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Finally, Beckett is open to finding the culprit behind her mother's killer. So here we are thinking it's just going to be another case solver, with Beckett and 城堡 joking around, having fun, then there is the 'wake up call' of Beckett's Mother's unsolved case. What are we going to do now? This plot was well executed. There were parts of the episode I 迷失 track of; like how Beckett's mother died and the entire situation circling her mother, since the writers took so long to finally tackle it, but I got back on track soon enough.

I did not expect Beckett's mom to be brought up anytime soon,...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
“Am I interrupting something?”

Beckett turned her, now, furiously blushing face towards the sound to see a smiling Alexis, but she turned back around quickly as she heard a pained groan from Castle. 城堡 was laying back with his right arm wrapped around his chest area, having been freed from Beckett’s hand, with his eyes closed in a grimaced.

“Castle? What’s wrong?” she inquired worriedly as she stepped closer to his bed.

One eye opened as he spoke, “When Alexis surprised us, I jostled up my ribs. Just give me a sec,” he took a deep breath, held it, and exhaled slowly, then...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Hello! My names Lona, if ya wanted to know (probably not), and this is my first ever 城堡 story! Borrowed the general idea from a different story off of Fanfiction.net and while supposed to be cleaning my room, I decided to post it! Depending on the reviews, is whether I continue 或者 not! So leave some 爱情 或者 some hate!

Castle was utterly confused. What Beckett had just told him rang in his head over and over again.

"Castle, Go home. Go back to your hamptons, your ex-wife, Your book parties. Okay? I have work to do."

What did he do? Yea, he went to the Hampton's, but he took Gina because she...
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“Still” – Beckett's life is on the line when she steps on a pressure sensitive bomb. While the team searches for a way to disarm the explosive, 城堡 distracts Beckett 由 arguing with her about who fell for whom first , on “Castle,” MONDAY, APRIL 22 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC 电视 Network.

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Penny Johnson Jerald as NYPD Captain Victoria Gates, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Guest Cast: Allan Louis as Capt. Frank Mahoney and Adam Rose as Mike Boyer.

“Still” was written 由 Rob Hanning and directed 由 Bill Roe.
posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Hello there! Lona here once again, back with some inspiration :) What if the episode "Always Buy Retail" happened later on in the series and what if it happened differently? What if they didn't get out unscathed? Well, tune in here to find out! It's going to be a multi-chapter, and I'll continue depending on the feedback :) So, without further ado...


Disclaimer: I do not own Castle. If I did, well, I wouldn't be 写作 this would I?


"Am I in trouble?"

"No, but from now on, always buy retail." 城堡 turned around; spotting the shocked looked upon the woman's...
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posted by Rimasters
I decided to make my first 粉丝 fiction about 城堡 and Beckett so constructive criticism is appreciated. Please comment.

"It's getting late, we should sleep on it." 城堡 说 looking at his watch.
Beckett looked up from the papers she was reading.
"Separately!" 城堡 stammered quickly.
Beckett lowered her eyes to the floor.
"Katherine Beckett, I never..." 城堡 whispered as he headed for the door.
"Well, why not, Castle? Am I not attractive enough for you?"
"No." 城堡 说 turning around.
Beckett got up from her chair and walked over to Castle. "Then what is it? Don't 你 sleep with...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
Listening to 'I Can Wait Forever' 由 Simple Plan and thought about 写作 a 随意 piece on our 最喜爱的 couple :)


Dear Kate,

I'm sorry.

I seem to be saying that a lot lately, but it's the only thing I can. It's rare for me to at loss for words, but since I met you, I realized that words aren't everything. Some of our most meaningful conversations were silent. There are some words that I weren't able to say, but I know that I wouldn't need them anyway. At least, not with you...

The paper easily crumpled away between the palms of his hands...
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城堡 and Beckett sitting in a tree,


First comes the love,
Then comes the marriage,
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!


Ice cream soda 樱桃 on top.
Who's your boyfriend,
I forgot got is it ...

A B C D E F G H I J K l M N O P Q R ...


Oh, you're in 爱情 with Ricky! She was picturing herself as a young school girl.

On the out side she was blushing, but on the inside she was gushing and thinking about how true it was.

Suddenly he came up behind her and touched her shoulder. Her surrounding daydream disappeared and she found herself at castle's place.

So much for that.
posted by Becklefan32199
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Detective, Kate Beckett, who was known through out the kingdom of New York. She brought justice to the people, and put criminals away. She was respected 由 all of the people in the kingdom, but little did she know that the 下一个 day, something terrible would happen to her.
On the other side of the kingdom, there lived a writer. His name was Richard Castle, and he was ruggedly handsome. He loved the world of mystery, and wrote about crimes of passion and love. He had everything that a man could ever want, except for some one to share it with.
One day, while Det. Beckett was doing work at the office, a masked man came up behind her and grabbed her, vanishing into the night. The news of her disappearance quickly spread. Eventually, the news got to Mr. Castle. He thought to himself, "this will be the perfect opportunity for me to find my true love!" So he set out the 下一个 morning to find her.
 Wendy Braun
Wendy Braun
Tonight’s 城堡 episode 'Kill Switch' is proving one to watch considering actress Wendy Braun will be the guest star.

In the episode, 城堡 and Beckett stumble upon a wanted terrorist as a prime suspect, the NYPD goes on a manhunt, and the consequences could be deadly for one member of the team. Wendy steps into the crime scene as the poised and articulate boss of a 最佳, 返回页首 federal investigator who has been found murdered.

When asked about her experience working on the show, Wendy 评论 “The cast and crew welcomed me so warmly. They’re in their 7th season, so the flow and camaraderie...
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城堡 - "It's Fashion week in New York City and the clothes are to die for"

When it comes to Castle, anything is a good thrill if its a murder investigation. What better to 云杉 of the lives of the essential male detective than to have a murder investigation listing a dead model. It takes a huge loss to bring true happiness. 城堡 even picked up Alexis' past babysitter at the agency, although I knew he wasn't really going to go out with her.

Since no one picked up a dress 或者 shaved their head from 'The Double Down' it was 安全 to say all bets were off. The strange photographer was my first...
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posted by castlefan1
when they got to Beckett's car , 城堡 opened the back door so Rachel could sit in the back 座位 . '' make sure to buckle up . '' he reminded her . then 城堡 shut the door . and sat in the front 座位 下一个 to Beckett . Rachel buckled up . then she held bouncey in her lap . Beckett asked Rachel , '' are 你 ready ? '' Rachel shook her head . '' I'm ready, and so is bouncey . '' Beckett smiled , and so did 城堡 . they thought that Rachel was a real sweet kid . they followed Lanie out of the alley , and on the busy new york streets . on the way to the 12th precinct , rachel asked beckett and...
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posted by castlechik
sorry it took so long i got distracted hope 你 like it have fun reading
Back at the precense
城堡 was in Becketts office trying not to cry. He kept calling Becketts phone knowing he would not get a answer. Kates boss kept telling 城堡 to go 首页 that he was not needed for this investigation. 城堡 went on 首页 but 你 know 城堡 he called the phone company and got them to trace the call. 1414 west wallice 街, 街道 说 the person on the other line. 城堡 called that number and this suspecies voice picked up,castle tried to not sound scard....
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
城堡 slowly opened his eyes, waiting a moment for his eyes to get used to the lights as he brought his hand to his face as he did every morning. Just like every morning, he rubbed his hand down his race, as he looked to the clock on the 墙 then to his right. But this morning, wasn’t like every morning anymore.

He looked to his right and his eyes widened as he recognized the eerily still form of Detective Kate Beckett, laying in a hospital 床, 床上 in his private room. Her brown hair spread across her hospital 枕头 as her pale face faced him, her eyes closed as a bandage laid tightly across...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
What's the purpose in holding onto something that's trying to let go?

There is no reason, because whatever it is 你 are holding onto, is just going to slip out of your hands. That is, unless 你 are holding it with your heart. What else could feel someone with no sense of touch? 或者 see the pain that hurts so much. 或者 be the support; someones crutch.

Whats the purpose in holding onto what's trying to let go? It depends. If it's your hands, there is no meaning. But if it's your 心 it means everything.

If there was one thing Richard 城堡 knew, it was that he was selfish.

Now, 你 may be arguing...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever
“Dad!” “Richard!” Martha and Alexis squealed as they rushed to the front of the loft as the door swung open to 显示 城堡 leaning heavily on a hunched over Beckett. They helped Beckett bring 城堡 carefully to his bedroom to place him on his bed. 城堡 winced and moaned from deep in his chest as his arm was juggled around between the ladies.

“What on earth happened Richard?” Martha 说 exasperatedly, as she watched Beckett carefully remove his jacket. She saw the twitch of her son’s eye in pain every time Beckett touched his arm.

“I--” Beckett started but, once again, Castle...
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posted by Hughlaurie4ever

The simple word spoken 由 the speechless 作者 himself was enough to make the once tough detective to break. Her bloodshot 翠, 翡翠 eyes began to water as she quickly made her way to him. Her slender arms wrapped themselves around her own waist as she plopped herself in the plastic chair that was 由 his bed. Beckett sniffled once as her eyes sucked the sight of him in.

He was only wearing boxers underneath the hospital blanket that was wrapped around his midsection. His black and purple chest was wrapped around carefully with an ACE bandage, and around that, he had wires connecting...
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 Image belongs to TVGuide
Image belongs to TVGuide
Season 6 is due to premiere in 2 months . And already we've learned that

No wishy-washy "maybe" 或者 "Give me time" from Kate Beckett. In the September 23 premiere of ABC's Castle, the detective (Stana Katic) will give Richard 城堡 (Nathan Fillion) a definitive response to his marriage proposal.

Going 由 the 防弹少年团 照片 that is out there on the net her answer was "Yes" to everything.

Also according to Carter Matt, Castle's (Nathan Filion) spy father should be gracing the crime novelist's presence in Season 6, which may 或者 may not be related to a potential wedding between the former Beckett (Stana Katic).

For 更多 information 你 can find the full 文章 here

posted by Hughlaurie4ever
"Girl 你 got some explaining to do," the M.E. 说 seriously as she tended to Castle's injuries.

They had carefully moved 城堡 down to the Morgue, which was only another floor under the gym, to avoid anyone seeing the pulp that was once “ruggedly handsome”. He was currently laying on a cold metal 表 as Lanie stitched up his forehead.

"There's nothing to explain," Beckett mumbled in response as she sat a few feet away, watching Lanie’s skilled hands work their magic on the deep cut along his forehead.

Within a short time period, the bruises have already started to darken on his skin,...
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posted by Rimasters
I saw the promo pics for season 4 and I had to write this. So please comment!

"Castle, can we go for a walk?" Beckett asked who was still recovering from being shot.

"Sure, let me get my coat."

城堡 and Beckett headed out of the precinct and towards the park. The silence hung over them like a storm.

"Can we sit... on the swings?" Beckett asked since all the benches were taken.

They sat on the rusty swings which creaked with their weight.

"Castle." Beckett finally 说 turning towards Castle. "I'm... not sure what to say."

"Don't say anything then." 城堡 said, and she didn't so they sat in...
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