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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Only a few hours after Humphrey's execution, the pack leaders held a secret meeting. "We should not have done that..." Garth muttered. "You know we had to. The 更多 that learn about Fukaro, the 更多 victims he has. We had to prevent it from spreading like and infection." Winston said, "Even if it cost my best omega in this whole damn pack." "I know, but there had to be something else we could have done." Garth replied shaking his head. "No son, we had to do what we had to do." Tony said. "But what I don't get is, how did Humphrey learn about him?" Lilly asked.

*Flash Back*

"Hey have 你 guys ever heard the legend of Fukaro, the red devil?" Shakey asked one night. The four omegas were sitting in a hot spring telling stupid ghost stories. "No, whats the story?" Humphrey replied. "Well, its 说 to go like this... Not to far from here, there is an old abandoned town called 'Silent Hill', a resort town and they say that he lurks there" Shakey began. Salty, Mooch, and Humphrey had sudden chills in their spines. "And he was first sighted 由 a man named Walter Sullivan, a deranged serial killer who was arrested for many murders. Well, he commit ed suicide in his jail cell one morning and he left a note in blood saying the 'red devil' was after him. No one ever knew what he was talking about. Now some years later, a man 由 the name of James Sunderland came to Silent 爬坡道, 小山 to 搜索 for his wife. He disappeared without a trace for a week. He was found later outside of town having a mental break down saying a man with a red pyramid mask was raping these two people and then slaughtered them with a giant knife. Well, they thought he was crazy, but he two committed suicide in his hospital room and every single nurse on night watch was found slaughtered and each corpse showed that they had been brutally raped before hand. So now, they say if 你 hear a loud scrapping sound, 你 better watch out, because there is this old saying that goes 'Clank! Clank! Thunk! Scrape! Pyramid Head has come to rape!' So watch yourself." Shakey concluded. There was a long pause. Humphrey was trembling. "Hey guys, I have to go, I dont feel well." Humphrey 说 as he ran off. The three omegas stared in confusion.

*Flash Back Ends*

The 狼 decided to call it a night and drop the whole Fukaro thing. Lilly and Garth went to their cave and fell asleep 下一个 to each-other.
At about 1:00 A.M. they both woke up to hear a loud scrapping sound. "Garth..." Lilly whined. "Oh god its him." Garth whimpered. Sure enough at the entrance of the cave was Pyramid Head with a spear instead of the great knife. "Lilly, get to the back of the room, I will hold him off." Garth ordered. "No Garth!" Lilly cried. "Just fucking do it!" Garth snapped. Lilly cowered in the corner. Pyramid Head hissed and proceeded to fight Garth. Garth jumped and bit its right arm. Pyramid Head seemed to grunt as it "looked" at its wound. Garth tried to jump on its 头盔 but as he did, Pyramid Head grabbed Garth 由 the scruff. "RUN! LILLY! GO TO YOUR PARENTS! TELL MY DAD I 爱情 HIM!" Garth screamed. Lilly, who was crying, nodded as she whizzed past Pyramid Head. "LILLY! I 爱情 YOU!" Garth cried as she turned to see Pyramid Head rip Garth's skin off him.

Lilly ran to Winston and Eve's cave and howled. They both ran out to see Pyramid Head holding Garth's body and well, 你 know. "TONY!" Eve cried. Tony ran out to see Garth and Pyramid Head. "NO! GARTH! 你 KILLED MY SON!" Tony screamed as he charged at Pyramid Head. "No Tony!" Lilly cried but it was too late. He ran right into Pyramid Head's large spear. "Oh Jesus... LILLY! GET UP HERE NOW!" Eve screamed. Lilly pointed her paw to the entrance of the cave. The two elder 狼 turned to see another Pyramid Head with the great 刀 approaching them. The other Pyramid Head was just behind Lilly. "RUN LILLY! JUST GO! LEAVE JASPER!" Her parents cried. Then, right in front of Lilly, her parents were sliced in half. But before she could leave, the Pyramid Head behind her jabbed his spear into her stomach. She was killed instantly. The two Pyramid Heads then vanished into thin air. Leaving five bloody corpses behind them. And several days later, these attacks occurred until the Eastern and Western Packs were no more....
The Blue Moon Pt.1
    she looked down and saw Humphrey in her she tried to slip away but as she did Humphrey yawned and turned over she was glad he was out of her but now she couldn’t 移动 without waking him and she had to goo he finally got off her and she walked out in the bathroom and urinated and then was about to walk away and she ran to the toilet and puked so much she knocked the wind out of her self she almost passed out when she caught her breath she felt her stomach lurch and she went to yack but nothing came out her stomach was empty. Humphrey woke up to yaking...
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One morning,it was as quiet as usual. Tikanni the Arctic 狼 living her life until she thought to herself.*Alex walking down the forest* Tikanni thought,(maybe it'll be funny if i pull a prank at him )Alex:Hmm that looks like Tikanni's 巢穴, den, 书房 because who else i don't know with a golden chainsaw hanging there?*TIkanni shouts and chases Alex with a chainsaw* Tikanni:AAAAHHHHAAAAHAHHHAAAAA! Alex:AAH what the heck?! Tikanni:LOL I was bored. *Alex runs away*.At night... Tikanni:zzz zzz zzz zzz *heres loud bang on 最佳, 返回页首 of den* unknown wolf:LALALAHAHAHAHA Tikanni:Aren't you?..... Darknight? Darknight:Yep...
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Song: "Don't Go Away" 由 Anne Hathaway and Flavia Maia (from the Rio 2 soundtrack) Note: This is a shorter version because I removed the Portuguese verse. If I can find an entirely English version, I'll make this longer than it is.
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A Wolf's Tale: The Making of Alpha and Omega 2 from the A&O 2 DVD, get it now at Walmart 或者 the digital version on iTunes.
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so i was just randomly checking out Alpha and Omega in Wikipedia, when i stumbled across the "talk" page of Wikipedia. And it says that a magazine called "Entertainment Weekly" confirmed that Alpha and Omega 2 is gonna come out in February 2013. Everybody's coming back for their roles, and there's gonna be a new villain, who'll probably be voiced 由 Daniel Craig ("James Bond" in Skyfall) 或者 Bruce Willis ("John Maclane" in the Die Hard movies). It also 说 that Kathy Griffin, Jennifer Aniston, Joel Edgerton and Tom Cruise are also making voice roles in movie, but we don't know which characters they're gonna voice. I was surprised from this and i REALLY CAN'T wait for the sequel cause i ADORE Alpha and Omega! it's my fav movie of all time.
It was early in the morning on the 秒 日 when Mittens/Jodie woke up. She stretched, smiling at her recollections of last night.
In a remarkable 显示 of compassion, Bolt had 给 up his 食物 and 床, 床上 for her. She would have preferred him to share them, but she was touched just the same.
She sat up and shook herself. The movement was a little different from it had been when she was a cat, but it achieved the same purpose.
Mittens put her newly improved nose to work and set out on Bolt's scent trail.

She found him upstairs, asleep in Penny's bed. He looked so peaceful, curled up in a little...
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<3 爱情 this video so much
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