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Guys, so earlier I was looking through my old stuff in my old account @silvaria_fan23, I may have deactivated my account but some of my 评论 & posts are still there and Honestly who ever comes across them, somehow, I truly apologize for my atrocious behavior. I used to be a child with a sick mind 或者 was unaware of what I was doing, & would handle situations in a brutal way 或者 sometimes couldn’t do anything about it, & just let it slide onto bigger problem. Then some of my drawings, comments, 文章 或者 role plays, Truly inappropriate 或者 either made no fucking sense. Once...
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嘿 guys.

It's been so long since I've visited Fanpop. I'm sad to see this club so dead now, but that's in the past.

I've seen many older members post these sorts of articles, so I thought I'd put in my own 2 cents.

For those of 你 who don't know, I was InvaderG (more commonly known as InvaderKaosu). I started using 潮流粉丝俱乐部 when I was 9 (crazy right?) and LOVED it. I would come 首页 every 日 from school just to say hi to everyone.

Drama started when I was about 10. I left my InvaderG account and moved to InvaderKaosu. Unfortunately, I decided to act on jealousy and 偷了 Zerna's art and character,...
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take the time to read this.

so, my name is Ruth AKA Ruby. as 你 can see, I deleted my account (silvaria_fan23) for about 2 yrs ago, I have no idea but it's been a long time I have. anyways, at the time there was fights and dramas in this club but there was fun and good moments too, I had family here but now we have moved on with our lives to highschool and shit. & ofcourse, I would do stupid shit but what did I expect? I was small, lol. I was about 12 when I started fanpop, and I remeber I would pair up my very first OC with DIB 或者 ZIM, pretty stupid huh? then I deleted my account when...
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Umm, Hi,
I am Invader Jaz, well, was, it's time for me to forget that..
I have been on this website for a couple years and, now, once 更多 I have came and seen the place so empty.
I was young, stupid, in forth grade, I would draw sucky and ship my character with Zim.
I hate when I go back and think about all this stupid sh*t I did..
Once in a while I would get into arguements with most of the old OCs on here..
And of course I would feel bad, I look back at those times every once in a while, I wish I could say something to them, but, this place is all emptied out.
I know your not here anymore, But...
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