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  • Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Favorite TV Show: Merlin, True Blood series, Robin 兜帽, 罩, 发动机罩 and lots more........
    Favorite Movie: I'm movie mad
    Favorite Musician: Any from classic to Hard Rock
    Favorite Book or Author: I have lots of favourites
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ELockley72Garoo 说 …
OMG I am so so bad. How long has it been since I was on here last. Anyway Ihope everyone is well? I recently watched the Merlin series again. 发布 一年多以前
Hi everyone. I 爱情 the new banner. It's good! Hope 你 are all well? 发布 一年多以前
MISAforever 评论…
how long have 你 been away, cause that banner has been there for a quite some time! LoL... How are you? 一年多以前
ELockley72Garoo 评论…
Hi Joppa. I'm very well .Thankyou! It must of been around october when I was last on here. That what happens when 你 移动 house and have no internet connection for a while.LOL! 一年多以前
ELockley72Garoo 评论…
Thanks for the welcome backs 你 guys! 一年多以前
Hi everyone. Wow! not been one this for a really long time. Been busy moving house and getting settled. Hope 你 are all well? 发布 一年多以前
merlinforever 评论…
Welcome back :)))))))))))))))) 一年多以前
Tizzy_Amy1 评论…
Welcome back sweetie..not a really good a little bit.. But will get better as soon as possible.. Lots of 爱情 for Merlin 一年多以前
IcLufeMinBytt 评论…
Welcome back! :D I hope this place will become a little 更多 active, especially the fora! ;B <3 一年多以前