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posted by firegirl1515
As the students filed in to the huge auditorium for the first 日 of school, Tiana couldn’t help but think that this was the first 日 of the rest of her life. She could hardly believe it when she had gotten the news- she had been 给 a scholarship to the prestigious Walter Elias 迪士尼 Higher Learning Academy, W.E.D. High for short. It was all so surreal- the big fancy hall, the flat screen TVs in the hallways, the . . . screaming bubbly blonde running up to grab her?

    “TIAAAAAAAAA! I AM SOOOO EXITED!” yelled Tiana’s friend 夏洛特 as she tackle glomped and...
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 "Look what happened to Gus now!" Um, where is he? Damn you, Jaq!
"Look what happened to Gus now!" Um, where is he? Damn you, Jaq!
I recently saw Princess and The Frog again and that got me thinking on doing a sidekick article! I 爱情 all, but some a tad bit 更多 then others. Feel free to leave a 评论 and tell me what 你 think. :)

10. Snow White's Forest Animals
They're very cute, at least I think so. My 最喜爱的 is defiantly the deer and squirrels. However, once in a while the critters can be kind of annoying. I just hate it when the little baby bird tries to sing louder then Snow White. Talk about eargasms.

9. Cinderella's mice and what not;
Ah, yes, the first talking 动物 out of Disney. The bad parts to the adorableness?...
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posted by rapunzelsgold_
AU where Ariel's sisters scorn her for being ignorant after getting married to Eric, except for the oldest sister because she once fell in 爱情 with a human too before any of them were born and was forbidden to talk about it.

AU where Belle is great at writing, and when Adam can't figure out how to correctly write trade letters to other kingdoms Belle does it for him

AU where Cogsworth and Lumiere start dating after they're both turned back into humans, and Belle is constantly giving Lumiere 建议 about dating. Then, one day, Lumiere proposes to Cogsworth and Belle becomes his best "man"/woman...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
"So, would 你 mind explaining more?" Rapunzel asked Merida.

"There isn't much 更多 to say. They won't find us, don't worry."

Don't worry? Did she sense that I was worried?

Merida sat down.

"So, old friend."

"So, um, what? I don't really have anything to say."

Merida smiled at Rapunzel for a second, like her was about to laugh.

Then she turned away.

Rapunzel tapped Merida's shoulder.

"Get your hand off of me!" Merida exclaimed.

Rapunzel fell over, extremely alarmed.

"I'm, I'm sorry." Merida said.

"It's.. Okay." Rapunzel responded.

They heard a noise.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! RUN!" Merida exclaimed....
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I've been wanting to write this 文章 for a while, but I've been struggling coming up with an order I'm happy with. I'm pretty sure I've finally cracked the code, so here I go! Thanks for 阅读 and I hope 你 enjoy ^-^ ((pretend there are pictures shhh they're invisible))

13. Ariel

Partly the reason she's my least favorite. I can't relate to her at all, really. I'm not brave, I'm not rebellious, I'm not romantic, I'm not bubbly, I'm not at all like her. She's pretty rash and enjoys taking risks as well, two other things I can't relate to whatsoever. So yeah, she's definitely at the bottom....
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posted by Tygers_Eye
I'm about to get really creative and original here, and jump on the band wagon of posting about the ideal 迪士尼 dream life, started by... dimitri, if memory serves.

Whose name would 你 want?

Anna. I always thought it was just so pretty, simple, soft and graceful. It's honestly the name I like best of the 迪士尼 Princesses, and the one I think would suit me best.

 "What? 你 don't think Anna's a pretty name?"
"What? 你 don't think Anna's a pretty name?"

What skills would 你 want to develop?

I would want to develop Merida's archery, horseback riding, rock-climbing and other outdoor stills Merida displays in "I Will Fly." I've...
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Here are the results of the Princess of the 月 Outfits Countdown!

This is originally a BelleAnastasia's idea, she started to make countdowns for princesses' songs, hairstyles and outfits each month. She made the other 文章 with results only with images, so I continued her tradition, because personally I think it's not bad.

I'm really glad she let me do Aurora's countdowns, I hope 你 enjoy my pictures!
Share your opinion if 你 agree 或者 disagree with something.

 "I don't like these type of sleeves on her and yeah, it really clashes with her hair." - CRaZy_rawR
"I don't like these type of sleeves on her and yeah, it really clashes with her hair." - CRaZy_rawR

 "Normally I like cloaks, just not this one." - Awinitarose
"Normally I like cloaks, just not this one." - Awinitarose

 "Not a very beautiful nightgown. XP" - LightningRed
"Not a very beautiful nightgown. XP" - LightningRed

 "I 爱情 the 粉, 粉色 dress too!!! :)" - Angelica_AW
"I 爱情 the 粉, 粉色 dress too!!! :)" - Angelica_AW

 "The peasant outfit is perfect!" - Popcornfan
"The peasant outfit is perfect!" - Popcornfan

 "Blue Dress for the Win! :D" - PrueFever
"Blue Dress for the Win! :D" - PrueFever
The 迪士尼 Princesses become superheroes! Look at the photos!
How would the most 流行的 princesses in the role of superhero? Look at the photos! The recognition?

June 19, 2011
The princesses have become the most 流行的 superheroes of all time! Farewell to long dresses dream in white gloves, corsets and high heels here noistre Benjamin in the version of "super hero"!

Farewell to a princess dress and green uniform of the heroine: shorts, knee-high boots and accessories that evoke the personality. For example, Meg (Megara), the female lead of Hercules, has wings on his feet, Ariel (with short hair!) Is posing with the famous Trident Triton, and so on.

Can 你 guess which recognize all princesses have become super heroes? Write it in the comments!
posted by Candy77019
Okay, some people might call me weird, but I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A PRINCESS. I thought this would be possible when I was little, but now I know it wouldn't work. So to keep me happy I made up three new princesses.

These three princesses are kind of related to 迪士尼 Princesses. All three of them are the sisters of Prince Charming. (I know, I'm obsessed with him). I made them similar to my sisters and me.

Please 评论 on what 你 think about them!! :D


Annaliese is the second-oldest of the family, like Ariel in my fanfic "Candy77019's Crossover Family." Like my sister, Annaliese...
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posted by kiraragirl200
 As an apology for taking so dang long to make this article(due to laziness) please take a free (imaginary) gift basket
As an apology for taking so dang long to make this article(due to laziness) please take a free (imaginary) gift basket
9. Evil Queen, Once again something related to Snow White is in last place, but for once that's a good thing.

8. Maleficent, as beautiful as she is on the outside, she is only a devil inside. I guess the reason why she didn't get eliminated first was because she was green.

7. Gaston, considered the most attractive male villain, but some consider him either too buff 或者 too hairy.

6. Lady Tremaine, some find her to be quite lovely for her age, others see her as a mean, ugly hag.

5. Dr. Facilier, he's just considered to be a normal looking guy. Some say he's good looking, others don't.

4. Ursula,...
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posted by AllegroGiocoso
WARNING: Beware of unfortunate events in this chapter. Rated PG.

    Lady Tremaine and Gaston continued to look for the King of Hearts. With a grunt of annoyance, Gaston told Lady Tremaine, “Forget this puzzle. I’m going to shoot down the maze!” and he got out his gun.
    Lady Tremaine turned around to Gaston excitedly. “That’s it! Oh, and shoot those cards too!” Lady Tremaine suggested with a grin.
    Gaston instantly shot through several hedges, and the two vile villains quickly climbed through and arrived at the end of...
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I'm copying cromulanfav, I know, but it's a brilliant idea! Here are Team Snow White's 最喜爱的 princesses, 你 may be surprised 由 the results!

Members of Team Snow White
1. AllegroGiocoso (AG)
2. Ppgbelle4 (PP)
3. Princesslullaby (PL)


What we had to say:
AG: I like her big dreams and goals for her restaurant, but I wish she could be a bit 更多 fun.
PP: She annoys me the most out of all of them. I admire her hardworking spirit, but it is so overwhelming, and she is closed-minded, in my opinion.
PL: Kind and mature, and somewhat refreshing, but otherwise lacking the fun I 爱情 in the other...
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Afew days after the 晚餐 party, Pocahontas, John and Merida all went home. They hated leaving, but at the same time, they were ready to get back. It took a while for Pocahontas and John to get home, but they made it back safely. Luckily, it only took Merida about 3 1/2 days to get back. As soon as she did, she went straight to caring for her mother. The funny thing is, The 皇后乐队 often urged for her daughter to take breaks and do something she loved like shooting her bow. Pocahontas wanted to help out with her people as much as she could, but she was also urged to take breaks. As for the Li's,...
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Pocahontas kissed John passionately once again. She never realized how much she hated Rolfe until the night he cheated. But now, she had her original 爱情 back and she was honored to be carrying his baby. Merida walked out and felt awkward at the sight. Pocahontas and John stopped kissing. "Oh. Wingapo Merida." Pocahontas greeted trying to hide her embarrassment. "What happened to your hand?" John asked.

"I accidentally burned it." Merida answered. "Do they need help?" Pocahontas asked. "That's why I came to get 你 two." Merida answered. "What do they need help with?" John asked. "All the food's...
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Hours later, everyone was prepping for Mulan's surprise 晚餐 party. Ling, Yao, and Chien Po informed the princesses about the special occasion and they wanted to lend in a helping hand. The princesses cooked, the men did the heavy-duty work, and Pocahontas and Merida kept 花木兰 distracted. "Does your family really think it's going to be twins?" Pocahontas asked about the queen's pregnancy. "We do. Just in case it's not, we're only sayin' one baby." Merida answered. "It's good not to second-guess." 花木兰 replied. Pocahontas and Merida turned shell shocked.

"You haven't spoken like that all...
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posted by avatar_tla_fan
This fanfic will be about AFTER the plot of Tangled, so if 你 haven't watched Tangled, I suggest 你 don't read this unless 你 want spoilers of the things that happened.

Rapunzel had just returned from the celebration her parents threw in honor of her return.

Do I really deserve this? She thought, im surprised they believed it was me, did they recognize my face? Is a parent's 爱情 for their child so strong that they can recognize them, even after not seeing them for 18 years, and seeing their completely different hair? They welcomed me back so easily, despite never really knowing me.

Then a...
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So, now I'm ranking the 迪士尼 Princess voices from my least 最喜爱的 to my favorite, and please keep in mind this is MY opinion, so please don't be angry if your 最喜爱的 voice is lower than 你 suspected it would be. Thank you, and enjoy the article! :)

13.Merida: She sings as a little kid, and her voice is nice for her age... But 总体, 整体 she just can't compare to the 更多 powerful voices.

12. Snow White: Her voice is nice, but it's way too high for my tastes, and according to my 民意调查 on the 迪士尼 princess 粉丝 club, it's too high for a lot of other people as well, 或者 maybe they just prefer...
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posted by arieridan
Out of Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Sleeping Beauty, 花木兰 is the only 迪士尼 woman to NOT 吻乐队(Kiss) her prince throughout the whole movie. 花木兰 goes off to war to save her father, who would have had to go instead. As a result, she is dressed as a boy throughout most of the movie and therefore doesn't get a chance to 吻乐队(Kiss) her prince. Nevertheless, all the other women 吻乐队(Kiss) their princes at least once. At the end of the movie, 花木兰 merely invites him for dinner.

Which two ladies became a princess once they married their prince?Cinderella and Belle. 灰姑娘 as we all know was a scullery maid to...
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Okay, so I'm probably the last person on this club to write this article, and usually this is the first 文章 that 你 do here, but I don't roll that way, so I decided to write it three months after I joined. B)
Anna and Elsa will be included because they have some pretty major roles in my 列表 XD Hope 你 enjoy! (Note: This 列表 will probably change a 日 after I post this article, so never assume this is always what my 列表 looks like)

12. Elsa
I don't hate Elsa, but she is the DP that I dislike the most. When I first saw the movie, it was when Elsa hype was huge and 你 basically had to be...
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posted by CRaZy_rawR
I've written a 列表 文章 或者 anything like that in over nineteen days, o-o I miss 写作 文章 back to back, lol. Hopefully this summer! <33 This is just a basic my 最喜爱的 唱歌 voice list, because I just organized it. (:

12. Jasmine

Lea Salonga does a better job with Mulan, in my opinion. With Jasmine, she sounds nasally and really breathy. It's not that I don't like Jasmine's 唱歌 voice--it's amazing, matter of fact. I can only judge on one song.. If Jas had a solo song 或者 a part in another song, I would like it better. It is somewhat pleasant to my ears, but just not to my...
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