Jill Jensen

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  • Female, 26 years old
  • 美利坚合众国
  • Favorite TV Show: Penguins of Madagascar, Good Eats with Alton Brown, America's Got Talent, True Beauty
    Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands, Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock Holmes (2009), Harry Potter(s)
    Favorite Musician: Josh Groban, Kristin Chenoweth (aka my future self - hopefully!), and... me, I guess :)
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter(s), The Bible, Sherlock Holmes, anything 由 Shakespeare (Othello is my absolute favorite)
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Ahem... 嘿 everyone!!!
In case 你 haven't noticed - I haven't been on for a while. If, that is, anyone even remembers me. I'd just like to say that... it's been great. I really loved this site, getting to know 你 all, and contributing what I could to make this a fun place to be. However, there's a lot of things going on in my life (the most prominent being my acceptance to college and the looming of my 18th b-day) so I'm done, I guess.
If 你 really miss me, though, click on the comment! 发布 一年多以前
jackandjill2 评论…
link 一年多以前
Icicle1penguin 评论…
Holaaaa! And...Apparently, 链接 don't work on comments. :) 一年多以前
SJF_Penguin2 评论…
"You read through my whole book review, didn’t you? That at least qualifies 你 as nerd material, and 你 are awesome because of it." Why, thank you! And congratulations on the launch of your blog. 一年多以前
嘿 guys! No, I'm not dead 或者 something - I just haven't found time to contribute anything useful.
But today, I saw something 你 all would enjoy! My family was driving to Wal-Mart and, as usual, there was someone standing on the corner with a cardboard sign, looking for handouts. I kid 你 not, this man was totally a hippie! The clothes, the dirtiness - even his sign had a peace emblem written on it!
I really, really wish Skipper had been there to slap some sense into him!!! 发布 一年多以前
Penguinangel 评论…
哈哈 XD 一年多以前
urumica 评论…
LOL! XD 一年多以前
EppofangirlXD 评论…
哈哈 一年多以前
Sandrei 评论…
Teeheheh, Go Skippa!:D 一年多以前
Just 发布 a new story on FanFiction.Net!!! The only reason I'm putting this here is because it's under the crossover section and no one ever checks there. It's under Penguins of Madagascar / Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. I've worked pretty hard on it! 发布 一年多以前
Penguinangel 评论…
So it's the 下一个 chapter for the one with Kowalski and Black then? 或者 a seperate PoM/Dr. Horrible crossover? 一年多以前
jackandjill2 评论…
Separate one. Which reminds me... gotta put that 下一个 chapter up on here! 一年多以前
eugb 评论…
Yees! 一年多以前