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shirley_w 说关于 Damon & Elena
Damon is always the one who gets hurt, why? Why not Stefan?!!!! 发布 一年多以前
  Because in the end he's the one who's going to get the girl and the happy ending after all Damon is the true hero of the show. 一年多以前
shirley_w 评论…
hope so 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
because everyone are fucking stefan obsessed idiots!! and wouldn't know what true 爱情 was, if it smacked them in the face at full force!! and of they are blinded 由 the douchebag's "holier than tho" ass. 一年多以前
XxzBellazxX 说 …
My cover of Firework :)
would 爱情 to hear your feedback :)
link 发布 一年多以前
We passed Blair and chuck and we are almost 下一个 to Delena!! 发布 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
yipppeeeee!!!!!! im soooooo delighted!!! my 秒 OTP, is fast catching up to my first OTP!!!!! PRETTY SOON THEY WILL BE NECK AND NECK WICH IS FINE WITH ME!!!!! i adore BOTH couples with a passion, and would be only to happy for them to be on the same level as eachother!!! NIAN/ DELENA FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!! 一年多以前