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posted by maverickangel35
Quite a long while ago, on Just Friends...

The 狗 came galloping out of the 厨房 and ran full speed into the closet door, slamming it closed. Hugh let out a gasping laugh into Lisa’s ear as she jerked her head around to see what had happened.
    “No offense to your dogs, Lis,” he 说 huskily, taking the opportunity to repay a favor that she had done him numerous times over the course of the season, “but tonight we are going to my place. Unless 你 want to be interrupted again.”
    The sudden jolt of heat that struck Lisa’s stomach and...
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Well, 你 know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on youtobe
slow motion
lisa edelstein
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from sammerzxme 由 YT, Robbie Williams ft. Lily Allen- Je Ne T'Aime Plus
lisa edelstein
Huli on set, Somebody To 爱情 - 欢乐合唱团 Cast Version! *.*
lisa edelstein
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Hi guys! This is my first Huli fanfiction, I hope 你 will like it. :)

-    So this is it.
-    Yes, strangely I’ve never thought there would come an end to this show, okay come an end this soon…
-    Soon? It was 7 years, Robert.
-    I know, just still, it feels like time’s just flown by.
-    Yeah, I know what 你 mean. – Sighed Lisa.
-    And what are 你 going to do? Have 你 got any plans? Travelling?
-    Well, I haven’t decided yet. I have got...
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posted by tammyr50
David came in and shouted, it’s a 包, 换行 guys. Great job!! I would like to 烤面包, 吐司 你 before 你 leave for the three week vacation that 你 have earned. It has been a great season so far and 你 are doing some great work. I would like to give 支持 to Hugh for his nominations for the PCAS for “Best Dramatic Actor and “Best Doctor on TV.” Also to Lisa for her first time nomination for the "Best Dramatic Actress” and the entire cast and crew for “Best Show.” After seven years the fact they are still watching us is a testament to all of us that we are still doing a great thing here....
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posted by tammyr50
I think maybe this has a PG13 rating. Just a couple of parts that are a little sexual. actually, it is a lot sexual.

Hugh didn't sleep much that night. All he could think about was her. He kissed her softly and slid quietly out of the bed.

He made some coffee, got a cup, and headed out to the balcony.

As he sat on the balcony that night he had been searching inside himself for the words to tell her...

"Words", were so hard for him.

"He wanted to tell her how much she had changed his life."

That was one thing about acting, "there was always a script."

Hugh had found such a connection with the character...
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posted by maverickangel35
Previously, on Just Friends...

Hugh would be at the party. Therefore she should absolutely not be at the party—but how could she get out of it? Not only was she worried that she would lose her mind and do something stupid…
    He might bring Jo.
    Nausea again—it was something of an old friend 由 this time. Just the idea of what she had been about to do…
    It came to her in a flash. Two 分钟 later she was up in her room, digging through her bedroom drawer until she discovered the one thing that would feasibly get her out...
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posted by maverickangel35
*prepares protective umbrella for the barrage of tomatoes and cabbages that will surely be thrown her way...*

    Eight 或者 nine days per episode…
    Lisa tapped the pen absentmindedly against the table, doing some mental arithmetic.
    Five episodes left…
    Greg and David exchanged looks, looked around to find the 来源 of the noise, and glared.
    Assuming the worst, figure on 45 days? So roughly a 月 and a half…
    “Lisa!” Both men suddenly yelled, and...
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Thanks for the reviews! And yes I will continue, I just don't know how many chapters there are going to be... Also about Omar freaking out, I didn't want to make him really angry 或者 anything, just very shocked;) Like he wasn't really believing it=P

‘Hi David’, Jesse 说 trying to break the tension. ‘Why did I have to hear from the freaking press that 你 and Lisa are together and Eileen is yours?!’, David whispered angrily. ‘I’m sorry 你 had to find out this way, we didn’t mean to…’ ‘You didn’t mean to what exactly? Turn this event upside down or…?’

‘We didn’t...
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