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  • Male, 32 years old
  • Luwuk, Indonesia
  • Favorite TV Show: Pocket Monsters
    Favorite Movie: Pocket Monsters Movie
    Favorite Musician: Rica Matsumoto
    Favorite Book or Author: 神奇宝贝 日本漫画
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YolentaShield 说关于 神奇宝贝
The Ramadan 1434 H starts at 9th July and ends at 7th August. During Ramadan, the new trailer may revealed (uploaded 由 神奇宝贝 (Username: Pokemon) in YouTube) in mid July 2013. 发布 一年多以前
YolentaShield 评论…
The new trailer will shows the new Pokémon. At least 670 神奇宝贝 will be shown in public. 一年多以前
YolentaShield 评论…
For anime, the 粉丝 think there is a series named "Extradiordinary". 神奇宝贝 X and Y 日本动漫 will première in 17th October 2013 in Japan. The series may end in 2017. 一年多以前
1PhantomRfan 评论…
YolentaShield: Thanks for clearing things up for me about the amount of Pokemon that are going to be in the new Kalos region. I was going to be really mad if there was less then 100 Pokemon introduced, but thank 你 for making me happy. 一年多以前
YolentaShield 说关于 神奇宝贝
The X and the Y referring me to René Descartes. 发布 一年多以前
YolentaShield 评论…
Kalos is based on France. René Descartes born in Touraine, France. 一年多以前
shadowwolf1 评论…
that is true 一年多以前
ShinyUmbreon142 评论…
shadowwolf1 that is an awesome username, and lucario is one of my fave pokemon! Raichu, Umbreon and lucario my faves in fact. :-) 一年多以前
YolentaShield 说关于 神奇宝贝
The Flabébé is cute. But 你 know I can't type "Flabebe" at 潮流粉丝俱乐部 because I don't want misspelling. 发布 一年多以前
geocen 评论…
well, I have no problem with that as my language is Spanish and we do use diacritics on words 一年多以前
unbreon505 评论…
你 guys know about the new 更新 about x and y and 你 guys already know about fairy types and here is one thing incase 你 didnt know now 你 can encounter wild pokemon in herds of five and gogoat is not the only pokemon to ride 你 can ride rhyhorn too,and fairy types are strong against dragon types and 更多 new pokemon 一年多以前