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  • Female, 24 years old
  • Favorite TV Show: Running Man and Knowing Brothers
    Favorite Movie: Marvel Movies, Taken, Night at The Museum, Twilight, Miracle in Cell No. 7
    Favorite Musician: Girls' Generation, BTOB, (G)-Idle, Seventeen <3
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嘿 sunshine can 你 粉丝 something for me?

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not to thanks my dear!❤️
I am so happy 你 are back!
are 你 更多 often here now?
How wasd your Weekend?
Billion hugs kisses and heartsigns your Kat
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OMO I 爱情 your profil look so much!❤️ 一年多以前
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OMG !!!!!!! yeah I don`t Forget 你 *-* are 你 back? I have missed 你 so hard awee!!!!!!!!
welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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