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  • Male, 30 years old
  • Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
  • Favorite TV Show: Los Simpson (The Simpson)
    Favorite Movie: Bolt
    Favorite Musician: John Powell-Hans Zimmer
    Favorite Book or Author: i dunno
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Well Boltbiggestfan, I respect your willingness and your hope. I'm not sure it happens but its possible.

PD: I'm from Argentina (Buenos Aires) one of the countries that I hate ._. 发布 一年多以前
boltbiggestfan 评论…
I'm not filmiliar with that country, but 你 still shouldn't hate it, 你 should be greatful and respect your country! Life is the greatest gift of all! And thanks for the hope thing, that sounds 更多 nice! 一年多以前
Modem 评论…
nah, i can't respect argentina, I do not like their landscape, their policy, their people, their language, their education, their climate... if 你 lived here 你 would not know what is respect XD. I went to USA a few years ago, and I liked much 更多 than Argentina in all its aspects. Can not be compared 一年多以前
BoltMegaFan 评论…
That doesn't mean 你 have to hate your own country 一年多以前
Have dreams does not mean that will be met

你 can not wait for first 日 of school? XD
I can not wait for the school destroy

Schools in my country are horrible and very bad quality = /

I hate my filthy country 发布 一年多以前
boltbiggestfan 评论…
What country do 你 live in? 一年多以前
boltbiggestfan 评论…
I know what the meaning of Dreams means, I just have lots of belifes and faith! 一年多以前
I spoke of pay because 你 说 about 迪士尼 would buy your history.
I don't understand when 你 say that is an history and not a idea... is not fiction?? your "Bolt 2" is based on a real event?

Please, not believe that I am against you... I'm just warning 你 that maybe 迪士尼 will not use your idea.
Not because I do not want, is because I can not believe that 迪士尼 use an idea from someone who does not work at 迪士尼 = / 发布 一年多以前
boltbiggestfan 评论…
No, it is Fiction, But I'm not telling 迪士尼 an idea, I'm 写作 a story of Bolt 2. And your not doing a very good job at warning, I thought 你 ment that 你 说 it will never happen. I know that sometimes that they don't look at some stories, 或者 throw them away, I just will tell them how strongly I feel and to read my story, maybe it will happen! 一年多以前