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  • Female, 31 years old
  • peebles, OH
  • Favorite TV Show: pokemon, digimon,yu-gi-ho, inuyasha, black blood brothers, black butler, cowboy bebop, wolf's rain, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, soul eater, exc
    Favorite Movie: pokemon, digimon,yu-gi-ho, 犬夜叉
    Favorite Musician: backstreet boys, air suply, kinny rogers, skillet, the fry, disturbed
    Favorite Book or Author: pokemon, digimon,yu-gi-ho, 犬夜叉
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"The Fray" is Louis Tomlinson's 最喜爱的 band. If 你 liked his cover of "Look After You", can 你 please please 加入 his 粉丝 club? He is a very talented musician and 你 might already know he is part of One Direction.

Please 加入 his club here. I'd appreciate it.

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Thanx fr adding back!~
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nidoqueen 说关于 死亡笔记
hello i thought i would inform 你 that soon i will be posting a fanfic pokemon/death note crossover 日本漫画 if 你 would like to see what will be one of the pages i am willing to give 你 the link to it and the 标题 page i will have the first bunch of pages on my deviantart account soon but those of 你 that is on light's side there is some pages that i advise 你 not to read cos i do not wish to be banned from this club do to those that does not like it 发布 一年多以前
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Ooh, that sounds awesome! :D 一年多以前