Do 你 ship EunHae? I do! Because their real!!!!!!! ^^

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  • Female, 25 years old
  • Not gonna tell my lips are sealed!---->>>> but 你 can know this my best friend is wethesones and this my hobbies are dancing and singing! ^^
  • Favorite TV Show: You're Beautiful, 爱情 Rain, Boys Before Flowers,Lie to me, Full House, Oh my Lady, What's Up, 49 Days, 花 Boy 拉面 商店 and Dream High
    Favorite Movie: You're my Pet and 19 (nineteen)! ^^
    Favorite Musician: SNSD, TaeTiSeo, Big Bang, Exo-K, 2NE1 and Super Junior. ^^
    Favorite Book or Author: I can't chose! ^^
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