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  • In the Depths Of Hell, aka Australia
  • Favorite TV Show: 老爸老妈浪漫史
    Favorite Movie: Red Dog
    Favorite Musician: The Script
    Favorite Book or Author: Chronicles Of Ancient Darkness 由 Michelle Paver
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Tako22 说 …
put♥this♥on anyone's ♥ 墙 ♥ who ♥made♥ 你 ♥ smile ♥ somewhere sometime♥ in ♥your ♥ life.♥ It ♥ may ♥surprise ♥ you, ♥ but ♥ check♥ out♥ how♥many ♥come♥ back♥ . Thanks ♥ a ♥ lot ♥...for ♥ making ♥ me♥ smile! ♥ 你 really do thanks for your support over the last few weeks 发布 一年多以前
Tako22 说 …
Because 你 are my friend, I wrote your name on a piece of paper, but I accidentally threw it away. I wrote your name in my hand. but, I washed it off. I wrote in the sand but, the waves ruined it. I wrote your name in my 心 and here it lived. 前锋, 期待 to fifteen 老友记 that are very important to you. I 爱情 你 as a best friend. Pass this to your friends. Pass it to me if I am one. 发布 一年多以前
Tako22 说 …
嘿 hows it going oh! cookie wants your new account im not sure if 你 wanted her to know 或者 not but im gonna tell 你 发布 一年多以前