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  • Bahrain
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Hello everybody , to be honest i just know about this artist recently when i watched the Thailand drama called " full house " and his 表演 was amazing better than any other actor/actress in the 显示 and that why i looked for 更多 of his work but i discovered that he was actually a singer and he is in this business since he was just a kid , so i searched for his songs and i really liked his dance very much not only that but he is good with his 粉丝 as well . 发布 一年多以前
kareemalain 说关于 Chihayafuru
has anybody seen Chihayafuru s2 ? it was really good but the last match between the 皇后乐队 and Arata was awesome . finally i saw Arata in a match and he just took the karuta to another level , i mean ... i can't explain what i saw ... but that match makes me really think that karuta is a nice game .
ARATA awesome really . 发布 一年多以前
EmoSasuSaku 评论…
Yesh <3 一年多以前
den912 评论…
yep 一年多以前
marica-ukita 评论…
yes..season 2 is also nice..i liked group matches..specially semi final and final.also match between arata and shinobu was very close..arata remains calm as water during match.he is quiet something. 一年多以前