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posted by PeetaStark
Hey, ya'll. This is PeetaStark. And today I'll be reviewing the new 显示 on 迪士尼 XD, "Avengers Assemble". So, this 显示 is taking the place of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, (let's take a moment of silence to mourn), and it's basically the movie in cartoon format. I loved how EMH was basically stepping out of the comic books, but Marvel is trying to cash in on the success of the 电影院 I guess, so here's our premis: We start with an already assembled, and then disassembled team. I thought this was smart 'cause, honestly? We don't need another origin story. Then the old team, (Iron Man, Captain...
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I have only seen the first nine episodes but so far i 爱情 this 显示 and here is why.

The Story
It seems to be a continuing storyline and that is my 最喜爱的 kind of show, where all episodes are connected 更多 或者 less.

The Characters

Iron Man
Good Points:
The Armor looks very cool and Tony is modeled after Robert Downey Jr.

Bad Points:
The voice actor is doing a Robert Downey Jr. impression, but hopefully we will get used to it.

Good Points:
Thor is one of my all-time 最喜爱的 marvel 超能英雄 and this version is great, he has a few hilarious lines and his "confusion" about humanity is a great way to...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest 超能英雄 is awesome...
i 爱情 their portrayal of Hawkeye (Clint Barton), and they've done a great job 展示 how Clint takes his personal fights so seriously-farther than what anyone else on the team really LETS him, just doing it around everything that people say.

The thing is, they don't really 显示 people his past... which tends to be the most fun part about him. I mean, it emphasizes his relationship with Black Widow and all, but it only mentioned his Carney years once, in a vague moment with Mockingbird and him stuck in the HYDRA cells.

What I would 爱情 to see...
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posted by SkippX101
So far i believe the 显示 has shown the Hulks ability's better than i had originally thought. They 显示 he can speak, and they 显示 his strengths and abilities.

But what i am a little disappointed in is that they didn't 显示 更多 of the Hulks history. I agree that they cant make an entire 3 或者 5 episodes just about the Hulk but i thought they could have added some 更多 of his life experience, perhaps in a flashback format?
Anyway, these are some of the points i had originally hoped they would have added...

The Hulk had a very traumatic childhood, his father killed his mother. His father was a...
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posted by Takuya
Thor is one of my 最喜爱的 superheroes and iam a 粉丝 of the original myths too so here is my hopes for this newest version.

This is what i hope will happen:
Thor is so powerful that most Marvel villains have 0% chance of ever defeating him, therefore i hope that they find a way to use him in the stories and that they find a way to allow him to use full force.

My Opinion
Like i 说 earlier Thor is one of my many 收藏夹 and this version is great, he has a very intresting "confusion" over humanity and is very curious about the human Jane Foster´s work since she is risking her life to save people even thou she don´t have any superpowers.

Another great thing is his very funny dialogue in episode 10 when he is partnered with Wasp.

There i hope 你 have enjoyed this.

Avengers Assemble!