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Zachary Quinto

What do 你 think of Zachary Quinto

3 answers | my answer: He is the sexiest most beautiful man I have ever se...
Zachary Quinto

What is your opinion on Zach coming out?

2 answers | my answer: It is his personal business as to who he 或者 anyone...
Zachary Quinto

is zach dating someone???

7 answers | my answer: Is it Jonathan Graeff? (I know I didn't get spellin...
Zachary Quinto

ok guys help i'm freking out is he really agay 或者 is just a rumer? come on guys help

13 answers | my answer: Now that we all know- he is sexy and beautiful no m...
Zachary Quinto

Let Zachary Quinto host Saturday Night Live!

3 answers | my answer: YES YES YES YES!
Zachary Quinto

Who is hoter Taylor Lautner 或者 Zachary Quinto

6 answers | my answer: Are 你 kidding? No competition there- Zachary hand...