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posted by JenniferDempsey
She's abrasive, afraid of commitment, doesn't "do" emotion and is extremely competitive about getting the "cool" surgeries. She is of Korean descent and is a native of Beverly Hills, Calif. Cristina graduated from the Stanford 大学 School of Medicine and maintains a love-hate relationship with her mother.

Despite being his polar opposite in many respects, she began dating Dr. Preston Burke during Season One. She became pregnant, only to have him break off their relationship for professional reasons.

Cristina planned to have an abortion without telling Burke, but changed her mind after talking...
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posted by JenniferDempsey
The amazing Grey’s Anatomy 星, 星级 Sandra Oh, who we see far too little of , will be hosting the biggest night in Canadian film.

The Canadian actress of Korean descent will grace the stage at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Monday, March 3, to host the 28th annual Genie Awards.

No stranger to the Genies, Sandra Oh has previously won two awards for her roles in “Double Happiness” and “Last Night.”

The talented Oh, who we know as Dr. Cristina Yang, has also won a Golden Globe, a Screen Actors Guild award, and a Cannes FIPA d’Or.

In her native Canada, Grey’s Anatomy airs on CTV.
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THE INSIDER: If Dr. Shepherd is McDreamy, then Dr. Burke is McPerfect. At least in our opinion. Without gushing too much, tell us a few things 你 find attractive about him.

CRISTINA: He loves me. 你 may not realize this, but I'm not the most open 或者 affectionate individual. Preston sees past my rough exterior, he admires it, lets me know when I need to dial it down. He's also McStamina, if 你 know what I mean.

THE INSIDER: Vanilla Ice once rapped that if rhyme was a drug, he'd sell it 由 the gram. You've been described, 由 some at SGH, as a junkie of sorts. Would 你 peddle surgery if you...
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