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  • Female
  • Favorite TV Show: 火影忍者 shippuden,death note,code geass,AOT,CLANNAD,SAO,no game no life, tokyo ghoul,noragami ,itazura na kiss, desecendents of the sun,scarlet 心
    Favorite Movie: the last : 火影忍者 the movie,Wall - E , FAULT IN OUR STARS and many 更多 迪士尼 电影院
    Favorite Musician: LINKIN PARK , hellberg , 防弹少年团 , AMAN LEE, supercell, blackpink ,astro ,bigbang ,exo ,shawn mendes ,LISA ,seven
    Favorite Book or Author: FAULT IN OUR STARS AND TGGBB (IT'S On WATTPAD)
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