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posted by gtomlinson66
my 仓鼠 is Jake he is a Syrian but luckily he doesn't make that much mess. first u put your hammy(hamster) in a ball 或者 你 put them in a play pen if u have a nice brother 或者 sister they might watch your hammy 4 u. ok 1st u need 2 take out all there things like 食物 bowl water bowl wheel any toys and a there house thingy. once 你 have done this 你 need 2 rummage through your hammy's cage 2 see if they have any things like chews 或者 anything like that. 下一个 u need 2 get a bin bag and empty out all the bedding and stuff. after this u need 2 disinfect your hammy's cage and wipe it down then...
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posted by gtomlinson66
My 仓鼠 is called jake he is 1 on the 5th of October. when I first got him I literally looked at him and he looked back then I knew he was the 1 4 me. on the way 首页 jake cept on scurring about. when I got 首页 I put him in his brand new cage I set up the 日 before. he had an water bottle, 食物 bowl, wheel ,a chewing thing, a house thingyand another toy. he seemed really happy. I left him 4 3 days so that he could get used 2 his 首页 then I started talking 2 him 4 a few days. after this I slowly began 2 try and stroke him luckily he didn't bite me yey.then after a couple of days of doing that I attempted 2 pick jake up. he was fine with it yey again!!I put him in my bath 9dont worry I didn't give him a bath) I sat in there with him and he sniffed me.
every 日 I handle him and he is always good I 爱情 him sssoooo much!!!
posted by rmihulka
So far after having 15 hamsters over the course of 8 years only two have died from an illness.

~The First 仓鼠 Lucy 1 1/2yrs~
First i noticed she couldn't open her mouth very well and she could barely eat. I made an appointment with Eastwood vet. clinic in Rutland, Vermont. Dr. Bruce looked at her and found she had an abcess in her mouth. He squeezed it and puss came out. Then he gave her two shots, clipped her teeth and sent me 首页 with antabiodicts. She fought for her life for almost two weeks after that. Finally she died.

~The 秒 仓鼠 Ruby would've been 2yrs. on December 25,2010(Lucy's...
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posted by littleAlyCat4
 Don't forget to brush
Don't forget to brush
Little known 仓鼠 Care facts
    When 你 first bring your little 仓鼠 首页 你 are so excited and find that the most difficult thing is to leave there side. 你 promise to clean there cage every week, put only the best 仓鼠 食物 in their bowel and give them fresh water. However, there are a few other things 你 need to know to inshore 你 are giving them a happy healthy full of love.
Hamster’s teeth grow continually; so they do not ware down to nothing. As a result, 你 need to give them good things to chew 或者 their teeth may grow too long and the poor things will...
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posted by roboski_luv
a 年 以前 (September 2007) i got 2 female dwarf roboski hamsters. As the pet keeper sed, they were. when i got 首页 i played with them, fed them and baught them lots of toys. a few months later, one of my hamsters (Chloe) was 表演 very lazy. I was quite worried about her. I soon realised that she only came out of 床, 床上 for 食物 and water. i watched closely at them for quite some time. Silver (the other hamster) was fine.
The cage started to smell. I decided to clean it.
I took Silver out and put her inside her exesise ball. Then i got Chloe and put her into her spare cage to sleep. I took the 最佳, 返回页首 of the chained cage of and began to remove the toys. soon i took the 床, 床上 out and to all of my surprise i found 4 tiny little hamsters. i rubbed my eyes. my jaw was wide open and i had frosen. They were babies.

I realised that Chloe was lazy because she was looking after this lot. :-) and Silver was actuelly a boy! i'll nvr trust a pet keeper again.
posted by Crazy-Chica
(This is my first soapbox i ever wrote) This one is for anyone who has ever 迷失 a pet... On April 3,2006 I got a Black 熊 Hamster. I couldnt figure out what to name her. So I thought and thought and came up with the name Taffy. She was so small 你 could hold her in the palm of a little child's hand. All black and furry with a little white stripe on her tummy. As I brought her home, days passed and she got bigger and bigger. And all of a sudden she started making this noise that I thought were her sneezing but they started getting worse and worse until she barley starting running on her...
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