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Ben INC - Looks like everyone enjoying Aston saying Shreddies!LOL!Aston♥
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Loads of my guy mates think JLS are actually gay? But all my girl mates think that they're just jealous of Aston and the guys because all the girls go after JLS instead. For the past few weeks they've started saying GLS- Gay the Lad Swing, insteaad of JLS- Jack the Lad Swing. There probably aren't many guys who are 粉丝 或者 JLS on this website, but anyone who reads this, can 你 please reply 由 评论 and let me know what 你 think? Its just I really want to know because loads of people at my school argue about it. Its like my mate Adam always says ''Whats does everyone see in them. I mean yeah, they're quite good singers but why does every girl think they're fit!?'' Then there's Oli...He's always saying things like ''GayLS, all the guys looooove you, EVERYBODY IN 爱情 WITH GayLS, PUT YOUR HANDS UP.'' It can be quite funny because they have a great sense of humour but sometimes they just act like no-one else likes to actually listen to them.
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Ok, well i dont know about you, but i cant seem to find the JLS 粉丝 mail address anywhere. But i do know how 你 can send them mail. 你 can send them 粉丝 mail to the venues they are performing at, at least a week before they perform.
Here is a 列表 of venues in the U.K that do and dont pass on 粉丝 mail:

-The Adelphi Theatre
-Albans Arena (St Albans)
-Almeida Theatre
-The Anvil Theatre
-The Apollo Theatre (London)
-Ashcroft Theatre (also known as Fairfield Halls) (Croydon)
-Assembly Hall Theatre
-Belfast Odyssey
-Birmingham Academy
-Birmingham Hippodrome
-Blenheim Palace
-Bournemouth International...
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LOL!Aston and Marvin are HILARIOUS!