Harry B.

潮流粉丝俱乐部始于November 2019年

  • Male, 16 years old
  • United Kingdom
  • Favorite Movie: The hunger games , the karate kid, 首页 alone, fast and furious
    Favorite Musician: Aurora, zayn, Oliver tree,
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yui1234 我支持 my videos
hey! thank god I just randomly checked your 个人资料 或者 I would have never got to know that 你 asked a 问题 to me 1 月 ago. My 最喜爱的 火影忍者 Shippuden character is.....Naruto Uzumaki hehe Actually I have lots of 最喜爱的 characters in 火影忍者 Shippuden( there r barely any characters I hate) but I have always have a difficult time to choose who is the first. But my answer to this 问题 to anyone who asks is always is 火影忍者 Uzumaki.. 发布 ·3个月前
yui1234 评论…
who is your 最喜爱的 character? ·3个月前
yui1234 评论…
and one 更多 thing...if u wanna ask some 问题 或者 reply to anyone, it's the best u write in thier 个人资料 wall^-^ that's the way they get to know...if u 评论 here in thier posts...so they won't be able to know ·3个月前
嘿 dude. Its Jay. Sorry if this gives 你 a 心 attack lol. I have a lot to apologize for I think. Things have changed a lot the past couple years. I left under unforeseen emergency circumstances. But yes, I'm still alive, and I'm learning to grow and cope and live properly. I'm not active on the internet anymore as it wasn't good for my mental health. 发布 ·4个月前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
Anyway. I am incredibly sorry for any pain and worry I've caused 你 through these times. I just wanted to say goodbye and i hope that your going to continue to grown and become the person 你 are, fully and truly. ·4个月前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
你 are the KINDEST person I've ever known. Never Change bud. So yeah, i just wanted to say a proper goodbye. Stay strong. ·4个月前
2ntyOnePilots 评论…
This is Jay-Jay signing off. <3 ·4个月前
HarryB_123 评论…
It's cool, just go out there and enjoy life 松鸦, 杰伊, 杰伊 · -Jay ^^ <3333 ·3个月前
yui1234 我支持 my videos
Thank 你 for the add!
I added 你 back:) 发布 ·7个月前
HarryB_123 评论…
Damn I'm late but...what's your favourite 火影忍者 shippuden character? ·5个月前