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lumforever 说关于 lumforever
On another note before I'm out, how in the world did we get 330+ 粉丝 on here? Ahh 你 guys are insane, 爱情 你 :^)

I don't have plans of fully coming back and blogging everyday like I used to, but maybe i'll pop in every once and a while to relive some memories~ 发布 一年多以前
lumforever 说关于 lumforever
First time on in four years and it feels so surreal to look back at all the cringe from when I was 11/12. Thanks to everyone who joined and got to know me. Hope you're all doing well :') 发布 一年多以前
嘿 guys! Not sure if anyone will see it, but I'll just throw it out there. It's my first time truly logging on in about 4 years I think? I've spent the past 小时 looking through the club, and wow does it bring back memories. I remember being 11/12 years old with my awful grammar and weeaboo ass, but 你 guys still accepted me. I know we all have such different lives, but I'm just dropping 由 to say thanks for giving me a reason to smile today. Hope you're all doing well! :-) 发布 一年多以前
izbia150 评论…
Hey! I think I'm the only one who checks the club anymore (even then I didn't see this for two months lol). Oh man yeah we were the really young ones of the RP, I know how 你 feel (I learned how to spell 由 copying Clutch lolol). Hope you're doing well too! 一年多以前
NagisaTomoya 评论…
Hey, Narly here. It's nice to hear from 你 again! I was also around 12 years old and it's crazy looking back now that I am 18. This roleplay still means a lot to me today, and it propelled me 前锋, 期待 into the world of roleplay. I still am an active roleplayer. 一年多以前