna back off 'cause she's with Ray.
Prince:Yeah,what he said.
Roc:Shut the hell up,Afro Puff.You're the one that was a flirt!
Prince:You're the one that was a freak!
Roc:At least I don't act all gay!
Prince:Hey,I'm just playing around.But...
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OMG I am SOOOO sorry I haven't been on in forever!I missed y'all SO much :'( *hugs y'all through screen* How've y'all been?And 由 the way,I've been 阅读 y'all's comments,so don't think I'm ignoring 你 'cause I would NEVER. @irreplaceable It was a fake 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 and I don't even remember.And to the others,I didn't SAY 射线, 雷 射线, 雷 或者 Prod 或者 any of them were actually my BOYFRIENDS and I didn't SAY that they were ONLY mine.So chill.And they ain't y'all's either.They're God's.So please,stop with the accusing comments.And no fights are allowed,so quit.Ok,now on with the story.I wanna thank y'all again for saying y'all 爱情 it.And for the people who follow me.Love y'all :) <3
{Jacob's POV}- The 下一个 day
I wondered and wondered some more. People were looking at me strange and i didn't know what to say 或者 do so I kept walking. I 冶炼, 闻到 delicious smells and it made me hungry because I haven't eaten. I would go inside a place but people shoo'd me away. So I kept trying and trying. Eventually i gave up when nobody wanted to feed me. I was sad that I had made no 老友记 and i had grumbling belly. I saw this building acrossed the 街, 街道 and wanted to try it. It looked kid friendly and I'm a kid so i took my precautions and crossed the street. They're were some big cars in...
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posted by rayraynicki
{Jacob's POV}
Long ago...as long as I could remember, my earliest memory of myself was that I was alone. I was in fetus position inside of a bubble traveling through the galaxy. Not knowing where I came from 或者 where I was going. I was asleep inside that bubble until a bright light forced me to wake up. It was silence all around me and I moved around from within that bubble as I was headed to this beautiful round place below. That bright light was the sun. I'm sort of glad that It woke me because I would have missed the big beautiful round place that me and my bubble was heading to. My eyes...
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posted by irreplaceable
donte pov
aj is gone....... she was the one person i was closest to she is my only sister and she's missing. oh and did i tell yall we told bre our secret... now we made her one of us and she's twist's soulmate. she's a luna and she's helping us find aj.... well helping me everybody else is too down in the dumps and they stay sulking. so now it's just me and bre.

aj pov
so i was downstairs when trevor came downstairs
t: good news aj 你 get to go to school from now on
me: really
t: yes now get dressed and then come upstairs get in the car and we'll discuss some rules
me: okay...
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posted by Jay_Da_God
5 girls named:Lisa,Miyah,Gwen,Leah&Mia

I'm new to 潮流粉丝俱乐部 but my sister told me about 文章 and I 爱情 写作 so I did this and this is a song I wrote
Is yours
Verse 1 Boy u know I 爱情 u but u think I'm cheating on u but I know what u think about everyday but this girl came and 说 that she was pregnant and it was yours but she 说 that he 爱情 u (Refrain) I 说 boy u can't trust me but I can trust u not no 更多 cause that whore is yours x2
Verse 2: boy that whore think we 老友记 but that 婊子, 子 think that shit all rite but that 婊子, 子 came to my brother 说 hello bae he said...
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posted by Adidas_Shwagg
Friday morning at school
Intercom-basketball game after school at 7:00 pm.
Michael:can't wait.
Me: I know,so how was the project.
Michael: horrible,Cierra was no help at all,but thanks for the drawing.
Me:np,I'm always there for a friend.
Travonta: me and Michael chillin tomorrow, wanna join
Me: yeah, just text me.
At the 篮球 Game
Prince: I didn't know she was a cheerleader
Boys: stop lying
Ray: u no u always checkin her instagram,Facebook, and Twitter
Prince: so,I'm just curious about what she up to
Roc: they play every sport except for football.
Prince: Rae'Travia's the only girl football player...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Disclaimer: some rated r scenes

Last Time
B: -followed me- baby tell me what happened.
Me: not everybody turns out who's 你 expect them to be.
B: umm.
Me: he is dumb .. and I ain't got time for that.
B: -sighed- well he's coming back over tomorrow 你 think 你 can handle it.
Me: yeah I can
Me: - turned on the tv-


// Bre POV //

Man I gotta stay inside this house .. and there's no 食物 in here! How does this man eat?

Me: where's the food?
M: I put it away cause I know 你 were...
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posted by irreplaceable
嘿 yall! i'm baaaaaaack!!!! and let me just say i missed yall the reason i haven't been on is because my internet would not work for s__t so it's been a painful 月 without internet but here's a story for yall soooooooooooo TURN UP!!!!!!!!

aj pov
so i woke up in the middle of the night cuz.. 你 know a niggas gotta pee and i was thirsty.
me:*walks downstairs*
so i went downstairs and and used the bathroom then i went to the 厨房 and turned on the lights..... i'm afraid of the dark....... don't judge me. i got some water then i switched off the light and bolted up the staris.... ha! you...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
@MindlessSwagged POV

Hi. I'm Bre that's my name don't wear it out. I'm from ATL babybee get it right.! I stay turnt up. But don't get me wrong I'll beat yo 屁股 if I have to. So don't get on my bad side. Oh shit is that a limo?? My ride is here see y'all later.


Heyyyyyyy! *laughs* my name is Jalisia don't get it twisted. I'm 21 , I 爱情 to partay!! *laughs* partying is in my blood. My personality? Pshhhhh I'm nice goofy but trust me I'll fight you. K.O. you.. y'all my ride is here! Turn up !!!!

Hey bitches!!!! *cracks up* y'all I 爱情 me some alcohol . So don't judge me....
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posted by JaiLee
The people in my last story are in this one

Kia:(walks in her gf's room) baby
Joseline:Kia let's fuck
Kia:umm y
Joseline:(walks up to her) (unbutton her pants)(then unbuttons her shirt) (then she lays on the bed) come on
Kia:anal it is.. Kosher Marvin quan camrin and 更多 boys
Joseline:it's 4 boys and 2of us
Kia:put the condoms on
Then they all do it

Kia:(slurping up some cum) bae
Joseline:(giving head to quan)
Than he and Joseline switch then she rides him

Joseline:ahh yea that dick is fucking hard

Sorry I'm a big freak
posted by JaiLee
It's jailynn wit a new fp and Joseline not really gay

Kia: (in her studio) 婊子, 子 你 ain't shit cause 你 think 你 slick
婊子, 子 婊子, 子 婊子, 子 婊子, 子 婊子, 子
Kia:(tells her recorder to stop) sup babe
Joseline:(kisses her) babe I need dick
Kia:umm a threesome

Then Leah comes in

Leah:who is this
Kia:my gf
Leah:oh here is the copy of the key to the dorm
Joseline:um 婊子, 子 你 are
Leah&Kia: we ain't dating
Leah:and 婊子, 子 get your life cause Stevie J still calling

Ok sorry it's short and the people not I. The story are I. The 下一个 one
posted by Adidas_Shwagg
The boys just arrived.Everybody 说 their Hello's.
Prince-where's Rae'Travia?
Lizzy-that'as basically where she lives
Prince-k thanks
When Prince walked into the game room,I was rapping to Thinking with my d**k..
Prince-hey Rae'Travia
Me-oh,hey.I already drew the planet.
Prince: but we haven't decided on a one yet.
Me:ik,I drew them all.
Prince:~looking at the walls~ u drew all of this.
Me:yeah,look instead of doing the project, let's play MW3
Prince:r u sure.
Me: do my best work at the last minute.
Downstairs with everyone else
Lizzy: what planet u wanna do Roc
Roc: Mars
Lizzy:cool planet
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Disclaimer: This episode has very vulgar language (meaning a lot of cussing) if 你 don't like cussing. 你 might as well exit out now.

Jessica POV

Calvin: uh baby
Me: what
Calvin: it broke.
Me: -laughed- that's real funny Calvin
Calvin: I'm serious the condom broke.
Me: -sat up- what 你 mean it broke?
Calvin: well somewhere in the process it broke and now is still in there.
Me: umm okay so 你 did pull out before it broke right?
Calvin: uhh -scratched the back of his neck-
Me: so what does this mean ?
Calvin: 你 might get pregnant...
Me: -smiled- okay then but 下一个 time go easy .
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posted by SwaggerQueen
嘿 I'm back to 写作 sorry I've left u guys for so long I've been busy with school work and all that shid.i might skip ahead because it's getting boring now Nd I wanna skip on to 更多 interesting bits!!!!

Jacob POV
Me:-punches chres in the face-
Chres:argh wtf's wrong with u
Me:YOU!!!!your always bei-
Chres:-slaps me across the face-
Me:-clenched teeth-you bitch-starts fighting-
Ray:aye aye guys stop fighting over stupid shid aint nobody got time for dat ,save your anger for Jordan!
Craig:aye look there he is he's coming out let's go!
Boys:-get out of the car and 圈, 圈子 around...
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posted by Adidas_Shwagg
At school in first 小时 science
Mrs.M-okay students,we have a few new students joining us.
Girls-~screaming~Mindless Behavior!!
Travonta-wuts so special about them?
Michael-dats wussup -daps me
Me-daps back-
They introduced themselves, and the one with the fro sat 下一个 to me.great!not really
Mrs.M-pay attention girls.I'm pairing everyone up for the project.
Michael'as POV
I want Rae'Travia to be my partner.Every boy in school likes her.she's really smart,and got a body like DAMN.
Travonta's POV
Rae'Travia should definitely be my partner. Jacob is learning fast,already tryna flirt with her.smart...
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