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DynV 说关于 Napoleon Dynamite
I 爱情 this movie. I 爱情 it! I can't help but to watch every-time it's on TV ; even if it's just a few hours later ; if I see it on the guide, I'll record other things, and watch it of course. 发布 一年多以前
DynV 说关于 Andromeda
Unbelievable! I went through all the episodes. Although the 5th season had a twist which brought appeal to the serie, the first seasons were really the best. Once 你 start getting bored (which shouldn't be in the 1st season), unless there's nothing interesting else for 你 to watch, just forget about the serie. 发布 一年多以前
星, 星级 Trek women ah! One of my 最喜爱的 thing from the serie. 发布 一年多以前
DynV 说关于 Andromeda
I just flagged 2 1yo spams, I guess the fanclub isn't active... Anyway I'm at the 3rd season and I'm at my wits end ; during the 2nd season the story went down the drain. There used to be individual characters, now they're just faces and generic sub-plots with character development just an excuse to fill time. 发布 一年多以前
DynV 说关于 Aeon Flux
I'm only joining this club for the show/anime/cartoon so *not* for the film. 发布 一年多以前
MrsEmmaPeel 评论…
Same here. But I like the movie too. But it has nothing compaired to the show. 显示 is so much better. 一年多以前
I miss Quark's (Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade) so much. 发布 一年多以前
makintosh 我支持 my images
Thanks, that's very kind of 你 to say :D
Did 你 take a look at the 论坛 section?
We are adding some of our favourite DS9 moments. Can't wait to see yours.
Have a nice 日 发布 一年多以前
DynV 评论…
Unfortunately I don't even remember what's in which season so I can't really grade my 最喜爱的 episode 最佳, 返回页首 ; I have a hard time making tops because I keep thinking of different things to consider then prioritise those so I chage the order too much. Perhaps when I'll get to another rerun of the serie (DS9). 一年多以前
/me wave to his new comrades :) 发布 一年多以前
makintosh 评论…
*waving hand right back* 一年多以前
DynV 评论…
hi! I'm not so sure how to reply and I've left a message on your wall. 一年多以前