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嘿 everybody! I got super emotional over the last episode so I decided to make this video. I hope 你 guys check it out & hopefully it will make 你 feel a little better about Delena :)

link 发布 一年多以前
DelenaLove201_ 评论…
Thank 你 :) 一年多以前
HaleyDewit 评论…
beautiful job, dear 一年多以前
"I can't live without her." -Damon about Elena
this has to be one of the most beautiful 语录 Damon has ever 说 regarding Elena. There is just so much emotion in that one sentence. That one sentence tells about his 爱情 for her and his heartache. Delena may not have had many scenes this episode but in a way this episode has so much DE. Their relationship & bond is present oddly in the way that Stefan helps them realize they need & 爱情 each other. 发布 一年多以前
brokenheartlove 评论…
On another note: this episode happens to be my 最喜爱的 由 far because it was just so damn funny! && seeing everyone back was just awesome- especially Jenna ( I missed her!) & the episode made me cry so many times. It was interesting to see Kat as the main storyline character instead of Elena for a change. 一年多以前
thisthat12 评论…
Oh, I feel the other way around xD 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
i dont know, stefan's sudden change in personality, just seems very forced to me. it had no buildup at all!! it just came out of nowhere. 一年多以前
I 爱情 how Damon just smiles at Elena in the beginning and Elena asks him what that look is for and he says he's happy. I have NEVER EVER EVER seen him smile like that. Not to any of the women before Elena. He looks so in 爱情 and Elena looks so carefree and happy. I'm floating on air guys! They make each other so happy! 发布 一年多以前
loveofdelena 评论…
i know!!! they are soooo beautiful that i could seriously cry!! 一年多以前
ggdelena 评论…
i was so happy that he was happy 一年多以前