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So, I've been doing a countdown for the past couple of days about Fanpop's 最喜爱的 迪士尼 Princesses, and instead of going from least 最喜爱的 to favorite, I went from 最喜爱的 to least favorite. So here are the results! Thanks to everyone who voted in the countdown and left 评论 :)

11. Pocahontas

 She is such a great character- I really can't even find the words to describe it! She's so strong in her convictions and willing to go against the accepted belief, but she is also such a- scared character. I really can't put her into words, but I 爱情 her
She is such a great character- I really can't even find the words to describe it! She's so strong in her convictions and willing to go against the accepted belief, but she is also such a- scared character. I really can't put her into words, but I 爱情 her

10. 茉莉, 茉莉花

 *sits in a corner and starts sobbing* Oh Jasmine, if only there was someone else out there who loved 你 :( -MissAngelPaws
*sits in a corner and starts sobbing* Oh Jasmine, if only there was someone else out there who loved 你 :( -MissAngelPaws

9. Snow White

 Snow <3 -Snow-Boy
Snow <3 -Snow-Boy

8. Aurora

 爱情 her. -euny
Love her. -euny

7. Ariel

 I 爱情 Ariel! I'm pleasantly surprised with the results so far. -ApplesauceDoctr
I 爱情 Ariel! I'm pleasantly surprised with the results so far. -ApplesauceDoctr

6. 灰姑娘

 灰姑娘 <3 -Danderfluff1
Cinderella <3 -Danderfluff1

5. Merida

 She's 《勇敢传说》 and beautiful, no matter what others say ♥ -Clumsyfox
She's 《勇敢传说》 and beautiful, no matter what others say ♥ -Clumsyfox

4. Rapunzel

 Come on, Rapunzel! 你 can do this! -disneygirl7
Come on, Rapunzel! 你 can do this! -disneygirl7

3. Tiana

 A wonderful well-rounded character! -goldenivy
A wonderful well-rounded character! -goldenivy

2. 花木兰

 Mulan: Strong, brave, and beautiful -Shiki_Otherside
Mulan: Strong, brave, and beautiful -Shiki_Otherside

1. Belle

 Always my 最喜爱的 forever -Beastlysoul25
Always my 最喜爱的 forever -Beastlysoul25

So those are the results!! Thanks so much for 阅读 :) Do 你 agree with the results?
posted by Alantlm
(More a "question piece" than an "opinion piece"...commentary will be very helpful for my third and final write-up on Aurora's personality)

I cannot remember if I read this somewhere 或者 if I misread something about Rapunzel who has three books... but Aurora seems to have 2 books?

Now, if this is correct, then I'm so happy! Partly because it supports my belief that she's educated (=obviously literate) well beyond the regular peasant, but also, makes her all the better of a role model which might make her 2nd fav princess now (Sorry Cindy).

Historically speaking (=14th century, 1300s), she is set...
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I've seen a few of these collaboration 文章 floating around the spot and I thought it would be fab to do this with my closest 潮流粉丝俱乐部 friend, starlight77!

starlight77: Pocahontas (PREVIOUSLY #10)
Pocahontas is a character I've always wanted to like her. She's independent and she's a peace maker. I feel like we haven't ever seen a 迪士尼 character like her ever. Unfortunately, I'm just never interested in her. Like the rest of the movie I just don't get into it. I feel like I go through the entire movie and I learn barely anything about her.

BelleAmie: Merida (NEW ADDITION)
I'm sorry...
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I might not be black, 或者 have dimples and I may don't have blach hair, but in Tianas eyes I saw me. She is an amazing character who works hard to get that she wants. Her movie is amazing all that travelling to tastes and jazz 音乐 of 1920 makes 你 feel that 你 are there, even If 你 have never come there, believe me I never had the change to see how those people lived and enjoy jazz music. I find all this with the princess of 20th century amazing, cause it shows us that a princess can exist in every time period. The friendship she has with 夏洛特 it shows us that friend can be with any...
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First I would like to thank 你 for voting and say "enjoy" to all you!

Rapunzel - she gets 4% in the 民意调查 and has good places to most 最佳, 返回页首 10 role model articles
Pocachondas- she gets 8% in the 民意调查 and has amazing places in all 文章 about role models.
Ariel-she takes also 8% in the 民意调查 and also has good places in some articles.
Snow White- she gets 8% in the 民意调查 and have good places in most articles.
Belle- she gets 13% in the 民意调查 and has good places in most 最佳, 返回页首 10s.
Cinderella- she gets 13% in the 民意调查 and gets good places to most tpo 10s.
Tiana-she has 46% in the 民意调查 and good places in 最佳, 返回页首 10s
Mulan-in all 最佳, 返回页首 10s she is n 1 and she desirves it.
 茉莉, 茉莉花 as Aurora, credit: Azaleasdolls.com
Jasmine as Aurora, credit: Azaleasdolls.com
Jasmine's Story Part 1
A long time 以前 a little princess was born, her name was 茉莉, 茉莉花 and she had recieved gifts from 3 good fairies, but then Maleficent had appeared and gave her a gift which was that before the sun set on her 16th birthday she would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die, but one of the good 精灵 had changed the curse so that instead of dying she would fall into a deep sleep and the only way to wake her up was 由 love's first kiss. The other 2 精灵 had 给 her the gift of beauty and song. After the party the 精灵 decided to raise 茉莉, 茉莉花 in...
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Well yesterday I watched TLK for the 100th TIME!(Movie I AND III)And now it has permanently became my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 MOVIE EVER!Its just great to watch 迪士尼 电影院 and especially movie like "The Lion King".In each part it tells us a great value along with fun,Tragedy,Horror(sometimes),Romance and so on.And that is why I'm 写作 this 文章 for my FME(Favorite Movie Ever)and my most watched movie.Well 你 may be thinking that why not Movie II.Isn't?Well because I have not seen it (till now)completely!Ya sometimes the first parts and sometimes the endings(though I have it saved in my Laptop).So...
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posted by TotallyMe105
 Its Me.
Its Me.
First Name: Kayla, but I am a Kayla. Haha my 老友记 tell me I just look like a Kayla.

Country of Origin: USA. I'm from Texas(I ride a horse to school)...actually no I don't...but that would be pretty cool.

Favorite 迪士尼 Movie: Beauty and the Beast. I will never change my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 movie. BATB just has this special place in my 心 that no matter what I'm going through 或者 how upset 或者 whatever I am, that movie always gets a smile out of me. The story is so much 更多 mature and has such a great depth.

Hobbies: Acting, Modeling, Singing, Reading, Procrastinating(It's a hobby...), Watching...
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I hope this will be the last chapted I have to write cause I wanna get the heck out of here. Okay so Aurora step twords Maleficent as a dragon and Maleficent made a small laugh of humor.

"Well what a twist on our story it's the 《勇敢传说》 little princess coming to the rescue" laughed Maleficent

"Yes and she's also going to slay the dragon" 说 Aurora with confidence but felt like a coward on the inside.

"Let's just see if 你 live long enough, because not even your ruby slippers can protect 你 from my 火, 消防 blast" 说 Maleficent as she blasted green 火, 消防 at her.

"We have to help her" 说 Flora in...
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 Imagine having one of them as a sister!
Imagine having one of them as a sister!
9. Snow White

 Here 你 go! A nice pie!
Here 你 go! A nice pie!

Coming in last on the countdown is Snow White. Her reasons for being wanted as a sister and for not being wanted as a sister are the same- her cheerfulness and her passion for cleaning. There was variance on what people thought about those two things entering their lives, but enough people did not want Snow White's traits to make her the first princess removed.

“She'd probably always want the room cleaned, 或者 maybe decide to clean it herself. I like my room messy.”- disneygirl

“I seriously wouldn't mind having Snow white as a sister, she can make...
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Here are my 最佳, 返回页首 ten 最喜爱的 Princess songs.

10. "Honor to Us All"
 Wait and see, when we're through, boys will gladly go to war for you...
Wait and see, when we're through, boys will gladly go to war for you...

I like this song so much because I adore this scene where 花木兰 is getting ready to meet the matchmaker. I like watching her get dolled up!

9. "So This is Love"
 My 心 has wings, Mmmm, and I can fly...
My 心 has wings, Mmmm, and I can fly...

I 爱情 this song because it reminds me of when 你 first fall in 爱情 with someone. Everything seems brighter and sweeter. 你 literally feel all lit up inside. This song pretty much sums all of that up.

8. "A Whole New World"
 A thrilling chase, a wondrous place...
A thrilling chase,...
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Princess 豌豆 was not your ordinary princess. She was not sweet. She was not all that graceful. In fact, her own royal subjects really couldn't stand her. 你 see, the thing 你 have to understand about 豌豆 was that she didn't know she was obnoxious. She considered it helpful on her part to ask her royal advisor if he's ever considered going on a diet. She thought she was being considerate to imply that the visiting duchess smelled like a sweaty armpit in July. Quite truthfully, Princess 豌豆 had never known a world where people told her she couldn't do something. Everyone always seemed to sit...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
SHILOH!" ok so now 你 know my name, thats the beginging of a introduction right. Well im Shiloh, And that voice was the most annoying villian wannabe that ever set foot in disney, well applied and failed.
Dalivia, is her odd name. You'd think that with her personality and status it would be somthing that gave 你 chills and made 你 gasp in fright, well im a three foot mytical creature and I still ain't scared of her, so 你 shouldnt either..
"Get in HERE!!" she chockes. Ok tell 你 know, that croak is fake,, she does it on porpose, to sound 更多 scary... quite frankly it sound hilarious,,...
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On August 21, 2008, 迪士尼 Character Warehouse - AMS will be opening it's door at 10am. They have 说 that they will have lot's of new and exciting merchandise. The location is 14078 E. Firestone Blvd., Sante Fe Springs, CA.

Merchandise up to 80% off the ticketed price. We are also looking for retail experience team members so if 你 are interested for seasonal job, please contact me at ams-liquidation.com.
otherwise come see me at the location on Tuesday, August 18, 2009 from 11am to 4pm. Ask for Jim.

Why pay high prices, come to our Grand Opening August 20, 2009 at 10am.
你 know, after a couple of years of loving 迪士尼 princesses and learning to 爱情 for them and even wish tht was my life, i have figured out a couple of things.
To my knowing ther is only 10 official princesses yet I beg to differ.
Snow White
See, wht i think an offical princess is well.... well this is the definition of one
daughter of a king, 或者 marries a son of a king
except they use monarch instead but still. So therefore 2 of those people on the 列表 are actual not real princesses. The two would be 花木兰 and Pochantos
The rest make...
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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the anticipated, the nerve-wrecking...
 Ack. This looks girly, I know. But I was in a rush, and I really liked this and so I just smacked on some fonts and... tadaaaa!
Ack. This looks girly, I know. But I was in a rush, and I really liked this and so I just smacked on some fonts and... tadaaaa!

Let us start with...

No doubt about it, he's very logical, down-to-earth, intelligent, creative, and has a great sense of humor! He seems like the kind of person who could grow up as a writer 或者 journalist, and always works hard. This guy, like Roger Radcliffe, will never give up!

Next up is...
 Don't pretend like 你 didn't see this coming!
Don't pretend like 你 didn't see this coming!

She's bold (literally),...
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Hi everyone! This is another rank of Fanpop's prettiest princesses. Yes, another one? Well, let me explain for those that did not participate in the pick.

This is different from the past two prettiest countdowns we just had because this rank takes into account both the high and the low ranks of the princesses. The normal countdown takes into account getting rid of low-ranked princesses on people's lists, while the reverse countdown gets rid of high-ranked princesses on people's lists. This ranking here is a middleground between "most pretty" and "getting rid of the least pretty", and thus,...
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Yeah, yeah I write this like every month. But seriously, I just have to share with 你 guys my 列表 everytime 更多 than a placement changes. I hope 你 don't consider this spamming. I probably write this 列表 更多 often than most people. But anyways, I know people will most definitely disagree, considering who my last two places are, but please remember this is my opinion, so it's obvious that people will disagree, just please don't be rude about it. Well, here's my list! Enjoy!

#13: Elsa (Previously 12)

Oh, shocker, shocker. Fanpop's most 流行的 Princess (well, almost) last. If 你 know me,...
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So this is gonna be a kind of short quick article. But since I'm new to the spot I thought I'd kind of just let everyone know who my two 收藏夹 are and why.


I like Ariel for a few reasons. One of which is the fact that I like her story line the best. I 爱情 the whole underwater thing and the fact that she's one of the only not human Princesses is pretty cool. I was in 爱情 with the idea of her trying to become human...and the fact that she traded her voice for legs was very unique. Her story was just a fun watch.

I also really 爱情 her voice. It's just so pretty and soothing and what...
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Alrighty, so I've finally gotten a chance to sort out my 迪士尼 Princess list, and a lot of my other lists. I've really thought all of these through, and now I'm planned to put them up for the 秒 time.

Princesses list
1: 灰姑娘 (Cinderella)
2: Elsa (Frozen)
3: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
4: Rapunzel (Tangled)
5: Anna (Frozen)
6: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
7: Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
8: 茉莉, 茉莉花 (Aladdin)
9: Merida (Brave)
10: Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
11: Pocahontas (Pocahontas)
12: Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
13: 花木兰 (Mulan)

Princes list
1: Kristoff (Frozen)
2: Eugene (Tangled)...
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