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  • Female, 23 years old
  • for me to know and for 你 to get the hell outta finding my house :3 XD jk i live in a desert ;), i live in the United States of America ^^
  • Favorite TV Show: Murder Princess, Fruites Basket, 天使 Beats, Black Butler, Oran HighSchool Host Club, Hetalia, Damio Demon King,
    Favorite Movie: , Orphan,The phantom of the opera (2004 version) alien vs. predator (all 电影院 ), Titanic, Brother Bear, Kick-Ass
    Favorite Musician: Red,Deadmau5,Skillet, Panic at the Disco, My chemical romance, Breaking Benjamin, Skrillex, fall out boy, 埃米纳姆 and lots of others (and 日本动漫 songs)
    Favorite Book or Author: 日本漫画 and 日本动漫 comics 或者 basically anything that strikes me as "interesting" which is usually 随意 XD
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