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posted by SkyHedgehog
Bolt and Penny are sitting on the 长椅, 沙发 in the living room. Mittens is lying belly-down on the floor, rolling Rhino's ball around. Suddenly, they hard a noise. Bolt jumped to his paws, and slowly crept to the door. Mittens followed along beside him with a look of concern, and annoyance on her face. "What is it?" asked Mittens. "Shhhhh" the dog shushed. Mittens frowned. She hated it when Bolt wouldnt tell her what "It" was. Bolt leaned his ear up against the door and listened. He jumped back. "Bolt?" asked Mittens in a 更多 scared tone. Now there was barking. Bolt scratched the door. Penny...
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It was a peaceful Saturday afternoon at Penny's house. The sun was shining the birds were singing, when all of a sudden.... BARK!!!". All that changed.Bolt sped 由 Mittens chasing a chicken howling playfully as he went. "I'm going to get 你 before 你 can even cluck!", he yelled at the terrified chicken, as mittens and Rhino sat 由 watching watching. "Bolt, you're still not getting it right!" Mittens laughed. "Well Rhino, it looks as if chicken isn't on the menu tonight" she 说 looking down at Rhino. "Ick, I don't even like chicken! How can be such a.... canibal?!" he 说 staring up discustedly...
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