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Has anyone kept in contact with Dalton/Dylan/Gumball17?? I've been trying to find him again with no luck :/ 发布 一年多以前
Rainbow_Cookie 评论…
NO, and it makes me upset! He's one of the first people i actively searched for when I tried finding old 老友记 (like Emma and Hannah), and I couldn't find him anywhere! I really wish I knew what he was up to now a days, he was such a great pal :c 一年多以前
Rainbow_Cookie 评论…
NEVERMIND, I FOUND HIM! He's on 脸谱 still but I probably shouldn't share it publically, ahaha. I'll ask him if he has any 最近的 social media 或者 any interest in reliving the past with us 一年多以前
thecakeistrue23 评论…
Omg yay!!!!! 一年多以前
Why am I getting such a strong urge to draw for this fandom again and draw a bunch of ship art with my OC and make it all super gay (like me) agshshsjd 发布 一年多以前
Rainbow_Cookie 评论…
Honestly, let's just do it. Revive the place with just the 4 of us. 一年多以前
Hi guys! I 迷失 my 密码 and 电子邮箱 for my old account but I used to be _Lexii23_! I miss 你 all so much! If anyone is still around hit me up and I'll give 你 my tumblr 网址 或者 smth! I've been talking to Emma and I really miss this place! Hope you're all doing well!! 发布 一年多以前