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MelodyLaurel 说关于 芭比 电影
Okay, at this point I'd be lying if I 说 I wasn't concerned about the future of the 芭比娃娃 movies, especially considering that Mattel seems to have quietly retired Ever After High after an extended period of time with no new content. If it's true that they're employing the same tactic with Barbie, letting the 电影院 quietly die out without ever officially announcing their discontinuation, then it'd really be the end of an era, and I have to say I'm heartbroken. 发布 一年多以前
MelodyLaurel 评论…
It's also particularly disappointing because I was under the impression that the 'Raise Our Voices' campaign with Rock'n Royals signified Mattel's renewed commitment to the movies, but here we are, two years later, with radio silence on Mattel's end. When was the last time we got to freak out and analyze a teaser trailer that comes with a new DVD? I miss that feeling. I miss this fandom. I miss the good old days. 一年多以前
connor3 评论…
I don't think that's what happening at all. It's just that Mattel is doing two animated series now. Both are created 由 the same studios that produce 芭比娃娃 movies, so they are focusing on them now and simply don't have time to make new movies. If any new movie will be announced, it will be probably connected to Dreamhouse Adventures, just like 海豚 Magic. And all the 芭比娃娃 merch etc. focus now mainly on Dreamtopia, because this is the biggest success for 芭比娃娃 franchise since years. Also, Ever After High was quietly retired due to the production problems, not lack of popularity. That's why it was replaced 由 super similar Enchantimals. I'm sure we will have another 芭比娃娃 movie, but perhaps when all 26 episodes of Dreamhouse Adventures will already air? 一年多以前
MelodyLaurel 评论…
I'm also... less than enthusiastic about the possibility of every subsequent 芭比娃娃 'movie' being somehow tied to Dreamhouse Adventures 或者 Dreamtopia. I've always defended the 电影院 from criticism that say they're getting 更多 and 更多 uncreative, but that would definitely be the final straw for me. 一年多以前
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Thank 你 so much, Vitty! 一年多以前