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When is the new season of 24 starting? (Fall 2009)

2 answers | my answer: january 17

Have they 说 FOR SURE if season 8 is the last?

1 answer | my answer: no-one knows if this is the last season,i sure hope...

THIS IS A SROILER!! but seriously. I just finnished season one, terri just died. is she really dead??!! just say yes 或者 no :(

2 answers | my answer: yes she is. she died in season one.

Are Jack and Renee together? That's what my dad 说 after the last episode. But I'm not sure.

3 answers | my answer: i don't think they are yet. i am probably wrong tho...

I am new to 24 - my first season is #8. I watched #7 in its entirety and was left with Renee going into the intergation room and Jack ready to die. What happened - I tuned for #8 and it starts with a new theme. I know Jack lived, but how - what happ

2 answers | my answer: jack i can't tell you. renee was going into the int...

anybody know if the amazing tony almeida will be making it back for the final season before they pull the plug on 24?

2 answers | my answer: most likely not,if he does it will be in the finale...

Whoi thinks JAKE IS INSANE

4 answers | my answer: WHO'S JAKE?