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  • Male, 35 years old
  • melbourne, Australia
  • Favorite TV Show: 城堡
    Favorite Movie: nightmare on elm 街, 街道
    Favorite Musician: britt nicole
    Favorite Book or Author: dont have one
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10: Jade

9: Cyber sub zero

8: Noob saibot

7: Kitana

6: Stryker

5: Sonya

4: Jax

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2: Ermac

1: Kung lao 发布 一年多以前
EyelessJack1213 说关于 Slender
I just finished slender the arrival, its not that scary 发布 一年多以前
codyfan8778 评论…
WHAT? 一年多以前
TheDarkSoldier 评论…
Its scarier than the origional slender, but overal the arrival was a huge dissappointment. I wanted to see 更多 of a story. It was alright, but it was too short. It seems like they focused 更多 on the graphics than the actual story 一年多以前
codyfan8778 评论…
I think thats the only thing they focus on now...... 一年多以前
CrusherKyou 评论…
It's not that scary for me. Because I'm Crusher Kyou. I'm not scared of anything. 一年多以前